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  1. I wanted to read the series. i watched the series all but I haven't read it all.
  2. oh thats good lol ^^ but what did you need them for anyways?
  3. oh so thats how old he is... he looks much younger than that. but anyways he was offendend? i didnt get that part..... but then again if he were to join your site then in like maybe a year and a half he would have to get off it because his age was on the borderline of your requirements? does that make sense?
  4. ha! i FOUND MEW MEW POWER SCANS! It's on mangafox. it's called Tokyo Mew Mew.
  5. i have no idea im just making it up as i go lol i guess i can say she was taking over by a demon and she controls half of my powers? that could work lol
  6. I invited him to be part of my website and hesaw that I put no pedefiles or no one over the age of 28-29. He's 28 so he was offended.................
  7. wow ur character is crazy? What is with the girl inside her head?
  8. i have no idea where to find those lol i wish i knew lol so uhm i dont wanna be nosy but what were you and rade arguing about?
  9. where can I get mew mew power manga scans for free. mangafox and onemanga don't have it....
  10. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyy =]
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