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  1. yea i think its your turn to post next lol cuz right now we're just standing there awkward!
  2. the name of it ITSSSSSSSSSSSSS ME =] and the wesbite is
  3. lolz. what did you call ur site? It is really fun. I put like 3 blogs when I only clicked on it once. ugh!
  4. i join the website lol let me check my email agian lol
  5. not really. I posted on pu btw. and yeah. so did you join?
  6. yea so apparently on pu i had a date to go to the dance but then the other stuff happened and now i feel bad cuz i totally blew him off =[ should i feel bad? (my char.)
  7. wait how in the world do you do that? =]]]]]]]]]]]]]] quick cash lol
  8. haha! I got you invited now! tehehe! I am happy now. i have another member!
  9. ok so i added you to my contacts lol hey did you post on pu yet? =]
  10. okay. It is pretty fun. oh, if you pay google to promote ur website and you get enough members then google will pay you!
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