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  1. ok im making it right now lol its kinda fun lol
  2. okay find my on gmail and add me as a contact. I am ccamo2009 on there. Then I can invite you!
  3. crap. I think that you will have to go to and create a website and then I can invite you. I swore that it sent.
  4. hmmmmmmmmmmm i didnt see it in the inbox are you sure you sent it?
  5. okay, i sent it to gmail. I also have a gamil so i will add you. I created it by going to and I created it last week. I am still adding new stuff for right now. I don't think I will add a store to it though. LOL XD
  6. ok awesome lol ^^ which one did you send it to??? lol so you made your own site how do you do that? are you like one of the mods? and when did you create it ? lol
  7. if you can, check your email. I invited you to join my site.
  8. hey what's ur email? I might be able to invite you to join my website that I created. It's called Manganime.
  9. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy^^
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