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  1. hey Zooli-san been some time.. good to hear from you sorry for the late reply been working and not much time to be on AO anymore but im doing good thanks for asking.. so how about yourself? still married? hope ur doing well and ur man is treating you well.well i gtg but it was great hearing from you and as always take care and ill see you around till then take care Zooli-san and have a wonderful day
  2. Hey crese-kun! I just dropped by to say high and i was wondering how you were doing? Well, I got to go now but I hope everything is good with you.
  3. wow married.... congrats Zooli-san... hopeyou have a wonderful life ahead of you... sorry it took me so long to reply but been busy with other things and havent had time for ao... its good to hear from you tho.. sorry thinks are looks so well right now but give it some time im sure it will all work out...well i got to go but ill see u around till next time take care Zooli-san and have a nice day...
  4. hey bud! I hope that everything is going well for you. My life is kinda a shit hole except for the fact that I got married. That's the only good thing in my life right now. lol. I guess I will talk to you later then.
  5. thats kool... glad to hear that u have a good guy... well for myself nothing really just still being a bum and watching my brothers kids... well i hope u had a balst for ur holiday... and sorry for the late reply but its rare i get messages here now but i still check just in case...well Zooli-san take care and have a wonderful day k... till next time...
  6. well hiya! how are you crese-kun? And yeah , he's my man. He's a good guy for once. And I think I deserve that. So how you been?
  7. sounds like u have been busy Zooli-san.. glad to hear u are doing well and have finished ur first semester... micheal? he ur bf? well who ever he is im glad he keeps u happy.. good to hear u still are working... as for myself im still being a bum... man i need a job.. lol well guess ill be seeing u around then.. sorry it took me awhile to reply been busy playing this new game i downloaded called rusty hearts.. its pretty fun and keeps me busy... well see u around then Zooli-san till next time take care and have a wonderful day k also if i dont see u before christmas.. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year... XD
  8. it's all good, crese-kun! I've missed talking to you. I finally got my first semester of college done and I cna't believe how fast it went. But I also think that has a lot to do with having to work, martial arts practice, and my Micheal. So how are you?
  9. hey Zooli-san sorry for my sudden disapperence but work had me busy and congrats on getting ur licence and getting a job wish i had a job still but its done with now im just chillen and playing the 360... facebook really is not my style if i get on of those im just gonna get annoyed by all the ppl i make fun of for having those... sorry buddy i got nothing against facebook just dont like it well hope things are going well for you dear... sorry but i got to finish here and get started for the field trip im taking to get out of the house... well you take care and have a nice day k till next time laterz buddy...
  10. My crese-kun! It has been foever. I got my CNA lisence and I now have a job. finally! lol.....I wish you had facebook. We could talk all the time on there.....oh well, i has got to run.....bye.
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