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  1. ha ha ha really funny you almost made me laugh so what makes you think if didnt have gf then what makes you think i have bf the answer is no that is gross and so wrong in many levels. so let me ask you do you have a gf? miss funny pants.
  2. nooooooo. why would I? well, I tried that. DIDN"T think it was for me. Do you have a bf?
  3. i did last year but she really F**KED me over and i havent had one since. what about you sis do you have a gf in school?
  4. just wondering. is that a problem? what about in real life?
  5. na sis i only have friends on all the sites i go to why do you ask?
  6. well, I'm in 11th grade, so english 11....... question. Do you have a gf? either in real or website.
  7. the reason i ask is cuz i have only heard of english 1,2,3,4 i never heard of an 11
  8. thats cool so what is up with the 11 in english is that a importants or something???/
  9. im so bored i want sis that im just going to message you all random and maybe weird stuff so .........................................
  10. she's fine, for now. Her heart isn't hurting her anymore. And I'm in english 11.
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