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  1. hey sis you never told me what class you were in so could you tell me?
  2. so your mom is better thats cool so how is she know. if you dont mind me asking?
  3. better sinc emy mom got out of the hospital and i got sleep!!!
  4. damn sis you and your friends from that school i think are all wack but then again you guys probably trust each other better then the people of this town cuz if we did that we would end up in a fight or arguements over calling people sweet heart of any thing like that if we are not dating
  5. its cool sis i was just messing with you i figured you were out of class cuz it was over ten minutes and no reply so how was your day yesterday. n what have you been up to today hows your day going?
  6. srry. that i haven't responded. And I don't have a bf in real life. i did have a bf only on this site but he's never on any more. class was over then. but now I'm on. And at my school everyone calls everyone that kind of stuff even without them dating each other.
  7. so much for free time sis well laters and have fun peace
  8. hey christy why are you so quite what are you doing
  9. say sis what class are you into any ways? you are lucky that you get free time cuz i never got free time in school until i became a senior.
  10. hey sis that doesnt bother me its just that i thought you had a bf and you calling me that just made me confused. could you tell me why would you call people that wouldnt that be names you would call your bf not friends
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