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  1. 49 minutes but right now this is my free hr. so yeah............
  2. well besides that sis how long are your classes cuz if you dont get out till 10:20 then those are so long classes what time do they start.
  3. eh, once i sorta get to know someone, I call everyone that or sweetie or baby or honey. srry if it bothered you.......
  4. yo sis whats with the nick name why you calling me baby doll or do you think you were talking to some one else
  5. really? huh. didn't know that. so how have you been, baby doll?
  6. its 8:07 here i was just wondering cuz on the computer it isa n hour behind
  7. 10:20. y? what time is it over there?.................
  8. well thats cool i hope your mom is ok and that she gets better. hey sis what time does your class end
  9. i don't mind. but idk because I'm in school right now and she's in another town. I need to call my cousin whose with her....
  10. well thats f**ked up to do to some one that should be illegal and those doctors and nurses should be arrested or killed for refusal of a patient. so how is your mom doing know if you dont mind me asking..
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