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  1. my mom was having chest pains and the stupid EMT's refused to take her to the hospital and siad she would be fine. We decided to take her to another hospital and they admitted her because it was her heart. And our hospital up here will do anything for anyone if it isn't my mother.
  2. o my bad hey hows it going and good morning..... ^__^
  3. why are you ticked off? is it cuz of school or did someone piss you off
  4. hey....................what's up? I'm pretty ticked off.........
  5. yo sis hows it going? hows school? so what did you do this weekend if you dont mi nd me asking? so hows the weather up there today? i hope its raining i love the rain its so calming. o i forgot i need to do somthing so ill get back to you later peace out sis and have a fun laters
  6. yo sis thats a drag that you havent watched either one well you should im not saying the movie is the greatest but it is cool and i like it and i figured you would too since you like death note. if you dont mind me ask who is your favorite character from DN? and could you tell me why? well laters sis have fun at school ...(^__^)
  7. no. I have only read part of the manga. I haven't seen the live one or the anime. I was thinking about getting the live one when I was in hot topic though.
  8. hey sis i just member somthing i know you like death note so does that mean you have seen the live action movie?
  9. lets see my irthday was on the 8th so know im 19. im interested in things that i like which really dont have a point to it but if i like it then im interested. o yea i live in the boring part of the U.S, next tot the chile capital of the world and do you know that name of that town its Hatch but i live in a small town 7 miles away from it. as for my name id tell you but i need to keep myself off so im gonna ask you to just call me d bo at least that is what every one else calls me well lil sis have fun at school today and try and stay out of trouble hah ah a ha ha!!!!! im kidding have a blast today peace and have a great day laters
  10. I'm a jr. I live in Indiana. so what's ur name, age, intrests, and what state do you live in?
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