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  1. just doing some late homework and my aunt is in the hospital. tomorrow I have Science Olympiad. Wish me luck!
  2. im good nothing really happend just some trainning out there... but yea i had fun its better then being in the desert that i live in all the time... so what have you been up to Zooli-san... anything new with you? hope your doing alrite well i got some more messages i got to get to so till our next chat take care and have a nice day
  3. hey krese-kun. I didn't know that you went to the mountains at all. I hope that you had fun and that you are okay.
  4. glad to hear ur doing alrite zooli-san...sorry on the late reply ive been out and i just got back today... so hows things with you anything new? well on the day i got ur message i was in a bus headed for the mountains again... well i got to finish reading all the messages i missed.. take care and see you around zooli-san
  5. it's good to hear from you to darling. I am really bored sitting here in english but I'll make the best of it. SO how are you today? Oh! I got my art project done!!!
  6. hey Zooli-an long time no see... it has been a while... thanks for coming to visit me... hope things are going well for you... only a few months to graduate... thats kool... well hope ur doing alrite till our next chat take care zooli-san...
  7. it's good to hear from you to. I miss talking to you, crese-kun. <3
    so how are you? I can't wait to graduate. Only a few more months and it will be over.........until college.
    bye for now crese-kun.
  8. sorry i dont i really dont like facebook thats the reason.... glad you are doing alrite... so nothing for the holiday... man thats sad.... i went and partyed like a rock star.... even on new years.... but thats besides the point... in all its good to hear from you zooli-san i hope you are doing alrite and having fun too.. well take care zooli-san and ill see you around....
  9. Crese-kun! *huggles* I didn't really have many plans for xmas but I got some really awesome boots and now my feet do you have facebook? I'm HeyKristei RavenSky.
  10. yo yo Zooli-san its been like forever.... its good to hear from you.... so what have you been up too huh...? other then me being jobless and working out ive been doing nothing... oh yea and playing this game my homie lent me its called age of empires.... fun game... so got any plans for x-mas.... mind if i ask....? any how its great to hear from you hope things are well for you... till our next chat take care Zooli-san...
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