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  1. Crese-Kun! I love you! How are you? It's been a while! I wish that I was online more. I think that will be one of my new year's wishes for me.
  2. yooo zooli-san been a while... just thougt id drop in and say hi... and hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving as well.. any how hope things are going well for you... well take care and have a wonderful holiday...
  3. oh.... O.o well then thats a relief... glad to hear ur summer went well... as for me i think it went well... some days were better then others... anyways its good to hear from you... well i hope ur having fun at school... take care zooli-san i got to go im really sleepy...
  4. I’m not mad at you. I just haven’t been on all summer. Sorry that you thought that I was mad at you. No I had a great summer (due to my bf) (tehehehehehe) and I hope that you did to. So how are you crese-kun?
  5. Zooli-san..... mhm.... zooli-san..... where did you go...? well then ill leave this message.... ummm... hi zooli-san just wanted to say hi and see how you have been well hope you are having a grreat summer so far... well take care zooli-san i got to go
  6. hey zooli-san just thought id drop in and say hi.... i get the idea ur mad or upset with me... if thats the case then im sorry and this will be my last message to you... take care zooli-san and have a great weekend...
  7. yoooooooooo just thought id drop in and say hi... well hope everythings is going well for you zooli-san... well take care zooli-san and hope today goes well for you... bye
  8. well actually i never liked veggies but fruit i'll eat... as for chinese i never ate it looks odd so i choose not to eat it... actually im picky with my food and i dont know why if it looks nasty i wont eat it or if it has a funky smell to it too... yup yup... im the worse person to cook food for.... that why im glad i can cook for my self... so what about italian food? and of course an easy one what ur favorite color?
  9. Agh, VK is awesome! I love it! yeah I love vegies and fruits. My mon never had a problem with me eating things like that. Yeah spicy food is awesome. What about chinese food?
  10. hey Zooli-san sorry but its time i head out sorry we didnt get to chat for a while... hope you have a good day and ill see you when i see you again... till then take care... bye Zooli-san...
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