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  1. hey I am finally back online! srry that it has been so long. *blush* lol what up?
  2. hey hey hey guess what...really guess what......Merry Christmas .... i hope u enjoyd it... n i bet u didnt see this coming lol well take care n be safe k byebyez
  3. no ive been busy with all this other stuff i had to help my dad by being a grease monkey lol i helpd him pull out a motor and take it apart cuz the motor was lockd and wouldnt turn.. i forgot what the part was calld but it was bent when it shouldnt have been straight so we took it off we are waiting for the other part then after that i had to help put the christmas lights up n the tree and all that stuff... i finally got some free time and thanks for reminding me well im gonna go check it out u have a good day k see u around take care n be safe k byebye
  4. that's okay. so have you've seen the movies yet? they are really good movies.
  5. well ive see the previews of both the movies just never saw them cuz i never had the time...maybe ill take the time this weekend and see one of them maybe if i have the time...well gtg srry about not see u today couldnt sleep last night fell asleep like at 6 my time and got up at 11..well have a good weekend k byebye
  6. you've never seen Twilight? huh.........never heard of that b4. Yea, it's okay but New Moon was SOOOOOOOO much better.
  7. hey glad ur doing good.... i never saw that movie? so how good is it? if u dont mind me asking... so how was ur day today if u dont mind me asking? its been awhile to long since we actually talk hey maybe ill be lucky and catch u on tomorrow later on tomorrow but if not maybe next time... so hows school going? well please do take care and be safe k n have a nice day byebye
  8. I love how you say be safe. That's what Edward said to Bella on Twilight. Life has been all right.
  9. o.o..........ello hiiiiiii long time no see... how have u been? srry i wasnt on i just got back to work after a month of vaction LOL...glad to see ur back.. so hows life been treating u if u dont mind me asking.. well srry but im hungry and dinners ready so ill see u around k do take care and be safe byebye and have a nice day k
  10. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'm finally back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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