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  1. hey hey HEY it not like that yes i like you but as a really good friend you sound cool and nice you have a different aspect in life and living that i find cool thats all. so how have you been n hows school going? so how was your weekend. sorry about not getting back to you sooner i was cut from the net cuz of the rain storm we had. well laters sis
  2. srry. class was over and i couldn't respond. so what do you mean that you like me?
  3. well ithink that is enough if not i would keep going but its going to rain and i love the rain so im gonna sit out side for a while and enjoy the rain well laters sis talk to you in the morning
  4. if not im just so bored i figure id write a bunch of of messages for you but none of them having to doing anything with you...
  5. have you figure out what im doing yet or you just dont care...
  6. Hey..................... Stop........................where Am I..........................
  7. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anyways what was i talking about????????????????????/
  8. hey guess what im bored so guess what im going to do well you are not around?
  9. sjust so you know sis i like you a lot you give me a reason in getting up in the morning rather then sleeping the day away well laters sis and have fun in school today peace
  10. hey sis im not mad at you and why would i be if you only know so much about me. how could you know about that so it cool.
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