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  1. class is over. i guess I'll talk to you tommorrow if ur not pissed at me
  2. well, then I'm srry. I didn't know. Don't be angry at me, please.
  3. sis i dont like playing like that i have been used like and thats how i lose a lot of trust in people.
  4. babe, it's all right. I was just teasing. and I've lost friends doing that too.
  5. you say that but i apologize because thats how i lose friends and really sucks cuz of stupid sh*t like that.
  6. you boys are so naive. I'm only joking. srry for playing around, SWEETIE! hahahahaaha
  7. damn i knew i made you mad. sis i was only playing i didnt mean it my bad sorry again...
  8. hmph! whatever.......................................... ...........
  9. well yoour info that was funny to so why are you getting all upset i didnt mean to make you upset my bad sorry
  10. no i don't. And for your info, that was funny. And I don't have a bf either. Smart a**
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