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  1. Hey long time no chat lol how have you been anything new going on I never see you on here any more lol.
  2. yeah, i might be going down this summer and staying 3 weeks. well we both meet on but my ex interduces us to each other when me and my ex was dating he interduce me to his friend and when him and i broke it off i got with zach he was so sweet and nicer to me. so how have you been anything new haven't seen u on in awhile lol.
  3. hey. I am glad that he is going to come and see you! I hope that it does work out between you to. how did you two meet?
  4. oh ok. this summer i'll be in indiana to be with zachary for about 2 mounths. also, the 13 hes coming down for 2 weeks i can't wait. it can't be that boring you can go to the out or in door mall there and i'm sure therez alot to do down there.
  5. I live in southern indiana in a really small boring town.
  6. yeah i hear ya on that one. O.o omg!! really thats where my fiance lives! where at in indiana? hes coming to pick me up this summer i can't wait!
  7. I am good I guess. The is a lot of drama going on right now. Stupid boys. -sigh- yeah I live in Indiana.
  8. i do? what state do you live in? nice to meet ya kristei! i'm doing good how are you?.?
  9. hey you live in the state beside me! My name is Kristei. How are you today?
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