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  1. i was gettin a dermal piercings on my hand but my bf didnt like it.... why whats wrong???
  2. what piercing were you going to get? ugh, i hate my life right now. It's a really long story.
  3. aww im fine was ment to get a piercing today but my bf seen what i wanted and was like eww XD so im not gettin it now T^T
  4. ello! how are you today on this beautiful earth day? I'm good...
  5. Hey. DO you want to join my website? it is
  6. Happy st. patricks day! everything that I have on is green exept for 1 undergarment, my shorts, and my class ring, and my earrings.
  7. yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i dont think any are on atm but u may message them and ask why
  9. do you know if any are online right now? cause I will have to ask.
  10. ermmm i dont know u may see a mod about that and why u havnt been changed because i dont have athorty to change it and i belive u should be but u may see a mod about it
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