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  1. lol y r u mad at the world???
  2. eh I guess I am okay. i'm just kinda mad at the world right now.
  3. hey wats up zoolivemonster how have u been?
    N its a gud day lol !
  4. hey lessa! I am finally back online! so how are you on this lovely day?
  5. i have to start class!
    but try and it will work!
    and i want gum!
  6. you should join the DRibblez party tounament! it's fun and it's easy to get a high score.
  7. but i have gum in and so it would fall out. LOLZ! hahahahahaha
  8. thats got to suck!!!!!
    i just breathe from my mouth!
    its easier!
  9. I was laying beside my cousin and she kneed me in the face. you could hear the crack through the apartment. it's hurts to breath through it.
  10. why did you almost do that??
    r u crazy!
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