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  1. if you think that early statement of mine might offend you, then i apologize. it wasn't intention to do so.
  2. well the terms you used..."hit on me hardcore." that's a big word. and yes i'm under 30.
  3. why is that funny!? So under 30?.......................
  4. woah...i'm not that old. and i can assure that i'm not some creppy internet stalker. eeeeee...really? hit on you? hahahahahaha! damned!
  5. older than 40???? cause that isn't that old. As long as you aren't a creepy internet stalker, I'll be okay. I did have one of those though. His username was boss and at that time I used my ccamo account and he hit on me hardcore through pm. And it freaked me out! I tried to get him blocked, but no one would do anything about it, so i just created another account.
  6. well...that's nice. but i'm a bit older than him...yup older.
  7. that's what Cresent says too. But he just turned 19 and I've dated guys older than that. But I talk to ppl of all ages.
  8. yes, hi. and i'm very fine...and i'm old enough to be your big brother.
  9. hello. how are you today? my name is Kristei. And I"m 16. what about you?
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