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  1. well life isn't suppose to... I guess life is just in bitch mode today?
  2. yeah. but we will probally get into it later. ugh life sucks right about now.
  3. Are you sure....I mean sometimes life can make things worse..........
  4. yeah I know what you mean. Me and my real life bf got into it yesterday but I think that everything is all right now.......
  5. it's treating me good well mostly and ssometimes it's just a bitch...
  6. hey I didn't know that you were on. So how is your life treating you?
  7. why are you dissapointed? oh and at least your not single in real life...? -_-
  8. it is okay. I am slightly dissapointed that we aren't together in real life but now I have a bf in real life and that slightly sucks....
  9. I joined the site and sorry love...I've been drifiting and lost track of time
  10. hey. would you mind taking a look into my website? also, long time no talk!
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