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  1. i live in salem new mexico like five minutes from where cresent knight lives actually lol
  2. where in salem do you live and which one? cause i live in salem to. what state?
  3. right now my life sucks. I broke up with someone for someone else and the person I broke up with went and asked the person i like out. They did because they knew I likes him. I am really depressed right now? when is he (cresent knight) going to be back on?
  4. cool cool so how has the day been for u and how is life if i may ask u dnt have to tell me if u dnt want to
  5. oh that's fine. I haven't been on for a while but i am going to change that.
  6. i see ur friends with my best buddy marco or cresent knight thats cool so how r u doin i know i am kinda borin but o well sorry if i annoy u or bore u
  7. Hi. I'm adding you. My name is Kristei and I'm gemo. Mainly goth though. And oddly enough we live in a town with the same name.
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