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Haseo is a new player in "The World". He starts out slowly, being tricked from the very first day he starts playing. After being saved by Ovan, he starts on a quest to try and become stronger, without the help of anyone.

Meanwhile, Ovan's guild, "The Twilight Brigade" is in search of the legendary item, the Key of the Twilight. They are busy trying to recruit new members, notably Haseo, for his character data has something special, or so Ovan believes.

However, there is another guild that wants to see The Twilight Brigade hindered at every turn. TaN has the single-minded resolution to make all of their in-game lives as miserable as possible.

They have to find the six "virus cores" that will hopefully unlock a new area which will lead to the key of the twilight, but it will not be easy.

Audio / Visual

The show is stunning visually. The World R:2, as it is called, is represented in such detail that it brings hope for the future of online RPGs, but be that as it may, this is just a TV show. The character designs are new and more mature, in line with .hack//G.U., and after all, this is the precursor to Haseo's adventures in the game.

The soundtrack is exceptional as well. Once again, a .hack game delivers in regards to a beautiful and haunting score.


As I said earlier, this comes before the new series of games. This fills in the eight month period that .hack//G.U. skipped over for the sake of more action. It is not really crucial to watch the show, and in fact, it might hinder enjoyment to not be able to figure out what exactly is happening in Haseo's life in regards to the game.

Unfortunately, this is just more of the same. If you have played the game already, then you already basically know how it ends, and in addition, it really doesn't add anything to the series.

Final Thoughts

.hack//ROOTS is a good show if you have access to it. I know that as soon as it comes out state-side (it is licensed), that I will buy it, mainly because I am a .hack tool. It is good, but if you are new to the franchise, this isn't going to be what gets you hooked.

If you are intrigued by the idea of an MMORPG anime, then pick up .hack//G.U., or at least read my review of it. It is an interactive version with a lot more heart than this anime has. It would almost seem as though .hack//ROOTS was an after thought to the game, added in, or created, just for the sake of filling in what would be the more exciting game play.
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Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Shounen
Episodes 26
Studio Bee Train


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