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Tsutomu Senkawa is an ordinary school kid on his way home after studying hard for his high school entrance exams who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a galactic game of cops and robbers. Senkawa is caught in the middle of a dangerous fight between an alien criminal named Geega and an attractive female inter-planetary cop named Birdy Cephon Altera. The end result is that Birdy accidentally kills him in the mist of the confusion of the chase instead of the criminal. Tsutomu Senkawa ends up sharing his body with Birdy’s in order to stay alive. The rest of the series is divided between Senkawa’s struggles to maintain a link to his previous normal life, while on the other hand fighting alien malcontents along with Birdy.

OVA Episodes

Birdy the Mighty has four episodes titled:
  1. Double Trouble: Part 1
  2. Double Trouble: Part 2
  3. Final Force: Part 1
  4. Final Force: Part 2
The anime was lifted from the original single volume manga of the same name by Masami Yuki.

Animation and Soundtrack

The character designs and backdrops are quite professional, though it tends to get a little outlandish in the last episode.

As for the music, the final score called "Future Shock", performed by Cherry is quite pleasing, and the overall impression one gets is of a coherent and flowing narrative.

The voice overs seem a little out-of-place at the beginning, but as the series progresses, you begin to get used to it, and there’s even a subtle sexuality about the low-key voice of Birdy.


There’s nothing new or extraordinary about the plot. So the value of the series lies in the treatment and production values. Yoshiaki Kawajiri does an excellent job of keeping the interest alive, weaving between the personal life of Senkawa, and the moments of crisis when Birdy takes over his mind and body. Those moments of transition, plus the scenes involving Tsutomu Senkawa's family, some wacky humor and totally flaked out characters are the really delicious parts of this series.

Another point to be noted is the clever use of the ordinary school-boy as a starting point for the story. Considering that the core audience for the series would be the same as the character, it can be said that Yoshiaki Kawajiri is suggestively putting the dreams and fantasies of an ordinary kid from Tokyo onto paper.


All said and done, an excellent anime worth watching and setting aside for watching again when you have some free time and want to laze around and enjoy yourself.
Keywords: school student anime alien cop
Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Average
Plot Excellent
Genre Comedy, SciFi, Shounen
Episodes 4
Studio Madhouse, U.S. Manga Corp.


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      make remind Rama1/2 coz The union boy/girl make a very weird and funny anime action



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