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The angels in Heaven are charged with monitoring the progress of man. Should get received 10,000 "minus" or negative remarks about them before they get 10,000 "plus", the opposite. While there have been countless pairs of angels to function as counters, the OVA focuses on the two, Chihaya and Kagetsuya in their endeavor to accurately judge humanity as it grows perilously near the 10,000 mark.

Along the way, our terribly pretty angels meet robots and mad scientists. Also, they make out.

Normally, I try to be a little more poetic with my reviews, but this show is so much more dramatic than it needs to be, that a little sincerity is a welcome twist.

Audio / Visual

Terribly 80's. Everything about this show is terribly 80's. The animation, I suppose, is good for the time, but by modern standards, is lacking.

I have a hard time stomaching the character design, ranging from grossly effeminate to blatantly bishie, the entire OVA seems more like a bad fanfiction than an actual publication.

What NOT To Expect

Thank you, Thank you for steering me horribly awry.

Here is a list of things that you shouldn't expect when watching Earthian:
  • Plot
  • Characters that make sense
  • Male characters that have masculinity
  • Female characters that are useful
  • A lack of clichés
  • Christianity
  • Theology
  • Meaning
Final Thoughts

Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. Be that as it may, I do feel a little swindled, and more than a little bit embarrassed. When I received this as a gift a couple of years ago at Christmas, I had high hopes for the OVA, but I also didn't know that it was a shounen-ai.

Yes, shounen-ai. I've watched a shounen-ai. Let's all laugh at me now, so that we can all feel better about ourselves and move on.

My only saving grace is due in part because of the nature of this beast. While the OVA is low on the shounen-ai scale, the manga was wrapped and sealed, preventing a curious parent from opening it and thumbing through, and giving them all sorts of strange ideas. "Don't ask, don't tell", they say, but enough about me.

If you want to see dudes making out, buy the manga, because you probably won't get your fix with this DVD. However, discarding the shounen-ai aspect, I still cannot find myself enjoying the show.

Everything about this show seems like a marvelous idea that was just dropped repeatedly in execution.

I think this (Hah, when I write "this", I wrote an anagram for "this" which is also a bad word. Freudian slip?) show could have been a lot more poignant if it were perhaps a heart-warming collection of vignettes involving humanity overcoming the evil of day to day life, instead of rampaging androids and the mad scientists who make them. Then again, if I have all these good ideas, I should shut up and make a comic, but that's just me.

There is only one thing more pretentious than angels and robots: a robot with angel wings

Final Verdict: 3.4/10
Keywords: Angels, Robots, Shounen-ai humanity
Sound & Graphics Poor
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Shonen-Ai, Science Fiction
Episodes 4
Studio J.C. STAFF


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