Nagisa Miyazaki Magical Teacher Negima! (series)

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Okay, this series revolves around a 10 year old boy named Negi Springfield, who happens to be a wizard. He is sent to an all girls academy to teach as part of his wizard training. He eventually gets found out by one of his students named Asuna, who becomes his partner in magic so to speak. The whole show takes off with adventures and new enemies that pop up to face both Negi and Asuna. The enemies vary from a vampire, to robots, demons, and other magicians.

Audio and Visuals

Well, the whole series looks average in my opinion. The characters and surroundings aren't drawn that well and could use a little improvement at times. There are a few moments that were beautifully done, but not enough to make up for the rest of the show. It was just average at best.

The audio tracks in the show are far from being amazing as well. I found the opening to be more annoying than pleasant, which helped throw me off from the episodes. The soundtracks during the fights are bland and don't really add excitement to the moments as they should.

Story / Mood

The story starts out mostly as a comedy and romance than anything else. I can hardly say it is full with action and great fighting scenes. Although there were plenty of fights, they seemed to end way too quickly and were very lackluster in my opinion. Although I do love romance shows, this kiddy attempt at making romantic connections between characters seemed like an insult to me. It did have its moments though, but I just didnít like how practically everyone was falling for the kid left and right.

Final Thoughts

I would have to rate this show average at best. It tried too hard at incorporating romance, comedy and action all in one that it just didnít make sense in some cases. Not to mention there were plenty of things left unanswered from the show. I kept waiting to see what happened to Negiís dad the whole time, and when I did find out it only confused and angered me even more. Also, I thought the ending was a little rushed.

If you do like comedies with school characters and magic, then you might like this show.
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Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Harem, Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Shonen, Supernatural
Episodes 26
Studio XEBEC


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