Mamoru Kanbe Elfen Lied

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This series involves the story of the Diclonius, a group of homosapiens who are born with two horns and have a telekinetic power that takes form in the image of invisible arms, so to speak. The story revolves around a diclonius girl named Lucy. It starts out with a bloody scene of her breaking free from a laboratory that was made to isolate these diclonius. She escapes and is found on a beach by two college students named Kouta and Yuka. She seems to have lost her memories, so the two name her "Nyu" because that is the only word she seems to know.

The series continues to go on as the laboratory sends forces and other diclonius to retrieve Lucy. However, the evil Lucy that escaped is still inside Nyu, and comes out whenever she feels threatened as she fights for her freedom.

Audio and Visual

Well, let me be the one to say I loved the audio in this series. The opening soundtrack was beautiful and gave the sad / depressed feeling foreshadowing what was to be expected from the episodes. There were few other good moments, and they seemed to replay the opening a lot in the show, but I liked how it flowed in with the moments.

The visuals in the series were also quite well done. The characters looked nice and there were many well done scenes in the show. There were a few moments that through me off, but the rest of the anime was so well done that I would still give it an A for visuals.

Story / Mood

This series is definitely for mature audiences only. It has plenty of gore and blood, especially in the beginning of the first episode. It also contains plenty of fanservice as well. As for the mood, it has a dark atmosphere to say the least. There is very little comedy in here, if at all. A little bit of romance surfaces between a few of the characters, but nothing that overpowers the dark and mature vibe this show gives off.

Final Thoughts

I loved this anime! It was definitely sad, full of action, and had a deep story to go with it. The characters were so easy to get attached to as well. The only thing that sort of bugged me was the ending. It was confusing and was intended to foreshadow something as well. Seeing as how a second season wasn't made, and I don't know if they ever will, it only confused me as to whether I was suppose to assume what I think it represented. But other than that, it was great.

I would recommend this anime only to mature audiences. If you like blood, gore, and a dark and depressing story, then this would be a great anime to watch.
Keywords: horned humans, diclonius, Elf Song, german, webcomic
Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Drama, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Science Fiction
Episodes 13
Studio GENCO, VAP, ADV Films


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  1. 3/5/2009 1:02am
    1. AlchemistHaruhi

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      April 2009
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 10
      I agree, it was a very good series. It didn't need any humor, the story line made me want to keep watching ^^ And as for the fan service..well, it was tasteful, it wasn't anything pertaining for hentai. *As I see it anyway* For art purposes.
  1. 5/6/2009 11:13pm
    1. etoile93

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      June 2009
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 10
      Pros: great storyline, amazing character building
      Cons: very short
      This is a favorite and much loved anime series of most of my friends and myself. The storyline tugs at all emotions from every angle and it is very hard not to get attached. I have watched this series time and time again, and every single time, I have been tranced by its characters.
  1. 11/6/2009 4:31am
    1. beast

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      September 2008
      Michigan United States
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: Procacative, action packed. Animation Great.
      Cons: A bit bloody
      I sasy this is one of the best thirteen episode anime there is. The story is fast paced and rather than feel that the series went on to long you wish there was more. But be warned this is not for the faint of heart. There is blood and nudity galore.
  1. 24/9/2010 9:08am
    1. lovelyphantom

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      September 2010
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 8
      Pros: plot, sound, horror, graphics
      Cons: blood looking like splashes of paint, sound, slight hentai
      Its not one of the best thirteen episode anime out there, but it is the best horror anime out there (from what I have seen so far).

      The blood was a bit of a rip off. It looked more like large splashes of paint than the real thing, but it served its purpose of giving the gore that horror effect.

      The sound was good and bad. Sure some of the cast could have been better, but I think a good majority of it best fit the characters.. even Lucy.

      The plot is defenatly something I haven't watched (or read) before.. different from the other mutant and new mutant stories coming up now.. and though I found the plot being slightly interfered by hentai moments, I still very much liked it.

      I wouldn't go as far to say that it is not for younger viewers, maybe a good 14+ for the series. But this is coming from a horror fan that can take even the larges amount of gore and brush it off. (I was twelve when I watched some of this and really didn't care about the murder.) So I would say that if you are a horror fan and can handle it better than normal, I recommend it for you.

      But if you are the type for flirty, drama type romance.. no.. not for you.

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