Yuji Yamaguchi Fate Stay Night Volume 1: Advent of the Magi

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Anime Review of: Fate Stay Night: Advent of the Magi
Disc: 1 | Episodes: 1-4

For a review of the entire Anime series, please see http://www.animeonline.net/reviews/s...oduct/27/cat/2.

You may consider some of the below discussion as SPOILERS so please read at your own risk. I will try to mark them accordingly.


I have seen a load of images of "Saber" from this series and heard a lot of good things about it so I decided to check it out.


Plot - The First Day (The Day It Began)

This series starts off a little slow, however given the hype on the series I assume it will pick up in later episodes. This first episode really tries to do nothing more then introduce the series, the main characters and produce some shroud of mystery around certain events 10 years ago. Not a bad thing but not much in terms of real story development.

Overall I find Shirou, the main male lead, a little overdone on the goodie goodie factor but given how the series could manipulate this later… it could turn out to be a good thing.

The characters are diverse in style, design and personality and that definitely makes the series more enjoyable.

This episode also starts off by introducing the concept of the magi wars and a little as to why they occur. It also introduces the first magi, Rin, and her summoned servant who doesn't remember his past and is simply known as "Archer". Rin does show a bit of displeasure in the servant she summoned, as it appears he is not from the most powerful class of servants… the "Saber" class. Other then that the episode focuses on Shirou, parts of his past and his hero complex.

Plot - Fateful Night (Night of Fate)

This episode adds to the story a little and shows a definite pick up in the action part of the series. Shirou is still unaware of much of his purpose and is gullible as ever, given some of his friends continue to take advantage of him. He further develops his 1 skill while other things start to unfold for him. This episode also presents the second servant in the series "Lancer" but not that servant's magi. The mystery servant lancer and archer begin to battle and poor Shirou is dragged into it. He is almost killed but is healed by Rin, thereby revealing a bit more about the purpose / rules of the tournament and the magi's abilities. This episode ends with the introduction of the third servant Saber and it is presumed Shirou is her master.

Plot - Opening Night (Raising the Curtain)

This action packed episode starts off with Saber and
Lancer starting to battle. The battle ends abruptly after Lancer's best attack fails and Saber recognizes him as The Hound of Chulainn. She does this when he tells her his weapon is the Gáe Bolg (based on the legendary spear of Odin… the Gungnir). The episode continues to show that one of the rules of the tournament is that the servant's must fight to the death if their true identity is revealed. But as with much of the rules of the tournament, these rules are ignored and Lancer leaves. Shirou's limitedness is shown as a master and knowledge of what is going on. The Saber start their journey together. The episode ends when Rin takes Shirou to see her master and learn the true nature of the Holy Grail wars.

Plot - The Strongest Enemy (The Strongest Adversary)

The last episode on the disc proves to be much of the same as the last 3 with much of what is going on seeming scattered (sort of like what it must feel like to Shirou) and begins with the introduction of the fourth magi Illyasviel von Einzbern and her servant Berserker. Illya introduces herself and her servant as the legendary "Hercules" and has him proceed to destroy Shirou and Rin. The battle ends when Shirou steps in to save Saber and is almost cut in half. This displeases Illya and she just leaves on her own accord, promising to kill Rin the next time they meet. Shirou learns he now has a new ability to heal very quickly which may be linked to Saber. For much of the remainder of the episode, Rin continues to try to help Shirou even though he is clueless and technically her enemy.



Besides the opening and ending themes there is little in this disc that stands out. I can't say the opening / ending themes appeal to me.

Most of the pieces / melodies used fit very well with the ongoings of the story. However again nothing that stands out to me.


The graphic presentation in this disc is very well done and everything flows smoothly, no complaints.


Extras on the disc consisted on typical clean openings and endings as well as some trailers, 6 concept art drawings and little else. Kind of shabby.


A very decent view for your money.
Keywords: Fate Stay Night, anime, saber, fight, visual novel, highest-selling, mechanic, inferno
Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes 1-4
Studio TBS animation, Geneon


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      Pros: great plot description
      Cons: nothing I can think of, lol.
      Great description of the series. I loved this show. I might end up buying the dvds now.

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      Pros: Bloodly, details, fighting
      Cons: None
      I love it and i love how use fantasy in the real world to fight for there wish.

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