Yuji Yamaguchi Fate Stay Night Volume 2: War of the Magi

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Anime Review of: Fate Stay Night: War of the Magi
Disc: 2 | Episodes: 5-8

For a review of the entire Anime series, please see http://www.animeonline.net/reviews/s...oduct/27/cat/2.

You may consider some of the below discussion as SPOILERS so please read at your own risk. I will try to mark them accordingly.


After viewing the first disc, this anime series proved interesting enough for me to pursue the next volume so here are my thoughts on it.


Plot - Two Magi (The Two Magicians) Part 1

The action part of this anime series takes a break in the beginning stages of the episode and the focus shifts more to relationship building and the plot elements around that. Shirou feels bad about hiding Saber from those in his life and ends up breaking down and introducing her as a distant relative. This doesn't set well with his protectors and a small but humorous fight scene unfolds between Saber and Shirouís teacher Taiga Fujimura. Taiga looses but decides to stay there with Shirou as a chaperone for the night.

The series transitions back to the action side as Rin grows tired of Shirouís lack of adeptness and regard to his magi duties. She then attacks him after he angers her with the last straw. They battle almost jokingly until the episode ends with the image of what appears to be the next servant.

Plot - Two Magi (The Two Magicians) Part 2

The battle pursues until they find a girl who has been drained of her mana and while trying to revive her they are attacked by the next servant. Rin is unaware of the attack and Shirou saves Rin by using his arm as a shield. Shirou goes off to find the servant by himself and rather then calling Saber he chooses to fight the servant called Rider by himself. Rider toys with him until Rin shows up at which point Rider leaves and they agree to put their battle on hold and go back to Rin's house. There they discuss a few things about the new mystery master and they form a small alliance. Archer escorts Shirou home and challenges Shirou's belief structure and ends with Saber welcoming him home.

Plot - Despicable Acts

This episode starts with the revelation of the actual general state of Shirou's relationship with Saber. Saber fusses at him for not calling on her during his battle with Rider and Shirou states he didnít feel he was in that much danger whilst hiding his real reasoning. This produces a wall of distrust between Saber and Shirou, which could prove to hinder things later on. Rin joins Shirou on his way to school, which forms some dissension between him and Sakura. After some other events Rin and Shirou go around and destroy aspects of a barrier forming around their school. The episode ends with Shirou stumbling on the source of the barrier and Rider.

Plot - Discordant Melody

As it turns out, Rider is the servant of his good friend Shinji, and they peacefully go back to Shinji's house where they talk about things and Shinji offers Shirou an alliance. Shirou turns him down but as he is leaving, Shinji tells him that there is yet another magi in the nearby mountain temple where his friend Issei Ryo lives. Shirou asks Rider to make sure she protects Shinji and then runs into Issei on his way home. Issei tells him about an unusual woman that has come to live in the temple and Shirou continues home. Once there, he is met by an accusing Saber and Rin who wonders where he has been. Shirou tells them where he has been and what has happened. He then agrees with Rin who suggests that they ignore the temple magi for now. This does not set well with Saber who runs off to fight the temple servant while Shirou is asleep as the episode ends.



Besides the opening and ending themes there is STILL little in this disc that stands out to me. I can't say the opening theme has grown on me but the ending one is starting to appeal to me. However most of the pieces / melodies used fit very well with the ongoings of the story. However again nothing that stands out to me.


The graphic presentation in this disc is very well done and everything flows smoothly, no complaints.


Extras on the disc consisted of a typical clean ending as well as some trailers. Little else... poor offering IMO.


A very decent view for your money.
Keywords: Fate Stay Night, anime, saber, fight, visual novel, highest-selling, mechanic, inferno
Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural
Episodes 5-8
Studio TBS animation, Geneon


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