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The story starts off with a 12 year old boy named Taro Hanaukyo. He goes to live with his grandfather after his mother dies. After climbing what seemed like a never ending mountain, he arrives at a huge mansion. The next thing he knows, he is surrounded by hundreds of maids that greet him as master. It turns out that his grandfather left Taro his fortune and estate, along with all the beautiful maids. The only problem is that Taro seems to be allergic to women. The rest of the series is about Taro and his new life with the maids and what seems to be a love relationship with one of the maids, Mariel.

Audio and Visuals

Hanaukyo Maid Team is definitely not the best drawn anime out there. It has an old school vibe to it when it comes to the visuals. The characters are average, and there were only a few moments in the show that were noteworthy.

The audio in the show isn't that great either. I didn't really like the opening or ending. Not to mention there weren't any moments in the show that had great music backgrounds. So, I would rate it as average at best.


Hanaukyo Maid Team didn't have a good story in my opinion. The kid is rushed into this new life, and the rest are just events revolving around his new life with the maids. It was very funny at moments, but there was nothing to really keep me interested in the rest of the anime.

There was way too much fanservice for my taste. A lot of nudity and adult moments are in the show, which is kind of disturbing considering the fact that the boy is only 12.

Finally, there is no ending to this anime. In the 12 episodes, it leads to no conclusion. It's just a show with different stories for each episode, but it never leads to anything. So, I will say I was quite disappointed with the ending.

Final Thoughts

I didn't like the show. The comedy wasn't enough to save it from the average graphics and horrible storyline.

I'll only recommend it to people who like anime with maids and lots of fanservice, other than that it is a skip in my book.

I'll review the OVA later as well, which includes 3 more episodes to the series.
Keywords: maids, mansion, alergic, taro, grandfather, fortune
Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Poor
Plot Poor
Genre Comedy, Romance
Episodes 12
Studio m.o.e.


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