Shingo Kaneko Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

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Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna revolves around a student named Ayumu Narumi. His older brother was better than him at everything. One day, his brother left saying he wouldn't return until he solved the mystery of the blade children. All of the sudden, Ayumu is encountered by other kids that are blade children. He is constantly in danger as he tries to figure out the mystery behind the blade children as well as his own destiny.

All of the sudden, people that hunt the blade children come and throw in some more obstacles for the kid to solve. They call themselves the hunters. From here, Ayumu and his friend, Hiyono Yuizaki, solve mysteries in order to come closer to figuring out the grand question. "Just who are the blade children, and what is their destiny?"

Audio and Visuals

The visuals in the show are pretty good. Whilst the characters' faces only show few details, they still look amazing. Unfortunately, the rest of the show seems pretty average in this field.

The English voiceovers are well done. I especially liked the voice of Hiyono. The opening theme is really annoying though. I just didn't like it and it didn't quite set the mood for the anime.

Not much else worth mentioning during the series when it comes to audio.

Character Development / Story

The characters are developed really well. They took the time to show Ayumu's insecurity and flaws in his character. They also showed the desperation and the emotions of the blade children really well, considering they were still kids.

The story went nowhere though. It was constantly being brought up as to the mystery behind the blade children and destiny, but it never really answered or concluded these topics. The ending confused me a little and didn't really answer all the questions I had from the anime.

Final Thoughts

Well, I can't say I liked the series. The story was a little confusing and had a bad ending. It was kind of lackluster and was too much of a mystery with little else. There were a few moments of comedy, but it didn't really impress me enough to like the show.

Sorry, no recommendations here.

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Keywords: spiral blade children, mystery, detective, pianist, murders
Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Poor
Plot Poor
Genre Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Episodes 25
Studio J.C. Staff


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      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 8
      Pros: Spiral had a unique style to the story line and plot
      Cons: The way the story was set up it made the anime seemed rushed in it's creation and its script.
      The beginning of the story run smooth in the way that the story line is able to progress slowly, however the story really doesn't tell you how the blade children are so feared and what makes them so different, the only thing I could get on that front was that they had an extra rib, nothing else really. The idea was simplistic but I still liked the anime to a point.

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