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Mai-Otome is set in an alternate universe of My-HiME. The main character, Arika Yumemiya, a fourteen-year-old girl, has traveled from a rural country far away to Windbloom to find out more about her mother.

Shortly after her arrival, however, she sees Meister Shizuru Viola, a legendary Meister Otome, in combat. The Otome are female virgin warriors and bodyguards that serve the royalty of various countries. Arika is stunned by Meister Shizuru's power, grace, and beauty, and just like that, she decides to become an Otome herself.

The series follows Arika as a student at Garderobe, which is a prestigious academy for young Otome, and her various adventures and trials.

We, the viewers, quickly forget about Arika's original quest, which lasted all of one and a half episodes, but don't mind because a school of young virgin girls is much more intriguing.

My Review and Randomness:

Yay, lesbians. It's called CPR, you pervs! Hehe. Anyway, Nina is the one with the purple hair that is all passed-out-ed, and Ers is the one that likes reviving Nina a little too much for me to continue considering her straight. Actually she does appear to have romantic feelings for Nina. Whatever.

Arika is so damn cute. And the spiral hair girl, Shiho, is definitely the coolest. I also laugh my butt off every time Arika pokes Nina in the side. Hehe.

Anyway, what can I say, aside from, I LOVE THIS. This anime probably rivals my liking of Cowboy Bebop. FLCL and NGE will never be rivaled, but for my number three spot for favorite anime, Mai-Otome has a fighting chance.

Why do I like this? I answer you with this: Why wouldn't I like it? Why would anyone not like it?!

For me it's the combination of incredible animation, Neon Genesis like story line, and AMAZING voice acting that makes this show superb. Also the fact that it's borderline yuri, and everyone loves yuri. Save for maybe girls that aren't lesbians or open to new things.

The animation is very crisp, clean, smooth, and stays consistent throughout the entire series. Nothing too creative or out of the ordinary, like Mahoraba's style of animation, but its basic, solid, and beautiful. So I say the anime gets a five there.

The sound, music wise, was excellent. The music and sound effects match the mood of each scene almost seamlessly, and I LOVE the Otome Battle music. I also LOVE the voice acting. It is AMAZING. Mika (Kikuchi, Arika's Seiyu) is tremendously talented, and I'm inclined to buy and cherish all of her work. Hehe. So, a 5 there.

Finally the Neon Genesis like storyline. What I mean when I say that is, the story starts out cutesy-wootsy, but you soon realize that there is a darker, more secret side to each of the characters. Not nearly as dark as in NGE itself, but it's pretty dark. SPOILER FOR THE NEXT SENTENCE, which will but down VVV there so unwilling readers don't read with their peripheral!

Spoiler sentence, here: Anyway, Tomoe tries to have Arika raped. I, for one, perceive anyone morally willing to have such a thing done to another, especially a young girl who considers the other a friend, as a dark person.

Spoilers end here.

Yeah, so, all in all, the series is GREAT, and you should definitely watch. Below is some more general info on the series, and where you can download episodes.

Type: Anime
Studio: Sunrise
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Shoujo-ai (yuri)
No. of Episodes: 26
Status: Complete
Official Site: (Japanese)
Download Locations: OR

Additional info on the plot, characters, etc. may be found at:
Keywords: Mai-Otome Masakazu Obara Comedy My-Z-HiMe
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Excellent
Plot Excellent
Genre Comedy, Drama, Magical girl, Shōnen
Episodes 26 + 4 OVAs
Studio Sunrise
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