Yoshinori Kanemori Reign: The Conqueror

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Reign: The Conqueror is based off the life of Alexander the Great. It starts off as Alexander fighting for the Macedonian Empire, under his father King Philip 2. He must fight off assassins and other threats as he tries to ascend to his rightful thrown. Once he is King, Alexander travels the world in an attempt to conquer it and reign as a great king. However, many believe he will only bring ruin to the world instead of peace. So, many assassins attempt to take his life throughout the series as he conquers different regions.

Audio and Visuals

I hated the visuals. The characters seemed poorly drawn, but it might just not be my kind of style. The battles were poor as well. You would think the blood shed would help it out, but the deaths were so anti-climatic and drawn bad.

The audio is not much better. I didn't like the music, and the only times I found it a little entertaining was during a few battles. Nothing else was good in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

Ok, the story was well developed, thank god! It at least had a little bit of historical facts thrown in, but then the rest was pure fiction. The characters were developed well. You got into the mind of Alexander and could grow attached to him and a few others.

Despite the decent story, the rest of the series was just plain bad. Not to mention the fact I was bored watching it. BORED... I can't watch partial series, so once I start, I'm forced to watch the rest. It wasn't very pleasing. The plot just wasn't entertaining and the dialogue at times threw me off.

Unless you like history and stories of Alexander the Great (that are fictionalized), please pass on this. I'm doing you a favor. If it turns out you like this series, then good for you. You did what I couldn't.
Keywords: king, alexander great, Alexander Senki, history, Macedonian Empire, reign
Sound & Graphics Horrible
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Poor
Plot Average
Genre Adventure, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Episodes 13
Studio Madhouse
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