Ei Aoki Girls Bravo

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Girls Bravo revolves around a boy named Yukinari. He has been bullied by girls his entire life because of his short height. This has caused him to develop an allergy to girls. So, when any girls touch him, he develops hives all over his body. One day, he is pulled through a portal in his tub to another world. There he meets Miharu, who doesn't seem to affect him when she touches him. The rest of the series involves Miharu trying to live on earth with Yukinari, as well as more women coming into his life. During this time he develops a relationship with Miharu.

Audio and Visuals

The visuals are well done in this anime series. The characters look good and there are no real moments that are poorly done. I'm sure you guys will like the amount of work they put in for the fanservice moments.

The audio is really good as well. The opening is cute and helps get you ready and keeps you interested in the series. The Japanese voices were better in my opinion to the English cast. It just seemed like they fit the characters better.

Story and Characters

The characters are well developed in the show. The romances between the characters are well done. They took their time to show the different crushes the characters had throughout the show.

The comedy is the biggest asset to the series. Without the comedy, the show wouldn't have been entertaining enough for me. Plenty of fanservice and mature jokes are thrown in, which helps keep mature audiences entertained.

Final Thoughts

I liked the series. The graphics were well done and the comedy was superb. These helped me forget the fact that the story isn't really creative or anything new, but it is still worth watching.

Official Site: http://www.girlsbravodvd.com/
Keywords: girl allergy, hives, rash, tease, bathtub, mysterious world, female population
Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
Episodes 24
Studio AIC


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  1. 5/12/2007 4:03am
    1. punishmyliver

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      March 2007
      las vegas
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 10
      Pros: it is a harem anime that is funny
      Cons: none
      let me give you a fast run down of this anime just think (if your a guy sorry ladys) your a guy that gets hives from touching girls then you meet this girl in through a portal through bath tub and and your on a planet with nothing but women on the planet so when they see you they start chasing you (what do you think the reason is) you eventually get back to your planet but one of the girls and a couple of other strays (girls) end up there too that is just the start then you get into all kinds mishaps and the rich guy who is the opposite from you and gets hives from guys but the girls don't really like that guy because he is a how do you say sexiest pig it is a very funny anime one of my faverates
  1. 4/6/2010 5:33pm
    1. shigurai

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      May 2010
      n.c. winston-salem
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      Pros: quirky, funny, embarrising moments, boobs and more boobs, this definitly a comedy with taste.
      Cons: non-existant
      loved it so much i got a tatoo.
      watching this if your having a bad day and youll find your self happy and smilln.

      high school girls hehe high school girls. lol

      gundam wing(epyon)show me my enemies

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