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After 5 years moving out from Machida, Ranmaru Shindou has been living with his little sister Saya Shindou.

After Ranmaru graduates from his cadet class, he goes onto become the new investigator for "The Special Mobile Investigation Troops First Division" or "TOKKI", with the purpose of avenging his parents death.

Ranmaru then sees a girl who looks similar to a girl in his dreams, and now these dreams become more frequent. This girl seems to be a member of section 2, known officially as Special Public Safety Task Force, or Tokko for short.

Audio and Visuals

The audio is not bad, but the graphics seems a little outdated. Maybe they want to make it look like classic. The visuals are also quite good. The way they make the gore and blood is really nice. I'd give a thumbs up for that. xD

The English dubbed is good too but the Japanese version is better. Overall, an average for sound and graphics.

Story and Character Development

At first, the story is quite slow. It focuses on Ranmaru's daily life, his friends, his work and his sister Saya. The first episode is funny, however from there the story takes on a more serious tone.

It seems that everytime Saya is around, there would be a little comedy slipped into the anime. It's perhaps to balance the anime. When more characters emerge, the story becomes more intense, serious and action packed. As the episodes progress, the characters and their past is slowly revealed one by one.

What is Tokko?

Officially known to the general public as Special Mobile Investigation Troops Second Division, Special Public Safety Task Force, or Section 2 under the supervision of the Public Security Investigation Agency after the Special Mobile Investigation Troops relinquished, with some of its member recruited from the police force.

Tokko was established after the Machida massacre was secretly investigated to discover that the perpetrators were demons from the netherworld. Under the command of Superintendent Ryoko Ibuki, she had recruited promising members, who happened to be survived of the Machida massacre, such as Kureha Suzuka and had them trained to use melee weapons such as swords and daggers to dispatch the Phantoms, including Human Face larva zombies, that were coming out of giant holes caused by unnatural earthquakes in Japan's Kanto region since most firearms do not incapacitate or kill them.

They operate similarly to the Men In Black movies or the Center in the Martin Mystery series, arriving moments after the demons are in the confirmed area or have left the said area.

Section 2 also has a technical support staff, mostly researchers and forensic scientists that quietly dispose of bodies, either infected by the demons or were attacked by the former, or demon body organs including Human Face larvas that were killed by Section 2 members during their operations. The unit is backed by a small number of wheeled armored vehicles and have officers dressed in black suits, a reference to the Men in Black.

Their actions have come under harsh criticism from certain officers, including Kaoru Kunikida, for conducting their operations in secretive manners and for covering up the deaths of either civilians or police officers, informing the public via news releases that deaths or injuries caused by demons were done by armed or insane criminals.

Final Thoughts

Not a bad anime ^^ hell I'd give it an A! The storyline is easy to understand but you need to watch carefully as the story of the past unfolds.
Keywords: safety task force, mobile investigation, dreams, troops, first division, police
Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Action, Horror, Mystery, Police, Psychological, Supernatural
Episodes 13
Studio AIC Spirits


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