Takeshi Mori Vandread (TV series)

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This is the review of the entire series that include both the first and second stages. I'll divide the plot into two parts to make up for the two seasons.


Stage One:

The series starts out centered around two planets in the universe. One planet in inhabited by females, while the other is dominated by males only. The two genders are sworn enemies and are constantly fighting in space. A boy named Hibiki is placed on a ship with female pirates and help the prisoners, along with two other males. The ship is teleported into a far away area, and the males and females must work together to fight off a new enemy. This enemy wants to "harvest" the organs of their home planets, so Hibiki, Dita and others fight together to save their homes.

Stage Two:

A new character is added into this season, a female named Misty. With her is a message about how the inhabitants of Earth are harvesting people from other planets. The team finally reach their home planets to have a final confrontation with the harvesters.

Audio and Visuals

The visuals in the Vandread anime are pretty good. The characters are drawn well and look amazing, and the mechs look nice as well. There was one episode where they changed the art style, which threw me off in the beginning, but it was quickly switched back.

As for the audio, the opening soundtracks for both seasons were not good to say the least, but I definitely liked the first season better. It was titled, "Trust". Neither of them made me look forward to the show and they just seemed annoying to me.

The voiceovers were a little annoying for the English cast, which is the only version I watched. The main character's voice definitely fit the whiny Hibiki, but it might throw a few of you off if you hate being nagged all the time, just like in Inuyasha.

Story / Character Development

The story progressed nicely seeing as how it was split into two seasons. The first season was mainly used to introduce everyone and show their personalities, which it did a great job doing. This helped make the characters easy to get attached to and made the story remain interesting.

The romance and comedy in the series helped distract you from the drama and depression of how people in the universe were being killed for their organs to be collected. This farm like concept of the universe is one of the reasons I stayed interested in the series long enough to finish it.

Final Thoughts

The series had a good story and artwork. It was so close to going above average, but certain aspects dragged it down, like the audio and a few moments of weak art.

This anime series did a good job with comedy and romance, and that was good to take away from the drama.

So, if you like this type of series and have some free time, then check it out.
Keywords: space, harvest, mech, organs, planets, females, males
Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Mecha, Science Fiction, Shounen
Episodes 26
Studio GONZO


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      Pros: Cute anime babes, combine 3 space fighters+ 1 humaniod mecha= pretty kinky sitting arrangements
      Cons: A planet of ALL MEN, that sucks
      I can't believe no one has seen this series, I would have to agree with the reviewer that it was a pretty average series (that same cliche of "alien's" attacking and two groups of people who are sworn enemies fighting together to save the human race), however it has a unique twist in that instead of having two different groups of people being at odds with each other they have the battle of the sexes to the nth degree. Also the main character Hibiki is trying to find out who he is and how he fit's into existence during this whole adventure (Aren't we all). The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that the series seemed to be rushed and that their could have been another season, other than that I like the series and I would suggested this show to anyone

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