Tatsuya Nagamine Interlude

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An unnamed male searches for answers to his recent, terrifying nightmares, and general sense of displacement in reality. His perky, cute girlfriend and everyone else around him seem oblivious to the strange things he sees happening everyday… is he going crazy, or is there really something wrong with the world?

Audio and Visuals

Visually, this is a great anime to watch. The animation is smooth, colorful and fun. Characters are very well drawn, although most are the standard fare; nothing really unusual or intriguing about them. The music, while not varying much across different scenes, is easy on the ears, and I most enjoyed the song that played during fight / chase scenes. The English dub is okay, as the voices seem to fit the respective characters, but some come across as downright annoying, like Tama's nasally whine and Izumi's supersoft "damsel-in-distress" voice.

Story / Character Development

Here's where the anime loses points. In a 3 episode OVA, a well defined story and meaningful characters are essential to keep the viewer interested. But Interlude takes a story that’s been told before (dissatisfaction with the "real" world, apocalypse, choosing what's really important) but unfortunately, doesn't delve into it with new insight or real detail, so it just leaves one with not only unanswered questions, but also a sense of not really caring enough to get the answers.

Perhaps even a couple more episodes, just to iron out the wrinkles in the story that were touched on only briefly, might have made this a bit more intelligible.

Characters showed up with no real purpose, and then showed up again, still without purpose. Aside from the cutesy Tama, not much thought is given to any of the characters; the main protagonist doesn't even get a name. And one can't even be sure if all the characters are living, dead, dying… nothing is clear throughout the anime, and the explanations given at the end are half-hearted at best.

Should you watch this?

I guess if you have time to kill, and like seeing a pissed-off chick with golden eyes and a bow and arrow (sweetest scene in the OVA), or are just determined to see every anime ever made, you should give this one a try. Otherwise, it probably isn't worth it.
Keywords: nightmares, crazy world, cute girlfriend, aya
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Poor
Plot Poor
Genre Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Episodes 3
Studio Toei Animation


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