Morio Asaka / Masao Maruyama Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

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Want another take on the infamous Nibelheim incident from Final Fantasy VII? Want to see what Zach was like other than in a flashback? Then you need to see Last Order: Final Fantasy VII.


Last Order isn't dubbed in English, but the voice acting is superb. Narrated by Tseng of the Turks, the story unfolds as a flashback, fleshing out the story of what went down in the mountainous home of Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart.


Anyone who played the game knows what happened, but for viewers unfamiliar with the story, I'll fill you in.

Zack, a First Class SOLDIER, accompanied by Cloud Strife, Zack's friend, and the infamous Sephiroth, ShinRa's ultimate SOLDIER, first arrives in the small mountain town of Nibelheim to inspect a malfunctioning power reactor. Here they hook up with Tifa Lockheart, who will guide them through the mountains to the reactor. But Sephiroth sees something in the reactor that he doesn't like....

Replay Value

I LOVE the single episode series, and personally watch it over and over. I am geeky sometimes, so not everyone may want to watch it as often.

The Fights

Although die-hard fans of FFVII may notice some differences between the game and Last Order, they don't change much. The fights are much better than Playstation could ever render, and I think it is a must-have for any fan of Final Fantasy, not just FFVII.

Graphics and Sounds

The art and animation throughout the episode is superb to say the least. Other than seeing classic characters anime-style, some details, like the town burning, look amazing, and the action sequences look natural... er, well, as natural as a SOLDIER First Class would look.

All the sounds are natural as well, none of it sounded like recycled FX used in every movie. From the sound of the Buster Sword clashing with Sephiroth's Masamune to the bursts of gunfire from the ShinRa grunts, every noise you hear sounds fresh and realistic.

Final Thoughts

Although many great qualities present themselves in this OVA, the complex story of Final Fantasy VII may make this somewhat confusing to people not familiar with the plot. The action should be enough to keep your eyes fixed to the screen.

Where to See It

Last Order comes on the Special Collectors Edition of Advent Children, or can be viewed on the internet.
Keywords: Turks, Jenova Reunion Theory, Shinra soldiers
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Very Good
Genre Action
Episodes 1 (25 minutes)
Studio Madhouse


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      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: awsome animation, retelling of an old incident never fully explored in the series
      Cons: short, really short, not translated
      I loved watching this. It added a little bit more freshness to the never really explored in the VII Nebelhiem incident and how Zack and Cloud got away. Love it, watch it, then make love to it.

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