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Hello, this is a review of the Samurai Deeper Kyo TV series.

Graphics and Drawing Style

The style of art was very good in my opinion. It matched the manga well, and the glow graphics, and special effects and stuff like that were very well done. For example, the most used one is when Kyo uses his Mumyo Jinpu Ryu. Overall I give the graphics a perfect 5/5.

The Story

This is one of the 2 downfalls of this series. The story, if you have never read the manga, is in fact an amazing story. BUT, if you have read the manga, and enjoyed it, prepare to be somewhat disappointed. The anime strays very far from the manga's storyline. Events similar to the manga occur but not in the same way that the manga's had happened. The storyline will keep you intrigued and fascinated, even if you have read the manga you'll be wondering whats gonna happen next. I was still disappointed in the fact that the anime strayed form the manga though so my final score for the story is a 3/5.


The only thing keeping the sound category from a 1 is that all the background sound effects and music are awesome, (especially the acoustic guitar during flashbacks loved that). But why is it getting a 2? The voice actors, admittedly the voice actors did very well, but I honestly don't think the casting director chose the right voice actors for the show. (btw I'm talking American voice actors. I haven't watched it in Japanese yet.) Honestly though, some of them were just stupid. The guy who played Tristan played Mika's father in like the 3rd episode that disappointed me, and the voice actor of Muramasa was disappointing too. All the other voice actors were all right, I'd say the only 2 that fit perfectly in my mind were Saizo and Sasuke. It was just a dispointing job. For Kyo, they got the guy who does Yugi's voice on Yu-Gi-Oh, I was picturing more of a spike, for Kyo, Yukimura's could have been better too, say maybe played by the guy who did Vashes voice in Trigun.

Replay Value

The overall replay value of this series is good, but it really all depends on if you like it or not. If you didn't, don't watch it again. If you did watch it again, lol. So replay gets a 3/5.


I'd say the series as a whole get's a 4 out of 5 for just being a good anime. Thank you for your time.
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Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Poor
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural
Episodes 26
Studio Studio Deen
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      Pros: Cool ass characters.
      Cons: Every fight was pretty much the same. Use this attack with really long title to win in one blow.
      This was your old school, stop motion action scenes. Ten years ago I would have loved it, but now there is just better quality anime out there about samurai with cool powers.

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