Takao Kato Busou Renkin

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Busou Renkin revolves around a normal student named Kazuki Muto. One day, he attempts to save a girl that he thinks is in distress, only to be killed in the process. The girl, Tokiko, turns out to be an alchemic warrior, who decides to save Kazuki. She uses another Kakugane, an item that transforms into an alchemic warriorís weapon, to take place of Kazukiís heart allowing him to live. From there on, Kazuki trains to become an alchemic warrior to fight off the homunculus and keep the people close to him safe from harm.

Audio and Visuals

The Japanese voiceovers were well done. My favorite voiceover was the character Papillon, voiced by Mitsuaki Madono. He added a nice atmosphere to the moments Papillon showed up in the series.

The visuals in the show were average with a few flaws. Most of the characters looked good, but there were a few that seemed ridiculous to me. An example being Papillonís appearance, while although entertaining at times, it seemed liked they tried too hard to be funny with it. The weapons and fighting scenes in the show were nicely done and helped distract you from the story at times.

Overall, Iíd say the audio and visuals were well done.

Story / Character Development

The story itself isn't that original. A lot of the ideas have already been done before in other series, and this doesnít hold up compared to them by a long shot in my opinion. Too many things reminded me of other series, which ruined the excitement for me on more than one occasion. Sure, parts of it may have been original, but none of them were spectacular to remember after you finish the last episode.

Anyways, the story flowed nicely in the beginning at a good pace, but as it kept progressing, it started to fall apart. The ending was the biggest let down, which pretty much made my decision in whether I would consider this a decent anime series. Episode 24 had built up my expectations and prepared me for the last two episodes to be a major development for the story with a great conclusion, yet my hopes were quickly shot down. You get to the last episode, and everything gets resolved in no time. I understand the series was fast paced at times, which was good in a sense as it helped to keep you interested, but that ending was mediocre at best due to their lack of development in leading up to it.

The character development was also lacking in this series. I never really took the time to remember any of the minor characterís names because the story barely touched up on any of them to the point of interesting me. Kazuki and Tokiko were well developed and so was the romance between the two. They could have done better with Tokikoís past in terms of the story, as it was just briefly explained, but it wasnít that big of a deal. The problem really comes from the villains. The only villain that interested me was Papillon, and that was only because he was silly throughout the show. When the story revolves around Victor, who's the big bad guy in the series, it seems rushed and there was nothing to motivate me to care about the pasts or internal struggle of the new characters. In short, it began to become boring.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn't have mind skipping this series to be honest. The story was mediocre and the ending was far from great too. Nothing about it really made up for its flaws, of which there were plenty. Itís up to you if you would want to finish the series, as everyone has different opinions.

I recommend watching the first few episodes of any series to make up your own mind, and this one is no different. If youíre into this genre, then give it a try. Just donít expect a masterpiece from it.
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Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Poor
Plot Poor
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes 26
Studio XEBEC


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