Makoto Shinkai The Place Promised in Our Early Days

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This film has been credited "Best Animated Film" (59th Annual Mainichi film awards). Directed by, Makoto Shinkai (Also the creator of "Voice's of a distant star")

The Plot

Within an alternate postwar period, in 1996. Japan is divided - Hokkaido is ruled by the "Union" while Honshu and other southern islands are under US authority. A tall tower was built on Hokkaido. The story follows three middle-school students, Takuya, Hiroki and Sayuri. Takuya and Hiroki are building a plane to fly to the Tower someday. The bond between the three are sealed within that promise to someday unravel the enigma lurking behind the tower.

Three years have past and all have drifted apart from each other. Takuya has established a position within society, researching parallel worlds, Sayuri has drifted into a mysterious coma and Hiroki is hanging loosely throughout High-school. That promise and Sayuri's fate united the three characters. This takes audience on a journey where friendships are lost and revived, where reality loses touch of illusion and vice versa.

My Review

The plot of the story is good, but overall it really isn't anything special. The success of the film derives from the unique poetic style maintained throughout the storyline. Also the soundtrack is truly superb.

"The cold wind gives off the smell of the day.

The clouds drifting fast and between them.
I can see the faded blue, like an old photograph.
The straight vapor trail that has just been drawn quietly melts away in the blue as if water has been mixed in.

On a day like this, the place deep in my heart that I usually don't show to anyone slightly hurts.
Its a pain that I usually pretend doesn't exist."

This film is truly captivating and a must see. I highly recommend everyone go see the creation of : Makoto Shinkai. (The promise land in our early days, Voices of a distant star)

Favourite Quotes

In several scenes we witness Sayuri entrapped within her illusion, her dream-world. Makoto's ability to portray a domination of illusion over reality in such a poetic manner is truly inspiring.

Below list some of the captivating quotes featured during those moments:

Hiroki: "When I wake up. For a second I don't quite understand where I am. I sometimes think I might have come to the wrong place. But now I feel the dream about Sayuri is more realistic than the reality I'm living."

Sayuri: "I've been having the same dream over and over again...

A dream that I'm alone in an empty universe...where theres no-one around. In that dream all of me : Fingers, cheeks, fingernails, heels, even the tips of my hair ache from such loneliness. The world filled with warmth... the one where the three of us were together seems more like a dream than the dream I'm having now. But I feel that so long as I don't lose the memory from those days I may be able to stay connected to reality. If only by a fragile, fragile hold."
Keywords: The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Excellent
Genre Drama, Military, Romance, Science Fiction
Studio CoMix Wave Inc.


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  1. 18/11/2006 6:37pm
    1. NightFox

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      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: Shinkai, story and general plot
      Cons: Characters and few minor things
      a.k.a Behind the clouds

      Really nice anime, really cool animation. Scenes do sometimes seem as dream, again one really nice anime from Makoto Shinkai.


      Love me I know, I really do...
  1. 11/6/2009 5:42am
    1. beast

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      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 8
      Pros: Good script, great alternate history.
      Cons: Slow paced. You will not watch it twice. Heavy on narration.
      Shinkai set a hard standard to lead up to with Voices Of A Distant Star but he meet and maybe even exceeds expectations. We all have plans. But life gets in our way. Well here is the story of three friends that refuse to let that happen they make a promise to meet up to go to the mysterious tower and they do. in spite of a numerous amount of set backs. It spins a sorrowful yarn, but you will only watch this anime once. It is just that type of story.

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