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The Mirai, a modern-day battleship of the Japanese Navy, sails to join the American forces to perform joint military exercises in Pearl Harbor. On it's way, it is caught up in a weather phenomenon which transports it back in time. The crew eventually finds themselves sailing with a naval fleet led by the legendary Japanese battleship Yamato, the officers come up with the conclusion that they traveled back into 1942 during WWII at the early stages of the Battle of Midway, which was basically one of the events that led to Japan's impending doom during WWII.

Not wanting to alter the course of history by getting involved, their only desire was to get back home. However, this desire proves to be easier said than done as they become gradually drawn into conflict when one of the officers decides to rescue a Japanese officer from a plane wreck. These are basically the main issues and theme centered on Zipang. How far can the crew go? Can they return to the present without changing the course of history? Will they remain uninvolved? How will the crew adapt to the ideals and the norms of a war-torn period? Yadda...Yadda...

At first glance Zipang closely resembles the 80s science fiction movie Final Countdown with Martin Sheen and Kirk Douglas. Obviously, it is another realization involving the same central themes and aspects of the said movie but of course Zipang takes a different perspective. Having said that, Zipang still maintains its uniqueness and there's nothing else like it in the world of anime.Some might call it a copycat but it's good anyway, it's a deep plotted show that requires a greater understanding of history and an even greater appreciation for drama and the military.

Sound & Graphics:

Zipang is excellent in the sound department, it is arguably the best anime series in terms of sound. The intense virtuosity of its orchestraic and military pieces greatly intensifies the scenes and compliments the theme. Add along its openers and enders that doesn't sound like just cool songs (of popular recording artists) with no lyrical and melodical relation to what the series is really about.

*Voice quality varies depending on the dub*

I would have to say that Zipang is a visual marvel. The character designs in Zipang aren't your normal pretty-eyed flamboyant type, they have a manlier look with crude facial features complimented by excellent uniform designs. Even with the use of unusual visual imagery on the characters, they still look like anime characters and not from somewhere else. The ships and everything else are done with great detail and extensive resemblance to reality, the chronological gap between the Mirai and the WWII vessels are excellently convincing, add along a fair share of CG effects...Zipang is an excellent eye candy.

Entertainment Value:

Zipang isn't something you'll see everyday, it isn't something that would appeal to a lot of anime fans. There's nothing intentionally funny about it, no action scenes with dynamic movement going on, no mushyness and romance, no blatant fan service, no teenybopper content, no mechas beat punching monsters, no women blatantly designed for sexual innuendo so don't expect to see these things. If you are the one who always wants a piece of the unusual then you're not gonna be disappointed. There are only a few anime series that can greatly appeal to a non-anime fan and Zipang is on that list, like what i've said earlier it requires great understanding of history and an even greater appreciation for drama and the military. It is highly entertaining but definitely not a best seller- not because it's bad but because it's like a fine dish with an exotic taste that most people won't bite on.

There's a little deal of letdown in terms of Zipang's historical accuracy, the chronological unfolding of historical events is nearly 100% spot on. There are a few errors here and there that might raise the eyebrow of a history buff but those errors are so minimal that they don't even ruin the show at all. Come to think of it, they might have just altered a bit of history here and there.

Replay Value:

Backed up with an excellent plot, yummy visuals, and dramatic musical pieces this is absolutely worthy of being watched all over again. It will definitely lose a bit of charm the second time around but still, it is not something you'll want to throw or give away after you're done.

Recommended to:

History and military enthusiasts, an anime fan who likes to see the non-generic stuff, drama enthusiasts, couch potatoes, your grandpa who happens to be a WWII veteran.
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Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Excellent
Genre Sci-Fi, Drama, Military
Episodes 26
Studio Studio Deen


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