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Time Travel Tondekeman aslo known as Time Quest in several countries is a historical sci-fi comedy written by Junki Takegami.



Time Travel Tondekeman begins when a young soccer enthusiast named Hayato and his aspiring musician girlfriend named Yumi pays a visit to the laboratory of Doctor Leonardo, a character blatantly designed after Leonardo da Vinci. In the lab, Hayato and Yumi finds the Tondekeman (also called Takure in the version i've watched), a time-travelling talking kettle, they accidentally activated it and it brought them back to 9th century Baghdad.

Once in Baghdad, Tondekeman becomes stolen by a squat, stout and villanous Arab minister named Abdullah. Hayato and Yumi, who are now stuck in the past, eventually meets the other supporting characters: an Arab kid named Alladin, and the royal lovers Prince Dandarn and Princess Shalala. Abdullah, with Tondekeman and a flamboyant hero-in-cape-and-tights genie in his command, will do everything to follow his master's orders, to get Princess Shalalah, and to shoo-off Hayato and Yumi to keep the powerful Tondekeman in his hands.

The series follows the adventures of Hayato, Yumi, Alladin and Prince Dandarn in their quest to rescue Princess Shalala and retrieve Tondekeman from Abdullah's clutches. As the heroes follow Abdullah through the time portals created by Tondekeman the series takes the viewers through history meeting and seeing historically relevant figures on the way.

Sound & Graphics:

Having been done during the late 80s, Time Travel Tondekeman flaunts the average visual design and quality of its day. The characters designs are done with a slightly chibi style with a rather vibrant color scheme. With varying settings through the course of the series it is quite convincing in showing the corresponding designs needed for the respective time periods used.

Because it is rather dated, the soundtrack is quite dated as well but it is the kind of music that you'll usually hear in other anime titles during the 80s. Voice delivery and sound quality will vary depending on the dub and copy of course. But based on the one i've watch, it ain't bad but not remarkable either.

Entertainment Value:

Even with its rather complex concept, Time travel Tondekeman is pure and simple. There is no need for a deeper understanding of history, it doesn't require too much attention to detail, no need for a keen mind, any anime fan could simply sit down and get entertained.

Replay Value:

It is HIGHLY enjoyable but i don't see this series as something that is enjoyable to watch over and over again. I have watched it twice, my first Tondekeman experience was during 1994 and the 2nd one during 1999. The only reason why i watched it over again is because of the nostalgia factor.

I'm not saying that it has a bad replay value, it is okay in this department but it isn't a "watch the series all over" kinda show. You might wanna replay it but only for favorite & standout episodes, not the whole series itself. Still, it has one of the most entertaining endings i've seen in anime.


Overall it is far from being an anime marvel or an anime junk, it doesn't have anything special to boast but it doesn't have something to be ashamed about either If you're in for fun and simple entertainment Time Travel Tondekeman doesn't disappoint.

Recommended to: Anyone who wants simple entertainment, aspiring inventors, history buffs
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Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Comedy, Sci-fi, Fantasy, History, Adventure
Episodes 39
Studio Ashi productions, Tatsunoko Productions


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