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A Wrap Up f it all...

Last Exile aka Rasuto Eguzairu is an illustrious anime for those that love the perks and quirks of strange concoctions such as the revered series of Final Fantasy games.

A planet called Prester, shaped with the form of a hour glass is the setting of this grand adventure. With two nations (Anatoray and Disith) divided by a horrendous gulf called "The Grand Stream" at warfare governed by an organisation called "The Guild" gives for a very traditional story yet with enough intriguing parameters to warrant its own classification.

With elements of the Industrial Revolution with weird and wonderful steam powered machinery, steel constructs, exposed bolts, cogs and wheels coupled with could only be described as 18th/19th Century Science Fiction, the Vanships akin to flying old crank turning cars.

A sense of grandeur is constantly expressed with character design, attire (Victorian Era, I love grandeur as you notice), dialogue all formal and archaic, however to call it stiff lipped and overly pompous is inaccurate, rather its the way the universe in Last Exile has always been for its people.

Graphics are in a league of its own, at the time of its release, Last Exile showed the world just how great Gonzo was in its animation. Sense of flight conveyed with a strange sense of physics and reality intertwined.

Aural wise, the music composition of some songs adds to the 18th/19th century feel with instrument choices while other songs relate to the feel of flight, free from the bonds of gravity, able to soar high above all else away from mortal concerns, the only concern is how much higher can you go.

Its an anime that you need to view a fair few times to grasp what is happening in Prester. At first I was simply in awe and shock at the sense bombardment, festival of colours and the sounds of an orchestra to really get a sense of what the anime was talking about. After viewing it a few times, you get to appreciate the universe created yet you do wonder if the storyline couldn't have been developed better. (This is an apparent trend in Gonzo's earlier works as well)

If you have a love for the Golden Age of Grandeur and Splendor, the fusion of physics and sciece fiction like Final Fantasy, the excitement of flight, this is one series not to be missed.
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Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes 26
Studio Gonzo


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