Tomomi Mochizuki(Director),Hideo Kawano,Reiko Fuka Kimagure Orange Road- I want to return to that day

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Once you've finished the TV episodes of KOR and is now starting the movies,you should say goodbye to those heartfelt cheerful enjoyable school days between the characters.They are
unfortunately over.With already plenty of character development,being 48 episodes and a lot of fillers,it is serious time.
If you really love this series and already had deep feelings towards the characters or especially
Hikaru,take a deep breath before watching.It might strike you hard,blow you away.KOR despite
being 48 episodes long did not managed to pull any drama out of it,even the last few episodes weren't
that striking as this.I don't see those two perverted friends of Kyosuke anymore nor have
I seen Yusaku around,felt like a lack of something.Well very straightforward,this is the movie
where the love triangle in the TV episodes are resolved,meaning someone has to suffer and
I sure hinted someone before.Even so,you should be able to guess it out if you finished all the episodes in the TV series.

Animation didn't change,same style like in KOR TV. Unable to rate,considering it was done way back in 1988.

I did not took extra notice on the soundtrack or the BGM,the ending theme was rather good but also
quite long.Voice acting still very great even after years had past.

Moving on to the story...This movie actually did not provide a conclusive ending.In fact it was a poor one and I thought
it was worse than in the TV episodes.Instead the next movie Shin Kimagure Orange Road
does the job.I'm not gonna spoilt it all here.The aim of this movie is to end this love triangle and
I thought was done very well,set up a very good opening for the next movie.Expect no comedy or any ESP power
stunts.So be prepared,don't avoid it.If you are truly a fan of KOR,never miss this. 8/10 Story

Up ahead minor spoilers.Warning

The main focus is the characters involved in the love triangle,meaning Madoka,Kyosuke and Hikaru.
Madoka whom I thought was an awesome character in the TV episodes was not shown many opportunities
to keep that up.Instead Hikaru who was initially very annoying and childish was given the spotlight as she
had to be...,you know.I sympathise her for being so truthful to the indecisive main lead Kyosuke and had
to suffer her emotions due to the long delay of Kyosuke bringing up the matter that he love Madoka not Hikaru herself.So last of all,Kyosuke whom I detest for being so indecisive and trying to be nice to both of them in the TV episodes.But that was ago,in this movie he had covered up everything he should had done before in the TV episodes and very amazingly done.After realising how hurt Madoka truly felt,he hesitated no more to tell Hikaru the truth.Not only this,despite Hikaru's countless attempts to try and get back him back,he did not go soft.Instead he go on with what he planned to even though hurting.
Definitely worth commending,for his remarkable will to resolve everything,to make his love feel better and finally to stop hurting Hikaru's
feelings any further.All of his actions resoundingly told every viewers that he truly love Madoka and care for Hikaru which therefore makes him the best character of this movie to watch. 10/10 Character

I will repeat again,never miss this if you are a fan of KOR and also the next movie Shin Kimagure Orange
Road which will provide KOR the greatest possible closure of this beautiful classic anime.It had been fun watching
and I really felt nostalgic after so long ever since I first saw KOR. 9/10 Enjoyment
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Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Romance and Drama
Episodes 1
Studio Studio Pierrot and Toho


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