Yuji Yamaguchi Fate Stay Night

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Based off of a dating simulation game in Japan.

Shirou Emiya is a High-School student, who lost his parents in a fire which he later discovers was the result of the last "holy grail war" in which magicians and their "servants" (warrior spirits from the past) compete to win the holy grail and have their ultimate wish granted.

With his servant, Saber fights to prove himself and protect the people he loves.

Very compelling animation. Well developed character relationships. Fantastic battle scenes.

Personal Opinions
  1. Some aspects of the story (certain characters/events) seem to get skipped over and aren't fully played out.
  2. The ending left something to be desired.
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Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Visual novel, Eroge
Episodes 24
Studio Studio DEEN


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      Pros: Graphics are neat
      Fate Stay Night is a two-week Period in the life of Shiro Emiya. He is a principiant in mechanics. He uses magic to help himself fix the machines. He attends school at Homurabara Gakuen in Fuyuki City.

      Ten years ago Shiro's parents were killed on a massive inferno that covered the entire city. He was then adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya, who finds Shiro almost dead.

      Unknown to Shiro Fuyuki City is the setting for a violent war between masters with their servants. Shiro realizes that he is a master and that he is involved in the battle. At the beginning he does not want to fight but Rin's mentor convinves him.

      Highly recommend this anime to those magic lovers. Although sometimes one gets angry to see how Shiro is useless sometimes. Later on he gets mature and learns how to use his powers thanks to Saber and Rin.

      The music is good it helps to get the viewer in the battles and the scenes. Sometimes can get out of the scene though, I mean sometimes the music and the scene are separated and one does not get into the scene that quickly.

      The Graphics are neat. The darkness of the backgrounds give a neat effect to the battles and the plot. The details of each character is good. Every Servant has a calling outfit.

      Of 10 points I'll give a 9.5 entertainment value. Sometimes the series is cough up in too many dialogues. But when it becomes to the battles that's another thing.

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