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In the opening scene of this TV series, Yurie Hitotsubashi, a shy, quiet, and somewhat clumsy middle school girl, declares to her friends that the previous night, she had become a Shinto God. However, she has no idea what kind of Shinto god she is, what her powers are, and what she's suppose to do as a God... and thus starts this charming slice of life story of how Yurie discovers the world of Shinto Gods and spirits and how she learns to cope with her godhood.

Quickly adopted by her friend Mitsue, who's a local shrine girl, she starts out trying to discover her abilities. While attempting to summon a gentle summer breeze, she instead, summons a tropical storm, which is promptly named 'Typhoon Yurei'. In addition to facing her godhood responsibilities, (such as finding where the local God association is), she has to deal with many trials and personal crisis, ranging from the minor, (such as dealing with a runaway pet cat, a runaway little brother, and a runaway local shrine god), to personal, (such as how does a Shinto God confess her feelings to an absolutely clueless boy in her class) to major importance (such as defending Japan from a Martian invader, or protecting her town from the approaching God of poverty)

This ANIPLEX/SONY series features top quality animation. Most of the series take place in a fishing port town, which is displayed in lush backgrounds and animation. 'KamiChu!' has also been described as a 'Spirited Away' for TV, with Yurie interacting with the world of Shinto of gods and spirits, all of which are delightfully animated. This series is also 'different' from most other anime series, as it tells it's humorous heart warming story without the violence, fanservice, and slapstick comedy that has become the norm for so many other anime series. If you looking for blood, gore, sex, and loud colorful explosions, go somewhere else, but if your willing to try something different and unique, then 'KamiChu!' has my highest recommendations

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Keywords: Kamichu little diety
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Excellent
Genre Fantasy, Middle School slice of life
Episodes 16
Studio ANIPLEX, licensed by GENEON USA


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