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Gun X Sword is an exciting 26 episodes anime series with cool action sequences, interesting story line, exciting environment and a barrage of heroes and villains. It has its original run in Tokyo from 4 July to 26 December 2005.

Plot Overview

The story revolves around the main character Van, who is seeking to avenge the death of his bride, from the claws of the main villain, known as – The Claw. On his journey Van meets several allies all seeking to avenge the loss of someone they loved from the same villain.

Along the way, Van and his allies fight various villains consisting of The Claw’s rag tag crew of rogue-like individuals. Each heroes and villains have special combat suits called armors.

As an anime set in an imaginary world called "Planet of Endless Illusions", the graphical environment of Gun X Sword features exciting details and interesting sketches that interface well with the well designed and conceptualized "human" characters of the series. Despite the allusion to futuristic scenarios, the setting of Gun X Sword has a motif of the Wild West setting. The Planet of Endless Illusions is indeed an illusionary environment where viewers will be enticed to extend their imagination beyond the rendered environment of the anime series.

Character Designs

With regards to character design and rendition, as with all other anime series, Gun X sword features interesting characters with different peculiarities from each other. Van for once, is your typical reluctant hero who is not out to help and save people in distress. He is lonely, shy, and yet extremely dangerous whenever he hears about the Clawed Man.

Van’s personality was clearly evident in the vocalization of his characters and the other characters of Gun X Sword as well. Voice dubbing was tastefully done by professional anime dubbers who did their job in a very tasteful way. Voice actors efficiently and appropriately voiced their characters' sentiments and over all personality.


Aside from the action sequences, there is also an element of lighthearted moments in several episodes of the series. The serious episodes balance well with the comedic moments, ensuring that viewers will not be bored but get hooked instead.

On the cinematic side, Gun X Sword is exciting and the action sequences blends well with the more narrative episodes of the series. Although the fight scenes were your typical anime fight scenes, the employment of the special suits called armor makes the series more exciting and fun to watch. Viewers would certainly experience a feeling of déjà vu when watching Gun X Sword, as it shows traces of other Japanese anime series, in the likes of Gundam, Cowboy Bepop and Lupin.


Gun X Sword is indeed a great series with all the ingredients of an action anime that would surely appeal to anime fanatics worldwide.
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Sound & Graphics Average
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Very Good
Genre Action, Comedy
Episodes 26
Studio AIC A.S.T.A


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