Daisuke Nishio Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Saga Vol. 2: Piccolo's Plan

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Anime fans will be delighted to see the new sequel to the manga anime series Dragon Ball Z: Piccolos Plan. This new series will be doubly exciting for anime fans all over the world because it presents the Vegeta Saga, the first story in the original version Dragon Ball Z, in the original version and format.

The Vegeta Saga, which was seen in Japan as early as 1989, is notable among anime fans not only because it is the first among the many Dragon Ball Z series but it is the series with the greatest number of screen deaths.

Before You Watch It

The Dragon Ball Z is actually a series of anime narratives beginning from the Vegeta Saga. To understand the anime better, you must first have an idea of the preceding narratives such as the Piccolo Junior Saga, the Namek Saga and so on.

If you have watched the King Piccolo Saga then you would be better able to understand the Dragon Ball Z: Piccolos Plan series because it is actually a continuation of the said version except that this starts five years after the King Piccolo took off. This is Dragon Ball Z at peacetime, and the viewers given the chance to witness the peaceful life of former Z ream members known as Chi-chi and Goku.


The two former Z team members now have a son named Gohan. But just like real life, there will always be someone who will destroy peace and in this series the evil one is Raditz who is apparently the brother of Goku.

Raditzís mission was to sow trouble in the world again and to kill all the people to prepare for the great alien invasion. Goku, who is now living in peace, refused to be lured by his brother in his beastly task. His refusal angered Raditz and he kidnaps Gohan.

The thrill for anime fans occurs when Goku, in order to save his son Gohan, joins forces with Piccolo who is his rival. While this movie tells of the tale of how two rivals must unite to save the world, it is also a living witness to misunderstandings and sometimes war between siblings.

Those who believe that the good will always triumph over evil will be a bit disappointed as Piccolo loses his arm after being blasted by Raditz who has grown so powerful even versus Piccolo and Goku. The scene when Piccolo lost his arm and he allowed his blood to drip is really good cinematography and nice play with colors.

You will see the unity between Goku and Piccolo when the latter urged Goku to entertain Raditz while he is gathering his power.

Movie director Daisuke Nishio may have made the movie for Dragon Ball Z fans but the musical scoring is far from impressive, just the ordinary musical scoring you will hear in any ordinary movie. But Dragon Ball Z fans will not watch this movie for the music eh, but for the fantastic fight scenes which Director Nishio managed to accomplish.
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Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Excellent
Genre Action, Fantasy
Episodes 291
Studio Toei Animation
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