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If you're a fan of Akira Kurosawa then you must see Samurai 7 Volume 2. This anime series got it's inspiration from the Seven Samurai, a 1954 film movie by Kurosawa. A fan would know that the Seven Samurai is considered one of the best movies by Kurosawa.

The Samurai 7 series was first introduced to the Japanese market, and then followed by the worldwide networks of Animax, especially in South and Southeast Asia as well as Latin America. It is also continued onto the North American, Canadian and Hong Kong markets.


Samurai 7 is a story of a group of samurai's who were considered as heroes in their time. These samurai's fought to protect the local people of a small town against evil bandits. Samurai's were considered a powerful class of Japanese military warriors up until the 19th century.

Complex Characters

This film is one of the most talked about movies in Japan perhaps because of the complex nature of its characters. The characters are so dynamic that another volume is required to explore their complexities.

Samurai 7 takes a look at the future of a community, terrorized by evil bandits known as the Nobuseri, after a deadly war. The Nobuseri bandits are not your average bandits, but in fact a group of Samurai's who have mutated or transformed themselves from ordinary samurai's to men machines.

The character of the Nobuseri bandits, who personify corruption, is clearly Korusawa’s "take on modern world corruption". But like most stories, the evil ones will not be allowed to rule forever so here comes a group of samurai who have their individual oddities but veering on the good side. The problem is how to unite these brave samurai's to defend a helpless village.

Samurai 7, Volume 2 presents a diverse group of characters each with his own idiosyncrasy. Take the case of the son of the merchant named Ukyo who could not seem to keep his pants off the priestess Kirara.

The Movie

The new series is more a homage to the original Seven Samurai movie. The movie may have been produced with a big budget, but these were dollars well spent considering the quality of the movie and its offshoot anime series. Nothing can be a better tribute to the film than the series.


Samurai 7 gives people all over the world a chance to now learn the samurai culture and their tendency to profit from corruption.

The cinematic quality and dubbing would also make any creator proud of this volume. Furthermore, the artistic quality of the movie including the choice of music that was aptly used makes it on par with its predecessor, the Samurai 7, Volume 1.

Official website at http://www.samurai7.tv.
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