Katsuyoshi Yatabe Boku no Pico OAV 1 (My Pico)

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Tamotsu, nicknamed "Mokkun", is a young adult who one day looks through a public viewing telescope on a bench above the coast and sees a beautiful boy naked among the rocks along the coastline. The given time for viewing with the telescope runs out, and when Mokkun inserted a new coin, the boy was gone.

That afternoon Mokkun goes to the bar that he usually frequents. There he finds out that the boy was the proprietor's grandson and is apparently new to the area and has no friends yet.

The boy's name is Pico. He is a very beautiful boy who's beauty would attract both males and females alike. The old man asks Mokkun if he could entertain Pico for a while. Mokkun agrees. Soon Mokkun begins to get sexually attracted to Pico. Pico, who is too young to understand these things, was oblivious to Mokkun's attraction.

Mokkun then begins molesting Pico (though it couldn't be considered molesting because Pico liked it). Mokkun begins to widen Pico's mind in the aspect of sex. He teaches him many sexual acts.

Pico soon finds it pleasurable to do it with Mokkun and ends up falling in love with him.

The OAV ends abruptly with Pico saying while laying in Mokkun's bed the words "Ai shiteru" (I love you).

Pornographic Content

The anime is extremely pornographic (though very slightly and rather pointlessly censored) so it isnít advised for very young and immature audiences.

The anime is a typical Yaoi Shotacon and contains a Seme and an Uke, Mokkun obviously being the former and Pico the latter.

Art, Animation and Sound

The art and animation was very impressive. Nothing else could be expected, considering the fact that some of the biggest staff members in anime have worked to form it.

The dubbing and sound effects too were very impressive. It actually sounded better than pornography. You could hear the skin touch and the wet sounds produced by licking. The voice acting was very suitable for the characters. Mokkunís seiyuu had a remarkable voice. But sadly, I couldnít find information about the cast.

Beautifully Presented

It was able to capture the true horrors of homosexual child molestation but show them in a beautifully interesting way that shows how extraordinarily distinct anime is. All these horrors though were apparently ignored within the anime itself. There wasnít even a hint that Pico was being forced. He just childishly giggled whenever Mokkun asked him to do something erotic. This, added with childishly innocent background music and a setting that is relatively decent creates a rather breath-taking surprise (I couldnít breathe when I began watching).

The Downsides

What I found unsatisfying though was that it wasnít able to truly capture the essence and true feel that is in pornography. When Pico was giving Mokkun a blowjob, one couldnít feel the sexuality because the face of the latter, who was supposed to feel the pleasure in the act, was not shown in the process.

I also observed that, as in typical Shotacon and other explicitly pornographic Yaoi, the pleasure of the Uke is the emphasis.

Understanding the fact that the Seme is basically the male counterpart in a heterosexual relationship and the Uke being the female, one can conclude that Shotacon (and standard Yaoi) isnít much different from heterosexual relationships aside from the fact that both are males. There is a feminine and a masculine part and, in pornographic examples, the emphasis is the Ukeís sexual pleasure.


The anime ended abruptly. The last scene involved the two having sex on the shore. Then, as mentioned in the plot, it ends with Pico lying on Mokkunís bed. This is explainable because a second OAV that is a sequel by nature is currently being created by the same creators. It is scheduled to be released on March of 2007.
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Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Excellent
Genre Anime, Shotacon, Hentai
Episodes 2
Studio Natural High


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    1. Rook

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      February 2005
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 10
      Pros: Cute, innocent characters discovering themselves, almost like a more ecchi love story.
      Cons: Adult/child relationship really questionable.
      I loved Boku no Pico,
      but even better was the 2nd OVA
      Pico & Chico

      Omg its sooo cute!!!
      I love how innocent Pico and Chico, yet how "affectionate" they can be for each other.

      I dont know, it just seemed really heart warming ^_^

      Please if OVA 3 comes out soon let me know.

      Can u suggest anything like this?
      Id like to see more!



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