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Kimagure Orange Road- I want to return to that day Thu, 02 Oct 2008 07:16:12 +0000 <a href=""><img title="2622.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2622.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Ralisation<br /><br />Description: Once you've finished the TV episodes of KOR and is now starting the movies,you should say goodbye to those heartfelt cheerful enjoyable school days between the characters.They are unfortunately over.With already plenty of character development,being 48 episodes and a lot of fillers,it is serious time. If you really love this series and already had deep feelings towards the characters or especially Hikaru,take a deep breath before watching.It might strike you hard,blow you away.KOR despite being 48 episodes long did not managed to pull any drama out of it,even the last few episodes weren't that striking as this.I don't see those two perverted friends of Kyosuke anymore nor have I seen Yusaku around,felt like a lack of something.Well very straightforward,this is the movie where the love triangle in the TV episodes are resolved,meaning someone has to suffer and I sure hinted someone before.Even so,you should be able to guess it out if you finished all the episodes in the TV series. Animation didn't change,same style like in KOR TV. Unable to rate,considering it was done way back in 1988. I did not took extra notice on the soundtrack or the BGM,the ending theme was rather good but also quite long.Voice acting still very great even after years had past. Moving on to the story...This movie actually did not provide a conclusive ending.In fact it was a poor one and I thought it was worse than in the TV episodes.Instead the next movie Shin Kimagure Orange Road does the job.I'm not gonna spoilt it all here.The aim of this movie is to end this love triangle and I thought was done very well,set up a very good opening for the next movie.Expect no comedy or any ESP power stunts.So be prepared,don't avoid it.If you are truly a fan of KOR,never miss this. 8/10 Story Up ahead minor spoilers.Warning The main focus is the characters involved in the love triangle,meaning Madoka,Kyosuke and Hikaru. Madoka whom I thought was an awesome character in the TV episodes was not shown many opportunities to keep that up.Instead Hikaru who was initially very annoying and childish was given the spotlight as she had to be...,you know.I sympathise her for being so truthful to the indecisive main lead Kyosuke and had to suffer her emotions due to the long delay of Kyosuke bringing up the matter that he love Madoka not Hikaru herself.So last of all,Kyosuke whom I detest for being so indecisive and trying to be nice to both of them in the TV episodes.But that was ago,in this movie he had covered up everything he should had done before in the TV episodes and very amazingly done.After realising how hurt Madoka truly felt,he hesitated no more to tell Hikaru the truth.Not only this,despite Hikaru's countless attempts to try and get back him back,he did not go soft.Instead he go on with what he planned to even though hurting. Definitely worth commending,for his remarkable will to resolve everything,to make his love feel better and finally to stop hurting Hikaru's feelings any further.All of his actions resoundingly told every viewers that he truly love Madoka and care for Hikaru which therefore makes him the best character of this movie to watch. 10/10 Character I will repeat again,never miss this if you are a fan of KOR and also the next movie Shin Kimagure Orange Road which will provide KOR the greatest possible closure of this beautiful classic anime.It had been fun watching and I really felt nostalgic after so long ever since I first saw KOR. 9/10 Enjoyment 5 Centimeters Per Second Mon, 11 Aug 2008 19:07:04 +0000 <a href=""><img title="aa8be0b9f443c0_full.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="aa8be0b9f443c0_full.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Tano-kun<br /><br />Description: [B]Plot[/B] Oukashou: Ever since Takaki Touno and Akari Shinohara transferred into the same primary school, they have been close friends. After primary school graduation, Akari unexpectedly moves to Tochigi for family reasons. Though they communicated with each other through letters, their close relationship continued to fade. When Takaki knew his family would be moving to Kagoshima, he decided to see Akari a week before the move. On the day of his planned visit, a snowstorm delayed his arrival at Iwafune station. Even after his late arrival, he was able to meet up with Akari. Under an old cherry tree, they finally shared a long awaited kiss. In the morning, Takaki and Akari exchanged their farewells as they both went their separate ways. Cosmonaut: Now, Takaki is currently a high school senior. Kanae Sumida, a girl who has feelings for Takaki, is hoping to confess to him before graduation. Aside from having short conversations with Takaki, she always watches him from a distance. Kanae is often absent-minded about the future of going to college and spends her time surfing to relieve stress. When she finally wants to confess to Takaki, she learns the truth. She cannot give whatever Takaki has been searching for. In the end, Kanae doesn't tell Takaki her feelings. Byousoku 5 Centimeter: The scene begins with Takaki typing on his computer. Although Takaki has another girl for three years, he still thinks of Akari. He spends his days going on with his life still hoping to see Akari again. As for Akari, she's already engaged to someone else. Akari finds an old letter she never sent, which makes her reminisce about her past with Takaki. Her memories of Takaki doesn't cling to her so much anymore. In the end, Takaki finally decides to forget about what he has lost from the past and live in the present. While walking across a railroad track, he passes someone who looks like Akari. After the trains have passed, she isn't there. With reassurance of moving on with his life, he smiles and walks away. [B]Review[/B] Despite it's unfortunate ending, the film describes perfectly how relationships sometimes don't work out. For me, I have came to realize life is how you make it. In other words, despite our past misfortunes, we are the only ones responsible for changing our future. Allowing memories that cause us to linger in the past will only end up hurting us more. Throughout the whole story, I like how the theme of how time and distance between people can affect their relationship. It was very tragic to see the attraction between the couple wane, but it was a good lesson in how fate has other plans in mind. The voice actors and actresses were very good. I think that the director, Makoto Shinkai, made the right choice for the voices. Another thing was the background music set with each mood of the scenes. The background song near the end just blew me away. Every time I think of the song it always resonates in my mind. The artwork was very good. In terms of the character design, I would have to say it definitely passed. The designs of the characters were very seemingly realistic. The faces of the characters always looked so innocent. Compared to Makoto's 2004 film, The Place Promised In Our Early Days, everything has improved. With 5 Centimeters Per Second, Makoto Shinkai still has his touch with directing such amazing animated films. The designs has become a little better. The narration by the characters throughout the film idea is about the same, but this time 5 Centimeters Per Second is divided in 3 episodes and was able to flow very successfully. [B]Final Thoughts[/B] Generally, I had high admirations for this anime film. It made me sad, yet happy at times. I would say this film would be alright for all ages. There seemed to be no real obscenity and vulgarity in any way, shape, or form. For those looking for an anime with drama, romance, and slice of life, this is definitely a must-see. Although it wasn't based on a true story (at least I hope not), the message it conveyed was genuine. As I mentioned earlier, it's better to live in the present than the past. If you're looking for an anime movie that involves some thinking about reality, I would recommend this film. [B]Rating:[/B] 10 out of 10 Eureka Seven Sun, 10 Aug 2008 04:36:33 +0000 <a href=""><img title="psalms-of-planets-eureka-se.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="psalms-of-planets-eureka-se.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Tano-kun<br /><br />Description: Plot The story begins Renton Thurston, son of the military hero, Adrock Thurston, who is solely driven by the urge ride the Trapar waves with his LFO (Light Finding Operation). He also wants to leave his hometown someday to join the infamous group, Gekkostate. Renton's life drastically changes when the LFO typeZERO aka Nirvash crash lands into his grandfather's mechanic shop/garage. He learns that the pilot of typeZERO is a girl named Eureka. When the military arrive to arrest Gekkostate, Eureka has no choice but to fight with the damaged LFO. Afterwards, Renton's grandfather tells Renton to bring a special part called the Amita Drive to typeZERO. During the battle, Renton boards the LFO and a surge of power is released, which completely overwhelms the military. When Renton regains consciousness, he is invited to join the Gekkostate. Although his dream of joining Gekkostate, Renton soon figures out that there's more to his current situation than he thought. Mood At the start, it's mostly comedic antics. It's very mild for teenagers because there's only some blood and nudity. There's absolutely no fan service. However, the story eventually transitions toward more romance and gets more serious with focusing on plot. It's only considered mecha just because the plot has the military involved. Overall I would recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch a comedy/romance. It delivers a good message about accepting someone despite their past. The whole story plot was so original I couldn't really foreshadow what would happen next. I was satisfied even if it was only 50 episodes. So aside from the originality of the plot, this series can be enjoyed by both the guys and girls. I give this anime a 10 out of 10. Last Exile Sun, 20 Jul 2008 04:32:46 +0000 <a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a><br /><br />by: DreadAngel<br /><br />Description: [b]A Wrap Up f it all...[/b] Last Exile aka Rasuto Eguzairu is an illustrious anime for those that love the perks and quirks of strange concoctions such as the revered series of Final Fantasy games. A planet called Prester, shaped with the form of a hour glass is the setting of this grand adventure. With two nations (Anatoray and Disith) divided by a horrendous gulf called &quot;The Grand Stream&quot; at warfare governed by an organisation called &quot;The Guild&quot; gives for a very traditional story yet with enough intriguing parameters to warrant its own classification. With elements of the Industrial Revolution with weird and wonderful steam powered machinery, steel constructs, exposed bolts, cogs and wheels coupled with could only be described as 18th/19th Century Science Fiction, the Vanships akin to flying old crank turning cars. A sense of grandeur is constantly expressed with character design, attire (Victorian Era, I love grandeur as you notice), dialogue all formal and archaic, however to call it stiff lipped and overly pompous is inaccurate, rather its the way the universe in Last Exile has always been for its people. Graphics are in a league of its own, at the time of its release, Last Exile showed the world just how great Gonzo was in its animation. Sense of flight conveyed with a strange sense of physics and reality intertwined. Aural wise, the music composition of some songs adds to the 18th/19th century feel with instrument choices while other songs relate to the feel of flight, free from the bonds of gravity, able to soar high above all else away from mortal concerns, the only concern is how much higher can you go. Its an anime that you need to view a fair few times to grasp what is happening in Prester. At first I was simply in awe and shock at the sense bombardment, festival of colours and the sounds of an orchestra to really get a sense of what the anime was talking about. After viewing it a few times, you get to appreciate the universe created yet you do wonder if the storyline couldn't have been developed better. (This is an apparent trend in Gonzo's earlier works as well) If you have a love for the Golden Age of Grandeur and Splendor, the fusion of physics and sciece fiction like Final Fantasy, the excitement of flight, this is one series not to be missed. Time Travel Tondekeman (Time Quest) Wed, 02 Jul 2008 06:48:02 +0000 <a href=""><img title="3annaba-cvrs.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="3annaba-cvrs.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hantei16<br /><br />Description: Time Travel Tondekeman aslo known as Time Quest in several countries is a historical sci-fi comedy written by Junki Takegami. ****** Plot: Time Travel Tondekeman begins when a young soccer enthusiast named Hayato and his aspiring musician girlfriend named Yumi pays a visit to the laboratory of Doctor Leonardo, a character blatantly designed after Leonardo da Vinci. In the lab, Hayato and Yumi finds the Tondekeman (also called Takure in the version i've watched), a time-travelling talking kettle, they accidentally activated it and it brought them back to 9th century Baghdad. Once in Baghdad, Tondekeman becomes stolen by a squat, stout and villanous Arab minister named Abdullah. Hayato and Yumi, who are now stuck in the past, eventually meets the other supporting characters: an Arab kid named Alladin, and the royal lovers Prince Dandarn and Princess Shalala. Abdullah, with Tondekeman and a flamboyant hero-in-cape-and-tights genie in his command, will do everything to follow his master's orders, to get Princess Shalalah, and to shoo-off Hayato and Yumi to keep the powerful Tondekeman in his hands. The series follows the adventures of Hayato, Yumi, Alladin and Prince Dandarn in their quest to rescue Princess Shalala and retrieve Tondekeman from Abdullah's clutches. As the heroes follow Abdullah through the time portals created by Tondekeman the series takes the viewers through history meeting and seeing historically relevant figures on the way. Sound &amp; Graphics: Having been done during the late 80s, Time Travel Tondekeman flaunts the average visual design and quality of its day. The characters designs are done with a slightly chibi style with a rather vibrant color scheme. With varying settings through the course of the series it is quite convincing in showing the corresponding designs needed for the respective time periods used. Because it is rather dated, the soundtrack is quite dated as well but it is the kind of music that you'll usually hear in other anime titles during the 80s. Voice delivery and sound quality will vary depending on the dub and copy of course. But based on the one i've watch, it ain't bad but not remarkable either. Entertainment Value: Even with its rather complex concept, Time travel Tondekeman is pure and simple. There is no need for a deeper understanding of history, it doesn't require too much attention to detail, no need for a keen mind, any anime fan could simply sit down and get entertained. Replay Value: It is HIGHLY enjoyable but i don't see this series as something that is enjoyable to watch over and over again. I have watched it twice, my first Tondekeman experience was during 1994 and the 2nd one during 1999. The only reason why i watched it over again is because of the nostalgia factor. I'm not saying that it has a bad replay value, it is okay in this department but it isn't a &quot;watch the series all over&quot; kinda show. You might wanna replay it but only for favorite &amp; standout episodes, not the whole series itself. Still, it has one of the most entertaining endings i've seen in anime. ******* Overall it is far from being an anime marvel or an anime junk, it doesn't have anything special to boast but it doesn't have something to be ashamed about either If you're in for fun and simple entertainment Time Travel Tondekeman doesn't disappoint. Recommended to: Anyone who wants simple entertainment, aspiring inventors, history buffs The Cockpit: Kamikaze Stories Tue, 01 Jul 2008 11:48:03 +0000 <a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a><br /><br />by: Hantei16<br /><br />Description: Since i've already written one review with a military theme i've decided to post another one once again now that i'm in the mood. As you can see my review won't delve deeper on how each episode ends, i would leave those parts untouched for you to imagine and see. The Cockpit: Kamikaze Stories is an OVA split into three different fictional short stories of war. Based on the events of the latter days of World War 2, it tells stories of glory, honor, and the other realities of war. ************* Plot: The first part, Slipstream, is set days before the bombing of Hiroshima, it tells the story of Captain Erhardt Von Rheindars. As an ace Luftwaffe pilot, Rheindars found dishonor by ejecting out of his plane to run away from from a dogfight just above German territory against three British Spitfires. However, he was still trusted by some of his peers and superiors in the air force and it eventually led him to another mission. He was assigned to escort a plane with confidential cargo inside along with his ex-lover and some VIPs. He was given a new and more powerful plane to pilot, the Ta 152H1. With a superior plane and his ace pilot skills, Rheindars is now souped up and ready to fly and regain his honor once again. The question is: will the mission end up as a success or a failure? What happens if the secret cargo is revealed to him? ***** The 2nd part is entitled Sonicboom Squadron, it tells the story of a young Kamikaze pilot named Nogami. The beginning of the story is set on August 5, 1945 and ends on the next day, August 6, 1945, where the city of Hiroshima in Japan was hit by an atomic bomb. On Nogami's first and supposedly last mission, him, along with the escorting party and the crew of the carrier that carries his rocket-powered kamikaze craft (called the Cherry Blossom) were attacked by american planes. This led to a failed mission and because of that Nogami survived to live another day. Once back in camp, Nogami reflects on his fate and meets a band of happy-go-lucky pilots who are set to escort him on his next mission. On another attempt, Nogami and his comrades were again intercepted by American fighters but this time, the &quot;Cherry Blosson&quot; piloted by Nogami gets launched. Will he be able to complete his mission? What other events lie ahead? ***** The third and final part called Knight of the Iron Dragon follows two Japanese army privates and a young messenger (who also happens to be a private) eager to fulfill his duties. Set on the Philippine island of Leyte, the timeline of the story follows the events after the Battle of Leyte Gulf (the largest naval battle in modern history). After a fierce attack by the Allied forces on a Japanese camp in Leyte, only two soldiers survived, an old Private named Kodai and one character with less importance. They eventually meet a young messenger in a broken tricycle named Utsunomiya, he was sent to call the other soldiers in but he was late because the American forces already rallied down their bases and the two privates are all that's left. After being asleep because of alcohol and exhaustion, Utsunomiya woke up to see his tricycle fixed again with new and improved equipment. Kodai tells him that engineers arrived and helped him fix the broken motorcycle. From this point on the duo rides together to make their way to the remnants of the Japanese base. What adventures lie ahead for Kodai and Utsunomiya? Will they be abel to complete their mission and arrive to their destination? Sound &amp; Graphics: The Cockpit: Kamikaze Stories is excellent in this department. The planes, ships, tanks, and other war-related equipment are drawn with great detail and with great color delivery. The European architectural structures present in Slipstream really does look European and not something else. Sonicboom Squadron which is mostly set at the sea and the skies displays and excellent use of camera angles and perspective, a lot of things happen do happen in one scene without even a slight angle change. This visual &quot;bareness&quot; helps the 2nd part deliver more emotional impact to the viewer. The third part set on tropical land is not bad either, the background really captures the feel and image of the Philippine countryside. The first part features a more realistic design on the characters which could prove to be dated and unattractive for today's fans. The 2nd part also features that realistic design but a bunch of goofy looking characters gets mixed alongside the realistically designed ones, this may prove distracting to some viewers. The 3rd part has a much more goofier cast but the usage of this style hardly takes away the intense drama that the story delivers. In fact, the 3rd part uses a lot of semiotics and symbolisms for the viewer to decipher. The sound never fails in any of the three episodes of The Cockpit. The crude roar of the engines, the explosions, the guns, and all things war are all convincing. Entertainment Value: Though not really a popular title with a rather brutal concept, The Cockpit may not be too attractive to a less mature audience. The common use of symbolisms and historical figures might prove to be boring and too much for some people. Like my first reviewed title, Zipang, The Cockpit isn't really a show for everyone. It requires a greater appreciation of history and a more open mind, it will raise issues such as morally right versus the common good, the realities of war, love, friendship, honor, death and many other issues. The biggest downside of The Cockpit lies on its length, a lot of people might find it too short for their tastes. Replay Value: Due to its shortness, anyone could re-watch it in a jiffy just to kill time or to appreciate it once again. Seriously. There's not too much of a problem here when it comes to the replay value *************** Recommended to: Aviation buffs, history buffs, WWII buffs I'm giving it an overall grade equivalent to the first title i reviewed. *images will be upped later on* Zipang Thu, 15 May 2008 11:25:13 +0000 <a href=""><img title="230px-Zipang.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="230px-Zipang.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hantei16<br /><br />Description: Plot: The Mirai, a modern-day battleship of the Japanese Navy, sails to join the American forces to perform joint military exercises in Pearl Harbor. On it's way, it is caught up in a weather phenomenon which transports it back in time. The crew eventually finds themselves sailing with a naval fleet led by the legendary Japanese battleship Yamato, the officers come up with the conclusion that they traveled back into 1942 during WWII at the early stages of the Battle of Midway, which was basically one of the events that led to Japan's impending doom during WWII. Not wanting to alter the course of history by getting involved, their only desire was to get back home. However, this desire proves to be easier said than done as they become gradually drawn into conflict when one of the officers decides to rescue a Japanese officer from a plane wreck. These are basically the main issues and theme centered on Zipang. How far can the crew go? Can they return to the present without changing the course of history? Will they remain uninvolved? How will the crew adapt to the ideals and the norms of a war-torn period? Yadda...Yadda... At first glance Zipang closely resembles the 80s science fiction movie Final Countdown with Martin Sheen and Kirk Douglas. Obviously, it is another realization involving the same central themes and aspects of the said movie but of course Zipang takes a different perspective. Having said that, Zipang still maintains its uniqueness and there's nothing else like it in the world of anime.Some might call it a copycat but it's good anyway, it's a deep plotted show that requires a greater understanding of history and an even greater appreciation for drama and the military. Sound &amp; Graphics: Zipang is excellent in the sound department, it is arguably the best anime series in terms of sound. The intense virtuosity of its orchestraic and military pieces greatly intensifies the scenes and compliments the theme. Add along its openers and enders that doesn't sound like just cool songs (of popular recording artists) with no lyrical and melodical relation to what the series is really about. *Voice quality varies depending on the dub* I would have to say that Zipang is a visual marvel. The character designs in Zipang aren't your normal pretty-eyed flamboyant type, they have a manlier look with crude facial features complimented by excellent uniform designs. Even with the use of unusual visual imagery on the characters, they still look like anime characters and not from somewhere else. The ships and everything else are done with great detail and extensive resemblance to reality, the chronological gap between the Mirai and the WWII vessels are excellently convincing, add along a fair share of CG effects...Zipang is an excellent eye candy. Entertainment Value: Zipang isn't something you'll see everyday, it isn't something that would appeal to a lot of anime fans. There's nothing intentionally funny about it, no action scenes with dynamic movement going on, no mushyness and romance, no blatant fan service, no teenybopper content, no mechas beat punching monsters, no women blatantly designed for sexual innuendo so don't expect to see these things. If you are the one who always wants a piece of the unusual then you're not gonna be disappointed. There are only a few anime series that can greatly appeal to a non-anime fan and Zipang is on that list, like what i've said earlier it requires great understanding of history and an even greater appreciation for drama and the military. It is highly entertaining but definitely not a best seller- not because it's bad but because it's like a fine dish with an exotic taste that most people won't bite on. There's a little deal of letdown in terms of Zipang's historical accuracy, the chronological unfolding of historical events is nearly 100% spot on. There are a few errors here and there that might raise the eyebrow of a history buff but those errors are so minimal that they don't even ruin the show at all. Come to think of it, they might have just altered a bit of history here and there. Replay Value: Backed up with an excellent plot, yummy visuals, and dramatic musical pieces this is absolutely worthy of being watched all over again. It will definitely lose a bit of charm the second time around but still, it is not something you'll want to throw or give away after you're done. Recommended to: History and military enthusiasts, an anime fan who likes to see the non-generic stuff, drama enthusiasts, couch potatoes, your grandpa who happens to be a WWII veteran. Berserk (episodes 1~ 25) Wed, 20 Feb 2008 06:23:35 +0000 <a href=""><img title="dvdberserk.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="dvdberserk.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Franco<br /><br />Description: Berserk is based on the manga with the same name, which is about The Black Swordsman named Guts. [b]Storyline[/b] The series starts from the end with Guts hunting Griffith and his minions, then after the end of the first episode the remainder of the series is what I could best describe as the beginning of the series which shows the viewer how Guts and Griffith met, became enemies and also the love triangle between them and Caska. Guts is on a quest for revenge under the name of, &quot;The Black Swordsman,&quot; against a man named Griffith, who was once his very best friend and the former commander of the mercenary company, The Band of the Hawk. Then after the end of the first episode the remainder of the series is what I could best describe as the beginning of the series which shows the viewer how Guts and Griffith met as enemies of opposing sides, became friends through fighting, how Guts becomes the commander of the Raiders under Griffith and how they became enemies again fueled by the love triangle between them and Caska (don't want to spoil the other factor). The three main characters of the story are Guts, Griffith, and Caska. Guts seems to be a character that is driven by the need to survive in order to be able to find his purpose in the world and the only way for him to truly feel at peace is to be in the midest of battle on a battlefield fighting for his life in order to achieve it. Griffith on the other hand is a man who see himself as a king even if he has common blood, who is willing to pave the road to his kingdom with the bodies of men who are willing to die for his cause (even Guts is no exception to this ideal) and selling his soul to demons in order to become king. Caska is the heroine of the story who is deeply devoted to Griffith, but is torn between following Griffith or falling in love with Guts and live a life that doesn't include Griffith. [b]My Thoughts[/b] The plot seems like a normal knight series like Lodoss War with sword fighting and battles, but then the plot takes a 360 in the last 3 episodes into a hellraiser like theme where all hope for survival is gone and only death by being devoured by demons remains. The reason why I rated this series as average was because we don't find out how Guts and Caska survive, and that the last episode ends in hell and Guts all of a sudden is inside a blacksmiths shop. It has a superb storyline which will make the viewer want to watch but at the end it just leaves the viewer with more questions then answers and a yearning to see more. I would recommend this to anyone who liked watching Lodoss War and the Character Olsen. Guts is just like Olsen except that he is not under any demon control. Good Luck and Enjoy! P.S.: Just to let you know, the rest of the story continues in the manga. Official Website: Myself ; Yourself Fri, 01 Feb 2008 14:35:37 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Myself_Yourself.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Myself_Yourself.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: K.A.David<br /><br />Description: [b]Synopsis[/b] Sana Hidaka returns to his hometown of Sakuranomori after 5 years of living in Tokyo. There, he returns to his four childhood friends: - Shuusuke Wakatsuki, his best friend; - Shuuri, Shuusukeís twin sister; - Aoi Oribe, his cousin and landlady and - Nanaka Yatsushiro, his closest female friend. Sana discovers that some things in his hometown haven't changed and some have, including him. [b]Review[/b] Don't the three periods in the synopsis' ending sound intriguing? Before I begin, I would like to relate that I found this title through what is called serendipity. Itís the art of discovering through accident. Now, being interrupted twice already, let us proceed. I shall begin with the good points before I go to the bad. [b]Good Points[/b] The story telling was one of the greatest styles I have ever encountered in anything I've read or saw, be it literature or some cheesy TV drama. I have read works like that of Edgar Allan Poe and a few really great novels and I could say, this title definitely deserves a place among those illustrious works of literature. The title combines the usual aesthetic of childhood friendship-turned-love and the beauty of friendship that has lasted through the years with the mature story telling and direct detailing of the conflicts that is in life. It felt weird, watching something you expected to be just another romance turn into one of the most psychological and haunting stories youíve ever encountered. You not only get the cuteness and the moť, but you get conflicts that make you think as well. The loss of a family member, the pain of a neglectful father, the undertones of incest implied derogatorily, unrequited love, suicide, being bullied, seeing one parent kill the other, suicide again and finding the place where you belong. Never have I seen a title that combines cuteness with psychological issues! [i]Artwork[/i] Speaking of cuteness, the art was very good, if not great. I have a technique in judging the art quality of a title (maybe you should try it). Consider that most, if not all titles will pay attention to the beauty of its female characters. Knowing this, you can be sure that you donít need to worry about the girls, theyíll definitely be beautiful. Instead, look at the male characters. If the style is bishounen, then itíll definitely pass! And this title passed. The male characters (particularly Sana) were quite handsome for protagonists, a far cry, perhaps from, say Uzumaki Naruto. [i]Cast[/i] The cast too was great. One of my criteria in checking a new anime is the cast. If the cast is not that good, thereís a high chance that Iíll pass. Luckily, Takehito Koyasu was in this anime, and he did great. I also discovered new seiyuu to watch out for, like Shinnosuke Tachibana (Sana) and Tomoko Kaneda (Aoi) whose cuteness I really liked. The music was pretty good, particularly the Ending Theme (I found the opening quite plain and common). The ending (Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to) had this haunting atmosphere that made me think of someoneís cherished childhood memories that were so painfully destroyed by fate. The drama! Even in the ending theme! [b]Anyway, let us go to the bad parts.[/b] Except for the dull opening theme, there weren't any bad parts. (Whatís happening to me!? Iím becoming mild!!) I definitely recommend this anime. If there was one anime I would recommend you, it would be this. A cute series about the problems of teenagers and humans in general. Check it out! [u]Tip:[/u] before watching this anime, try asking yourself these questions: [list=1] [*] What is the importance of friendship? [*] Was I a good friend to my friends? [*] Instead of asking what Iíve been through, what have my friends been through? [*] Was I able to help them in times of need? [*] Who do I consider my dearest friend? Does he/she think the same way? [*] Is suicide the answer to anything? [*] Where should I hide my secret stash of Porn? [*] How could I make my boobs grow larger? Are large boobs hereditary? (boys are exempted from this one) [*] Is the answer to this question no? (please answer either &quot;yes&quot; or &quot;no&quot; ) [/list] xxxHolic TV 1 Wed, 30 Jan 2008 12:15:51 +0000 <a href=""><img title="xxxholic1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="xxxholic1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: K.A.David<br /><br />Description: [b]Synopsis[/b] Watanuki Kimihiro has been able to see supernatural creatures ever since he was young. To make matters worse, the creatures seem horribly attracted to him. Whilst Watanuki was walking in a crowd one day, a thick cluster of creatures began to follow him. Watanuki ran as fast as he could, but the creatures eventually caught up and engulfed him, rendering him to roll on the ground. As he was rolling, he touched the wall of an unusual shop. Somehow, he was lead inside where he meets an unusual woman who introduces herself as Yuuko Ichihara. Yuuko is a witch that grants any wish in exchange for something. Without spoiling the storyline, it's safe to say that from that day on, Watanuki's life has never been the same. [b]My Thoughts[/b] Firstly, I should mention the correct pronunciation of the title. It reads as &quot;Holic&quot; as the &quot;xxx&quot; stands for a variable. The series has its strong points and flaws. To make this review a more pleasurable thing, I shall begin with the compliments. Of all the works CLAMP (author) made into an anime, this would so far be the most serious. The story telling is eerie and mysterious with its well distributed silence. Elegant and heart-warmingly admirable with its perfect combination of ambiguity and humor in its dialogue makes it a great anime to watch. One can appreciate the beauty of its creepiness as well as the easiness of its humor. The anime combines CLAMP's signature childishness and stereotypicality (is that a correct word?) with a brand new atmosphere of maturity and formality. It borders between a work for entertainment and a work of serious literature. In it, you can see factors of stereotypical titles, like the love triangle (Watanuki x Himawari x Doumeki), the rivalry (Watanuki x Doumeki), CLAMPís signature irritating characters (Yuuko, Maru and Moro, Mokona) and catch phrases (&quot;There's no such thing as fate, only inevitability.&quot; ; &quot;may your wish be granted!&quot; ). But even these somewhat typical factors are, in a need of a better term, improvised by CLAMP. The love triangle isn't really a love triangle in the strictest sense, as only Watanuki seems to treat it as such. The rivalry, too, is not accurately a rivalry. In fact, it mirrors the relationship between Shirou Kamui and Monou Fuuma from X, another work by CLAMP. The characters are an interesting part. It is CLAMP's signature to recycle characters and ideas from previous works. As I have done my research (I haven't read the manga) it seems like Yuuko was actually acquainted with CardCaptor Sakura's Clow Reed, the whole main cast of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, is aware of the existence of Shirou Kamui from X and Subaru Sumeragi of Tokyo Babylon. It seems like the black Mokona is also based on an original Mokona, the one from Rayearth. You can even see the debut anime appearance of the lead characters of Legal Drug in episode 6, as the two make a cameo appearance. Yuuko's catch phrases are also quite interesting. The preview of the next episode always ends with &quot;Anata no Negai wa Kanaimashou&quot; (may your wish be granted). Her other catch phrase is, &quot;There is no such thing as coincidence, only inevitability&quot;. The word &quot;inevitability&quot; is a rough translation of the word &quot;hitsuzen&quot;, a concept that explains the importance of one event to the conception and eventual happening of another. This is again a recurring theme in CLAMPís works. The cast was quite interesting. I just finished the yaoi OVA series &quot;Okane ga Nai&quot;, before I began this series. Knowing that Jun Fukuyama is a cast member of both titles, I was impressed with his versatility. In Okane, I first mistook him for a female seiyuu, as he sounded so feminine when he voiced Ayase, but in xxxHolic, he was quite masculine. The other cast members too were quite talented. Sayaka Oharaís performance as Yuuko was very impressive, capturing her combination of Sage like personality as well as her annoying but cute quirkiness (that was the first time I used the word &quot;quirkiness&quot; ). [b]Artwork[/b] The art, too was good, though there is something I need to comment on about it later. I have known that CLAMP was good at character design, but I must say that Yuuko Ichihara is their most interesting (if not obsession worthy) character yet. Not only is she unworldly beautiful, but her personality is the deepest that CLAMP has created so far as well. The male characters too looked interesting. Now that the rave part is done, letís go to the ranting. [b]Rants[/b] (background music = Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor). There goes CLAMPís one recurring flaw. The charactersí bodies are too long and thin. They looked like matches with arms. There are also flaws in the details in the plot, like the fact that Doumeki canít enter the shop but in one earlier episode he enters it with Watanuki and Yuuko. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] All in all, I liked the series. As you could see, I see more compliments than criticisms, a fact that defies the very definition of the universe (how could that happen!? I donít see anything wrong!?). I am eagerly awaiting the next season, which is scheduled for broadcast sometime in April 2008. This is a series for the intellectual, so if you think youíre one, try this series. Official Website: Bartender Tue, 29 Jan 2008 05:08:04 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Bartender_anime0.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Bartender_anime0.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: OdysseanPromise<br /><br />Description: Glorifying the trade, [i]Bartender[/i] proves something that your parents have been unconsciously trying to teach you for years: alcohol fixes everything. [b]Plot[/b] Bartender is not overly ambitious in its approach. Itís a show about a bartender, Ryuu Sasakura, and his bar, Eden Hall. However, unlike the snobby bar jockeys and incompetent female bartenders who are hired for their bust size that we have all encountered, Ryuu has something very unique about him: he can make the perfect cocktail. This cocktail, in fact, is not one single recipe, but rather is a drink he prepares based on what the customer wants, which goes far beyond taste, but to an emotional level. He is not psychic, or magical, but rather uses his power of observation to pick up subtle clues, and listens while his patrons share their stories with him. In turn, he uses his vast array of liquor knowledge to give the customer exactly what they want. This is not a show for fourteen year old boys who want to see giant robots bash each other to pieces. This is a show for a mature audience that appreciates nuance and subtlety in its approach. Itís a show, therefore, that is an endangered species. Given the short nature of the show, there is not a lot of character development in Ryuu, but there does not have to be. Bartender serves to have a main character who is essentially static, but also without a defining flaw, however it never feels like he is too perfect, as he merely functions in the capacity of his job, which is often to listen patiently and interject his minimal guidance in at crucial points, whether it be answering a riddle posed by a washed up screen writer, or helping a couple on their first date. [b]Sights and Sounds[/b] The soundtrack is sparing, very sparing, but it executes sparing with a sense of dignity, rather than with a feeling of cheapness. In a way, the familiar melodies that play reinforce the comfortable, safe atmosphere of the Eden Hall bar. There is not a whole lot of animation in the show. It is a show that showcases its animation with Ryuu mixing a drink in a cocktail shaker, but what is animated, is rendered well. The style is not particularly memorable like Tezuka or Toriyama, but it looks good, and more importantly, mature. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Bartender is worth watching if you even have a passing interest in slice of life shows. You may even end up like me and get your bartending license after watching this show! Results may very. [b]Final Verdict: 9/10[/b] Official Website: Coyote Ragtime Show Thu, 17 Jan 2008 05:20:46 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Coyote_Ragtime_Show_logo.png" border="0" src="" alt="Coyote_Ragtime_Show_logo.png" /></a><br /><br />by: OdysseanPromise<br /><br />Description: Scientifically engineered to be a new generationís Cowboy Bebop, Coyote Ragtime Show shoots for the moon, and doesnít even land in the stars. [b]Plot[/b] A group of ragtag neíer-to-wells in their spaceship fly around in space to find their wealth while being hunted down by various law enforcement authorities and hounding mercenaries. Sound familiar? I thought so. Anyway, more specifically, a criminal by the name of Mister breaks out of prison and goes to recover the treasure of an old time pirate, the Pirate King Bruce. Along the way, they have to battle it out with robotic dolls wearing Lolita dresses at the hands of a woman known as Madame Marciano. While the show follows a largely direct path, there are some interesting deviations and anecdotes along the way. [b]Sights and Sounds[/b] Visually impressive, the show mixes seamlessly 3D animation with conventional 2D animation. The show, however, pulls almost every stock character in the book. In a lot of ways, I feel like they took characters from several different shows to put into this show, if for no other reason than to see how they would all react together. The music, like everything else about this show, resembles Cowboy Bebop in its free jazz-esque soundtrack, though it does oscillate between that and a very generic, very ill-fitting ambient, school girl anime sound. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] The problem with this show is how painfully unoriginal and uninteresting the characters are. You have the cantankerous main character; who is driven to find some faraway treasure, in fact, the only thing different about him compared to Luffy from One Piece, Spike from Cowboy Bebop, or any other pirate or mercenary is his age. He is surrounded by a girl who, of course, contains the key to their quest, and then two, very forgettable side characters whose names arenít even particularly important, because the names, like everything else in the show, are all ridiculous. Also, thereís a black guy, who is as good of an example of Japanís understanding of people with darker skin, on par with Barrett from Final Fantasy VII. What it really boils down to is what you are in to: if you like shonen anime that glorify criminals, then this is probably worth picking up. Half a season long, it might make a nice interlude between two longer series, or as a break that you desperately need to take from three straight power sessions of trying to catch up on Bleach, Naruto or One Piece. If you like cerebral shows, then look somewhere else. Coyote Ragtime Show is good, but it wonít raise an anime fan from fallowed land. Final Verdict: 7.5/10 Nerima Daikon Brothers Thu, 17 Jan 2008 04:29:14 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Nerima-daikon-brothers-open.png" border="0" src="" alt="Nerima-daikon-brothers-open.png" /></a><br /><br />by: OdysseanPromise<br /><br />Description: Proving that everyone wants nothing more than to spontaneously bust into song, veteran director Shinichi Watanabe (aka NABESHIN), steps back up to bat for his next new musical hit! [b]Plot[/b] The wackiness and inappropriate humor of Excel Saga coupled with, well, the wackiness and inappropriate human (and music!) of Blues Brothers come together in brilliant harmony to create a beautiful love child! The would-be band, the Nerima Daikon Brothers (who aren't, in fact, all brothers, or even men), want to strike it rich and stop harvesting daikon to survive from paycheck to paycheck. From episode to episode they go from one get rich scheme to another. Along the way there is a Japanese Police Babe / Cyborg, a Panda that everyone seems to want to shag, and a lot of dirty humor surrounding long, hardÖ radishes. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] There is nothing terribly remarkable about the animation. It is good, but it is not over the top. The flat color style is reminiscent of animation styles from several years ago rather than the more popular approach of EVERYTHING IS SHINY in anime (see Onegai Teacher). Of course, what review of Nerima Daikon Brothers, an anime musical, would be complete without a review of the music? Admittedly, the melodies, which are catchy at first, get a little grating by the end of the show. What is notable is that all of the actors do their own singing, no voice doubles here! Of course, not all of these actors are trained in this aspect, and as a result, sometimes their notes fall flat, but you canít fault them for trying! [b]Final Thoughts[/b] All in all, I would have loved to see a little more progression in this series, but it is twelve episodes long, so there really is not that much room for growth. What is remarkable is that there is definitely a progression in anime to take more risks with cursing and lewd humor, which is nice for us old farts. Part of this comes from an inability to make some of these jokes innocuous, but it is good to see that there are TV shows, and more importantly, dubbers somewhere in the hideaways of ADV, who have the cajones to translate things as they are: seriously raunchy, and seriously funny. All things considered this is a gem that is likely going to be overlooked, but if you want something new, something refreshing, then you have no further to look than this newest spoof! [b]Final Verdict: 9/10[/b] Official Site: NANA Fri, 14 Dec 2007 04:13:58 +0000 <a href=""><img title="AnimePaper_wallpapers_Nana_brubs-chan1231.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="AnimePaper_wallpapers_Nana_brubs-chan1231.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: bbZuSh<br /><br />Description: Nana, Nana, Nana... So little time since I discovered that anime, but such a great addict I've already become to it. Since I found this anime, one of the best I've ever seen, I decided to share this with you. Nana has every trait of a superb animeÖ Great characters, Great plot, Great graphics, Great soundtrack, it has everything. [b]Classification[/b] Nana is by Japanís classification of anime, a shoujou anime, that is, an anime directed especially towards a female audience. Based on the manga of the same name, by Ai Yazawa, Nana is a very popular anime, not only in Japan, but in many other parts of the world. The title &quot;Nana&quot; refers directly to the two main characters of the series, who are both called Nana. Nana Komatsu (more commonly called Hachi) and Nana Osaki, are both young women of very different characters whom meet by a strange twist of fate and from that, a strong and eventful friendship develops, one that will be the basis of the anime itself. [b]Plot[/b] The anime starts off with the two Nana's on the train to Tokyo, Hachi going to meet her boyfriend Shoji and Nana going to the city to debut as a singer. Their first encounter was when Hachi fell on Nana and finally ended sitting beside her. Little did they know they will meet again soon after, when both wanted the same flat and ended up living together. That was just the start of their close relationship. [b]Issues Presented[/b] Nana is a shojou anime, as i said above, and as such has a strong dose of romance, but not the idealistic side of love but one that is so realistic that you can truly see yourself in it sometimes. Also, aimed at a more mature audience, Nana also deals with sex and a more crude view of life. Though, on seeing the first few episodes, you may find Nana depressing, youíll soon discover that it is in fact addictive, with its realistic and endearing characters. Dealing with the parallel (and sometimes intertwined) life of the members of the two bands Trapnest (Osaki Nanaís ex-boyfriend's band) and Blast (Nanaís punk band), the anime shows us the ups and downs of their love as well as everyday life. This makes the anime even more easier to relate to and hence in my opinion, an anime worth cherishing. [b]Sound[/b] Apart from the plot and indeed very charming characters, Nanaís highlight is without doubt itís amazing soundtrack, but most particularly, its opening and ending songs sung by Japanese singers Anna Tsuchiya and OLIVIA. These singers in fact are the singing voices of Nana and Reira (the vocalist of Trapnest) and as such the openings and endings have songs that fit like a glove to the anime, with powerful lyrics, punk or slow music and fabulous voice talent by the two singers. [b]Overall[/b] Overall, Nana is a master piece of an anime, though it will surely not be liked by everyone. Indeed Nana may appear on the same level as the lame soap operas people are fond of these days, but, on diving deep into the story, we notice that Ai Yazawaís work reveals the truth of life. Nana is one of the best anime's around! Go and watch it, I strongly recommend it. But be prepared to shed a few tears. Further reading at This Review was initially created at with permission to place here at AO. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Wed, 28 Nov 2007 17:29:41 +0000 <a href=""><img title="08thMSDVDUS.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="08thMSDVDUS.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Ochi Gate<br /><br />Description: Familiar with the story of the original Mobile Suit Gundam? Want more? I suggest Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. No new types, no dynasty warriors-esque battles, just realism. [b]Overview[/b] Starting in orbit above Earth, we find 24 year-old Shiro Amada on his way down to take control of the new mobile suit team. En route, his ship finds a lone GM fighting a loosing battle against a high-mobility prototype Zaku. Determined to help, Shiro uses the ship's Ball, which is ill-fitted for combat, and successfully repels the enemy, destroying both the Zaku and his own Ball. Shiro finds out that the pilot of the Zeon mobile suit was a beautiful woman, and the two are forced to help each other survive in space for a short time. After getting back to their ships, Shiro develops something akin to stockholm syndrome. Shiro then takes command of his team, a hodgepodge of misfits who don always get along for one reason or another. but the team needs to get along in order to survive the war. [b]Plot[/b] Although the plot is kind of predictable, but not so bad that you can't watch it over and over again. [b]Animation &amp; Sound[/b] The animation is very good. the 08th MS team came out about the same time as Gundam Wing, and perhaps the animation is better because of its shorter run (11 episodes as opposed to over 40). Its a fresh view of classics like Zakus and DOMs, and brings the cool Gouf Custom to the table. it also sports standard (Gundam) noises, and altogether, the sounds are very good. [b]Realism[/b] In terms of being realistic, this series takes the cake. Ever remember how in Mobile Suit Gundam, Amuro seemed to take out a Zeon ace in practically every episode? In the 08th MS team, there is a clear difference in battle ability between Shiro and his comrades and Norris Packard, a Zeon ace. Also, when a Gundam in other series is damaged, it's always fixed and looks new. In this series, however, they end up putting a GM head on one of the RX-79 G's because they just didn't have the parts. Also, one of the MS doesn't even work right, because it gets sand in the gears of the foot. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] This may very well be my favorite Gundam series. Not only does it have good fights, but it's realistic to the point that it sometimes takes someone a whole magazine of ammo to take down a Zaku, because their aim is so bad. not everyone can be a new type ace like Amuro Ray of Char. Outlaw Star Mon, 29 Oct 2007 16:27:55 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Outlaw_star_logo.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Outlaw_star_logo.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Billum256<br /><br />Description: [b]Storyline[/b] The main character Gene Starwind, over time collects an outrageous team that comprises of himself, Jim, Melfina, Aisha, and Suzuka. They fight against the K Pirates and the McDougil brothers in an attempt to find the secret of the Galactic Layline. [b]Voice[/b] The voice acting in this series is actually really good. The characters voices match up well with each character's animation. The voices of the characters fit their attitude very well. This anime uses many different voice actors, some who are quite famous and other's that aren't very well known. [b]Animation[/b] The animation style is great. You can tell it's from the mid-90ís but that doesn't hinder it in anyway. Especially since Outlaw Star didn't get caught up in the whole &quot;lets put a moving background behind the non-moving character deal&quot;. As a result, all the scenes you see are freshly animated. [b]Overall Thoughts[/b] The series is one that I highly suggest to anyone who is a fan of Cowboy Bebop as it carries the same feel of the space cowboy. I love this series personally; I even went out and bought the box set of it. The replay value is very high. I have watched through the series a total of three times and am now considering a fourth. Brain Powerd Original Soundtrack 1 &amp; 2 Wed, 03 Oct 2007 05:06:38 +0000 <a href=""><img title="BrainPowerdOST.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="BrainPowerdOST.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: gren<br /><br />Description: [B]Song Listing[/B]: [I]Brain Powerd Original Soundtrack[/I] [list=1] [*] Power of the Light [*] Ark [*] Deep Trench [*] Sonne [*] My Little Pony [*] Run [*] Chemical Dance [*] Butterfly [*] Blue Tone [*] Home [*] Ground Zero [*] War Ship [*] Spark [*] Flow [*] Transmission [*] Music Box [*] Bridge [*] Ephemera [*] Field of Love [*] On the Earth [/list] [I]Brain Powerd Original Soundtrack 2[/I] [list=1] [*] Light of love [*] Crossing [*] Lost memories [*] Prism [*] Aurora [*] Warriors [*] True love (lyrics) [*] IN MY DREAM [*] Departure [*] Waver [*] Shell [*] Orphan [*] Morning grace [*] Smile [*] Tribe [*] Nervous [*] Field [*] Walk by myself [/list] [B]Summary[/B] This isn't the first anime OST to completely overshadow the series it was created for, but it's definitely one of the best. Yoko Kanno once again shows her amazing ability to seamlessly cross genres on a single album, creating a mix of breathtaking orchestrals, seductive jazz, and gorgeous vocal pieces. And true to form, she does it multiple times for the same series, with the second offering holding its own just as well as the first. Between the 38 tracks on these two albums, there isn't much not to like. Each track does a wonderful job of creating a mood (be it relaxing, unsettling, or exciting), and drawing the listener into its beauty. It's almost too difficult to even pick a few favorite tracks, since nearly all of them are worthy of mention. But in the interest of not making this a ridiculously long review, I'll just mention the very best. [B]Best Tracks[/B] [I]OST 1[/I] War Ship - There's just something about this song that moves me. A heavy focus on horns, with strings that blend in well. This song feels like the ballad of a fallen soldier; epic and grandiose, but achingly sad at the same time. I always get a chill listening to it, especially at the climax near the end. Blue Tone - A jazzy piece with a tribal influence; light drums and a good beat combined with a soft sax. This track stands out by being one of two only jazz influenced songs on the album, and yet doesn't feel out of place. Sonne - An operatic vocal track performed by Artur Stefanowicz. Absolutely beautiful; the vocals and accompanying melody flow so well together. I'm not a huge fan of opera or sopranos, but I count this among my favorites on this album. Ark - Proving that bagpipes aren't always a bad thing, this track plays them along with a full orchestra of strings, drums, and horns. Just as grand and sweeping as &quot;War Ship&quot;, this one also has a militaristic feel to it, but is far more uplifting, more like a victory march. [I]OST 2[/I] Nervous - Same basic melody as &quot;War Ship&quot;, but this one is pure strings. The title doesn't do it justice... it seems to have more of a feeling of calm before the storm than nervousness. Nevertheless, it's a wonderful track, and only suffers from being too short - Those 2 1/2 minutes are over before you can even really appreciate it. Morning Grace - Another track focused solely on strings. This time, the title fits perfectly; the beginning feels like opening one's eyes to a brand new day. About midway through, it takes a very slight darker turn, with lovely crescendos and falls, but quickly comes back to its focus on just being a pretty little song. Field - A music box style track. Simple and very sweet, there isn't much to say about this one; even so it's certainly among the most listenable tracks. Waver - Gabriela Robin sings her odd, nonsensical vocals over a piano and string arrangement. Definitely a darker tone, this track feels hyper and excited, like struggling to breathe after running from an enemy. A weird way to describe it, but that's the feeling I get when I listen to it. [B]Should You Listen?[/B] Yes and yes. Both of these OSTs are great, especially if you enjoy listening to inventive and engaging pieces of music. Those who don't really care for OSTs heavy on the orchestrals may not be as interested, but any classical music fan, and every Yoko Kanno fan should have this as part of their music collection. Sure, imports can be expensive, but these are worth every penny. [B]Gren's Rating[/B] 5 out of 5, of course. Not only do the Brain Powerd OSTs stand as some of Kanno's best work, they hold up equally as well as just some of the best music I've ever heard. These are my most listened to anime OSTs, right up there with Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Kuro No Keiyakush (Darker than Black) Original Soundtrack Tue, 02 Oct 2007 02:45:14 +0000 <a href=""><img title="DTBOST.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="DTBOST.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: gren<br /><br />Description: [B]Song Listing:[/B] [list=1] [*] GO Dark [*] HOWLING (TV size) [*] Highheel Runaway [*] Tenderly [*] Sid [*] Was [*] Outside [*] No Ones Home [*] Guy [*] ScatCat [*] Keiyakusha [*] Shadow [*] Kuro [*] Deadly Work [*] Tentai Kansoku [*] BlueCat [*] Tsuki Akari (TV size ver.) [*] Water Forest [*] Blend in [*] In no Piano [/list] [B]Summary[/B] Certainly not on the level of Yoko Kanno's work on the Brain Powerd, Cowboy Bebop, or Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OSTs, the Kuro No Keiyakush (Darker than Black) OST provides some lovely but mostly forgettable tracks. An interesting mix of jazz and easy listening (and a couple of random rock song thrown in just for fun), this album is great for background music while working, relaxing, or or hanging out online, but just doesn't convey the deep emotion, joie de vivre, or musical genius Kanno has shown in the aforementioned earlier works. Of course, there are a few gems here that shine and stand out from the rest. [B]Best Tracks[/B] [I]No Ones Home[/I] A sweet track with English vocals sung by Mai Yamaname, the crooner of &quot;The Real Folk Blues&quot; and &quot;Rain&quot; from Cowboy Bebop. Her deep, raspy voice is accompanied by piano, strings, and horns. Definitely a must listen for fans of her Bebop songs. [I]ScatCat[/I] Another Mai Yamaname track, this one has her humming and scatting over a guitar riff. Very simple, and at two minutes and thirteen seconds, doesn't overstay its welcome. This song would have fit well into Cowboy Bebop, but does justice here as one of only a few really great tracks. [I]Blend In[/I] A Steve Conte track! Synthesizers, guitar, drums and some odd whistling at the end. Conte's vocals never overshadow the music in any of Yoko Kanno's work, and although a heavier emphasis on the vocals rather than the instruments might have made this song better, it's still one of the best on the OST. [I]In no Piano[/I] As the name implies, a piano solo. It doesn't invoke any particular emotion as many of Kanno's piano pieces do, but stands alone well as just a beautiful piece of music. This one goes great with a glass of wine and a desire to just relax. Other songs on this album aren't bad, but they're not as notable as the ones mentioned or as moving as songs from Kanno's other OSTs. [B]Should You Listen?[/B] I recommend this one to newbies to anime OSTs (nothing really groundbreaking, so it's a good starter album), rabid Yoko Kanno fans who absolutely must have every OST with her name attached to it, and anyone who enjoyed the BGM while watching the series. I don't mind this OST at all, but I fear fans of her earlier works may be disappointed... [B]Gren's Rating[/B] I'm giving this one 3 / 5. It's enjoyable, fun to listen to, and definitely worth a try. But as a fan of Yoko Kanno's works, this one just doesn't measure up. Sousei no Aquarion DVD vol. 1 Sun, 30 Sep 2007 15:05:34 +0000 <a href=""><img title="vol1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="vol1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: tsurara<br /><br />Description: [i]NOTE: This review is for a Japanese release. Information contained herein may or may not apply to other regions' releases. When looking to import, be aware that the Japanese version does not have subtitles.[/i] I've grown tired of anime. I've been a fan for over 10 years now and the entire landscape of animation seems less compelling than ever. The feeling of having been there and done that permeates almost everything and boredom sets in much more quickly than it ever has before. In the last three years, I have watched only two series in their entireity. Aquarion will be my third. [b]Story:[/b] In the year of Genesis 0012 humanity is being &quot;harvested&quot; by the &quot;datenshi&quot;, a race of immortals who can thrive only by using the energy obtained from the souls of mortals. In order to fight this menace, an organization called DEAVA has created three flying machines called &quot;vectors&quot;. These vectors can be combined in three different formations to form an ultimate weapon called &quot;Aquarion&quot;. But in order to successfully pilot this dream-machine, 3 human &quot;elements&quot; must join their souls in &quot;gattai (union)&quot; and act in perfect harmony. In order to find potential elements, a school for &quot;candidates&quot; has been established. New to the candidates is a headstrong, ill-mannered and almost bestial orphan named Apollo who doesn't get along with anyone. The odds of Apollo working &quot;harmoniously&quot; in any capacity seem pretty low. But Aquarion chooses it's own pilots and Vector Sol seems to have taken quite a liking to him. Could it have something to do with the handsome winged redhead whispering instructions in his head? Meanwhile, an incredibly powerful Shadow Angel has awakened from a long sleep... and he's looking to rekindle something with his old lover, who just happens to be a handsome winged readhead... [b]Ep 1-2 Review:[/b] Episode one has quite a lot packed into it's 25 minute run-time. We meet all of the current Element candidates (Silvia, Pierre, Sirus, Glen, and Lihua), DEAVA staff members (Sophia, Gen, Jerome and Rena), and Apollo's &quot;family&quot; (Apollo, Baron, and the orphans). Otoha and Touma are also introduced briefly. Aquarion's first form &quot;Aquarion Luna&quot; is also introduced, as is the concept of &quot;gattai&quot;. In spite of this, there's not much complicated story explanation. Most of the vital information is delivered in a 2 minute prologue. Far more energy is put into creatively coreographed fight sequences and establishing relationships between characters. The entire episode flies by with an energy and speed that is immediately engaging. There are more than a few smile-inducing moments and most come courtesy of Apollo. His character is brilliant: a natural comedian, action hero and stray dog all in one compact red-headed package. Episode 2 introduces the over-arching &quot;past life&quot; subtheme. In which we learn that Apollo is the heir to the &quot;Solar wings&quot; which once belonged to an improbably sexy immortal named Apollonius. A major conflict between Sirius and Apollo is also introduced while Silvia gets a sexy immortal of her own to wisper in her head. We get our first glimpse of Solar Aquarion, Aquarion's &quot;ultimate&quot; form. The episode ends in an epic confrontation between Apollo and Touma that sets the stage for the rest of the series. The animation is stellar for a tv series (having been largely outsourced to Korea), the character and art design is amazing (thanks to the original novel's illustrator Eiji Kaneda and concept designer okama), and the music (by the always brilliant Yoko Kanno) is lovely. The only drawback is the series' heavy use of CG. It doesn't always look natural with the hand-drawn animation and a few transitions are downright jarring. Why CG toast for heaven's sake?! Luckily, CG is mostly confined to mech battles, where it's been employed to usually impressive ends. [b]DVD review:[/b] Vol 1 of the Japanese series release comes with a box to house the first 3 volumes, an insert on the human characters, and a complete storyboard book for episode 1. Included on the disc itself are a plethora of special features (actually very rare on Japanese-release DVDs): -Op theme single advert -OST advert -PS2 game advert -a CG introduction to the vectors and Aquarions (narrated by Tsugumi) -interview and making-of featurette with Shouji Kawamori -interviews with Project Aquarion staff -featurette about the series' premiere party -a ton of promo trailers and CMs (both for conventions/expos and tv spots) In short: this is the nicest DVD package I've had the good fortune to buy in three years of living in Japan. It almost makes the $63 pricetag seem reasonable... almost ^^; [b]Overall:[/b] &quot;Sousei no Aquarion&quot; is something of an oddity. It's a series that, in catering to every possible audience, managed to slip more or less off everyone's radar entirely. Having chosen a particularly miserable time to be noticed (at the peak of Gundam Seed's popularity) and having no major studio backing, Aquarion came and went quietly. 3 years later, it is nearly impossible to find DVDs, cds and merchandise. But with a major liscencing deal in the USA, 2 OVAs and a theatrical feature on the horizon: Aquarion may just find it's audience after all. And hell, even if it's just me: I appreciate having been reminded why I became an anime fan at all. Highly recommended to anyone. Sento Yosei Yukikaze Sat, 08 Sep 2007 17:45:21 +0000 <a href=""><img title="yukikaze_flight.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="yukikaze_flight.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: OdysseanPromise<br /><br />Description: Those who know me, know I love Top Gun and high flying anime, so Yukikaze was a natural pick. [b]Outline[/b] 2LT Rei Fukai is a pilot in the Fairy Air Force (FAF), a unit deployed to the planet Fairy to combat the evil aliens called the JAM. His plane's consciousness, the Yukikaze, learns, adapts and protects Fukai in his mission to defeat the JAM. [b]Sights and Sounds[/b] Both audio and visual are spectacular. There is no denying that. Despite my apprehensions with the OVA as a whole, the show looks very good. The CGI work does not look out of place in an otherwise two dimensional medium, and everything runs smoothly. Every detail of the sound was almost too good. The sounds of explosions are pretty generic, but from the hissing of a sidewinder missile being deployed to the high pitched whine of a P90 emptying its magazine, the show goes for chilling accuracy. [b]Other Thoughts[/b] What would a review be without a pretentious opinion? Yukikaze was genuinely and wholely DECENT. It was not bad, or hard to watch, but it did seem to lack anything that got me really hooked. Despite the nature of the show, or perhaps because of it, there were only a couple dogfights in the show, which generally seemed so weighted either towards the JAM or the Yukikaze that there was no suspense. Being only five episodes long, it seemed really short and chaotic, most characters beyond Maj. Bukhar and 2LT. Fukai being only mentioned in passing, or bearing a questioned bearing on the show. I feel like in a lot of ways that this is just another generic war anime. I feel as though I am watching an Evangelion OVA without Shinji being a complete and total wimp. It is a decent watch, but it is not long enough to really do much with its message, which if I were to prove that I actually watched the show was how war is often waged over greed, and is always just a waste of human life. [b] Final Verdict [/b] 7.5 / 10 If you like dogfights, look up Area 88. Busou Renkin Thu, 06 Sep 2007 06:04:13 +0000 <a href=""><img title="busou_renkin_1_new.png" border="0" src="" alt="busou_renkin_1_new.png" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Busou Renkin revolves around a normal student named Kazuki Muto. One day, he attempts to save a girl that he thinks is in distress, only to be killed in the process. The girl, Tokiko, turns out to be an alchemic warrior, who decides to save Kazuki. She uses another Kakugane, an item that transforms into an alchemic warriorís weapon, to take place of Kazukiís heart allowing him to live. From there on, Kazuki trains to become an alchemic warrior to fight off the homunculus and keep the people close to him safe from harm. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The Japanese voiceovers were well done. My favorite voiceover was the character Papillon, voiced by Mitsuaki Madono. He added a nice atmosphere to the moments Papillon showed up in the series. The visuals in the show were average with a few flaws. Most of the characters looked good, but there were a few that seemed ridiculous to me. An example being Papillonís appearance, while although entertaining at times, it seemed liked they tried too hard to be funny with it. The weapons and fighting scenes in the show were nicely done and helped distract you from the story at times. Overall, Iíd say the audio and visuals were well done. [b]Story / Character Development[/b] The story itself isn't that original. A lot of the ideas have already been done before in other series, and this doesnít hold up compared to them by a long shot in my opinion. Too many things reminded me of other series, which ruined the excitement for me on more than one occasion. Sure, parts of it may have been original, but none of them were spectacular to remember after you finish the last episode. Anyways, the story flowed nicely in the beginning at a good pace, but as it kept progressing, it started to fall apart. The ending was the biggest let down, which pretty much made my decision in whether I would consider this a decent anime series. Episode 24 had built up my expectations and prepared me for the last two episodes to be a major development for the story with a great conclusion, yet my hopes were quickly shot down. You get to the last episode, and everything gets resolved in no time. I understand the series was fast paced at times, which was good in a sense as it helped to keep you interested, but that ending was mediocre at best due to their lack of development in leading up to it. The character development was also lacking in this series. I never really took the time to remember any of the minor characterís names because the story barely touched up on any of them to the point of interesting me. Kazuki and Tokiko were well developed and so was the romance between the two. They could have done better with Tokikoís past in terms of the story, as it was just briefly explained, but it wasnít that big of a deal. The problem really comes from the villains. The only villain that interested me was Papillon, and that was only because he was silly throughout the show. When the story revolves around Victor, who's the big bad guy in the series, it seems rushed and there was nothing to motivate me to care about the pasts or internal struggle of the new characters. In short, it began to become boring. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] I wouldn't have mind skipping this series to be honest. The story was mediocre and the ending was far from great too. Nothing about it really made up for its flaws, of which there were plenty. Itís up to you if you would want to finish the series, as everyone has different opinions. I recommend watching the first few episodes of any series to make up your own mind, and this one is no different. If youíre into this genre, then give it a try. Just donít expect a masterpiece from it. Voices of a Distant Star Wed, 15 Aug 2007 05:30:20 +0000 <a href=""><img title="B00008G8QC_01_LZZZZZZZ.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="B00008G8QC_01_LZZZZZZZ.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: OdysseanPromise<br /><br />Description: Boy meets girl. Aliens attack Earth. Girl joins mecha force. Guy stays on Earth. Girl goes away to fight aliens. Guy stays stuck on girl. I have completely summarized the plot of this movie in those sentences. Feel cheated? I do too. Actually, I don't feel cheated, but you probably would if you did more than rent this movie from Blockbuster. This 24 minute GIANT of a movie is another one of my classic examples of &quot;great idea, but poor execution&quot;. Having bought this as a &quot;collection&quot; with &quot;The Place Promised in Our Early Days&quot; for 30% off the market price, I am not going to complain so much as I am going to jeer that this Makoto Shinkai makes the rough equivalent of two and a half anime episodes and he gets his own collection. By that standard I should have a graphic novel filled with all of my random superhero doodles from when I was six. Okay, okay, I'll cool it. The basic premise falls back to an &quot;aliens attack Earth and we fight back&quot; type story. The EPIC TWIST is that instead of the male lead leaving to war, it is the little girl. The main part of the story, mecha junkies, is actually romance, sorta. There is an innocent love between Mikako (the girl) and Noboru (the boy), which started in middle school, and continues over the course of the movie. It's endearing as Noboru tries to live from text message to text message (Yeah, seriously) from his distant love. As she warps from planet to planet, her messages take longer and longer to get to Earth, which sorta almost makes sense. [b]Sights and sounds[/b] So we have flawed, or at least imperceivably difficult science, and no romantic payoff. There is no action, because the emphasis of the movie, despite its &quot;lush 3d animation&quot;, is not on mecha battles, and there is no romance due to the tragic nature of the love. In fact, most of the &quot;not mecha&quot; scenes, are scenes of Noboru pulling a Luke Skywalker in the nameless hills that surround his Japanese high school campus. When someone actually does do something, the animation looks like it was all done in Flash. Wonderful animation indeed. What I CAN say for the piece is its soundtrack, which comes included with the DVD. It is actually pretty enjoyable, despite how much that onanism of the actually movie disappointed me. [b]Bottom Line[/b] If you have a free movie rental at Blockbuster, and you just aren't in the mood to check out &quot;Gingerdead Man&quot;, or &quot;Bad Santa 3&quot;, then you might want to give this a look, but neither mecha, nor romance, nor school yard drama, this movie is otherwise epic fail. [b]Final Verdict:[/b] 3.2/10 Last Order: Final Fantasy VII Tue, 14 Aug 2007 17:45:00 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Last_Order_Final_Fantasy_VII.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Last_Order_Final_Fantasy_VII.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Ochi Gate<br /><br />Description: Want another take on the infamous Nibelheim incident from Final Fantasy VII? Want to see what Zach was like other than in a flashback? Then you need to see Last Order: Final Fantasy VII. [b]Overview[/b] Last Order isn't dubbed in English, but the voice acting is superb. Narrated by Tseng of the Turks, the story unfolds as a flashback, fleshing out the story of what went down in the mountainous home of Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart. [b]Plot[/b] Anyone who played the game knows what happened, but for viewers unfamiliar with the story, I'll fill you in. Zack, a First Class SOLDIER, accompanied by Cloud Strife, Zack's friend, and the infamous Sephiroth, ShinRa's ultimate SOLDIER, first arrives in the small mountain town of Nibelheim to inspect a malfunctioning power reactor. Here they hook up with Tifa Lockheart, who will guide them through the mountains to the reactor. But Sephiroth sees something in the reactor that he doesn't like.... [b]Replay Value[/b] I LOVE the single episode series, and personally watch it over and over. I am geeky sometimes, so not everyone may want to watch it as often. [b]The Fights[/b] Although die-hard fans of FFVII may notice some differences between the game and Last Order, they don't change much. The fights are much better than Playstation could ever render, and I think it is a must-have for any fan of Final Fantasy, not just FFVII. [b]Graphics and Sounds[/b] The art and animation throughout the episode is superb to say the least. Other than seeing classic characters anime-style, some details, like the town burning, look amazing, and the action sequences look natural... er, well, as natural as a SOLDIER First Class would look. All the sounds are natural as well, none of it sounded like recycled FX used in every movie. From the sound of the Buster Sword clashing with Sephiroth's Masamune to the bursts of gunfire from the ShinRa grunts, every noise you hear sounds fresh and realistic. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Although many great qualities present themselves in this OVA, the complex story of Final Fantasy VII may make this somewhat confusing to people not familiar with the plot. The action should be enough to keep your eyes fixed to the screen. [b]Where to See It[/b] Last Order comes on the Special Collectors Edition of Advent Children, or can be viewed on the internet. Interlude Sun, 08 Jul 2007 05:43:38 +0000 <a href=""><img title="kokuhaku.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="kokuhaku.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: gren<br /><br />Description: [B]Plot[/B] An unnamed male searches for answers to his recent, terrifying nightmares, and general sense of displacement in reality. His perky, cute girlfriend and everyone else around him seem oblivious to the strange things he sees happening everydayÖ is he going crazy, or is there really something wrong with the world? [B]Audio and Visuals[/B] Visually, this is a great anime to watch. The animation is smooth, colorful and fun. Characters are very well drawn, although most are the standard fare; nothing really unusual or intriguing about them. The music, while not varying much across different scenes, is easy on the ears, and I most enjoyed the song that played during fight / chase scenes. The English dub is okay, as the voices seem to fit the respective characters, but some come across as downright annoying, like Tama's nasally whine and Izumi's supersoft &quot;damsel-in-distress&quot; voice. [B]Story / Character Development[/B] Here's where the anime loses points. In a 3 episode OVA, a well defined story and meaningful characters are essential to keep the viewer interested. But Interlude takes a story thatís been told before (dissatisfaction with the &quot;real&quot; world, apocalypse, choosing what's really important) but unfortunately, doesn't delve into it with new insight or real detail, so it just leaves one with not only unanswered questions, but also a sense of not really caring enough to get the answers. Perhaps even a couple more episodes, just to iron out the wrinkles in the story that were touched on only briefly, might have made this a bit more intelligible. Characters showed up with no real purpose, and then showed up again, still without purpose. Aside from the cutesy Tama, not much thought is given to any of the characters; the main protagonist doesn't even get a name. And one can't even be sure if all the characters are living, dead, dyingÖ nothing is clear throughout the anime, and the explanations given at the end are half-hearted at best. [B]Should you watch this?[/B] I guess if you have time to kill, and like seeing a pissed-off chick with golden eyes and a bow and arrow (sweetest scene in the OVA), or are just determined to see every anime ever made, you should give this one a try. Otherwise, it probably isn't worth it. Vandread (TV series) Sun, 15 Apr 2007 20:54:04 +0000 <a href=""><img title="vandread_1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="vandread_1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: This is the review of the entire series that include both the first and second stages. I'll divide the plot into two parts to make up for the two seasons. [b]Plot[/b] [i]Stage One:[/i] The series starts out centered around two planets in the universe. One planet in inhabited by females, while the other is dominated by males only. The two genders are sworn enemies and are constantly fighting in space. A boy named Hibiki is placed on a ship with female pirates and help the prisoners, along with two other males. The ship is teleported into a far away area, and the males and females must work together to fight off a new enemy. This enemy wants to &quot;harvest&quot; the organs of their home planets, so Hibiki, Dita and others fight together to save their homes. [i]Stage Two:[/i] A new character is added into this season, a female named Misty. With her is a message about how the inhabitants of Earth are harvesting people from other planets. The team finally reach their home planets to have a final confrontation with the harvesters. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals in the Vandread anime are pretty good. The characters are drawn well and look amazing, and the mechs look nice as well. There was one episode where they changed the art style, which threw me off in the beginning, but it was quickly switched back. As for the audio, the opening soundtracks for both seasons were not good to say the least, but I definitely liked the first season better. It was titled, &quot;Trust&quot;. Neither of them made me look forward to the show and they just seemed annoying to me. The voiceovers were a little annoying for the English cast, which is the only version I watched. The main character's voice definitely fit the whiny Hibiki, but it might throw a few of you off if you hate being nagged all the time, just like in Inuyasha. [b]Story / Character Development[/b] The story progressed nicely seeing as how it was split into two seasons. The first season was mainly used to introduce everyone and show their personalities, which it did a great job doing. This helped make the characters easy to get attached to and made the story remain interesting. The romance and comedy in the series helped distract you from the drama and depression of how people in the universe were being killed for their organs to be collected. This farm like concept of the universe is one of the reasons I stayed interested in the series long enough to finish it. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] The series had a good story and artwork. It was so close to going above average, but certain aspects dragged it down, like the audio and a few moments of weak art. This anime series did a good job with comedy and romance, and that was good to take away from the drama. So, if you like this type of series and have some free time, then check it out. Gantz (TV series) Mon, 09 Apr 2007 00:33:45 +0000 <a href=""><img title="gantz.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="gantz.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] The story revolves around a boy named Kei Kurono. He seems to be your average school student. One day, while meeting his old friend Katou Masaru, he happens to get run over by a train and dies. The next thing he knows, him and his friend are in a mysterious room with other people. There also seems to be a giant black ball in the middle of the room. It tells them that their lives belong to Gantz now and that they will have to hunt down aliens in order to survive. Along the way they make new friends and try to survive through the whole ordeal. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals in this anime are the biggest assets of the whole series. The characters are drawn well, and the bloody battles will be a delight to all fans. The audio is okay in the series, but seemed average. The opening, &quot;Super Shooter&quot; was catchy in the beginning, but quickly began to annoy me more as the episodes progressed. The English voiceovers were well done. I did enjoy the Japanese the first time around, but I did like the English cast a little better. The voice of Kei can get annoying at times, especially when he whines in his head. [b]Story / Character Development[/b] The few main characters were well developed and you begin to see the stress / pressure they have to endure from their second chance at life. There are plenty of minor characters that get killed off quickly, so the change of pace is nice. Although the story was good, they rushed the ending and ruined it for me. The ending confused me at first, and then just irritated me at how they just threw it together. If you want a better story out of this series, I suggest you pick up the manga. It continues the story with more detail and will entertain you more. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] It is definitely for mature audiences only. Quite a lot of blood / gore, nudity, and swearing make this show dark. I would have liked a little more comic relief or anything to get your mind off of the constant battles and drama that occurred between the characters. I loved the story and characters, but the ending made me think it is only worth watching one time around. Magikano Tue, 27 Mar 2007 17:33:50 +0000 <a href=""><img title="magikano_1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="magikano_1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Seiji Kishi revolves around a boy named Haruo Yoshikawa. He thinks he is a normal boy with three sisters, but it turns out his sisters are witches and have kept him from knowing about magic. One day a girl named Ayumi Mamiya shows up in his life and begins to live with him. It turns out she comes from a wealthy magical family, but has had a cursed placed upon her so that her powers would eventually fade away. The only person that can save her from the curse is apparently Haruo. So, she begins to try and awaken the mysterious power that sleeps within him. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The characters are drawn well and the visuals are good. Nothing I can complain about, but there was also nothing really amazing either. The real treat is the audio. The Japanese voiceovers are superb. All of the female characters have a greedy/evil side to them that is portrayed perfectly by the cast. Also, the ending theme song &quot;Maji suki MAGIC&quot; is quite cute and enjoyable. The audio is the only reason I gave the category a very good. [b]Story / Character Development[/b] The characters are developed really well in the series. The comedy is the big key to this show. An interesting twist to this type of comedy is that all of the females have negative qualities, instead of just being cute innocent girls. It ranges from greed, power hungry, and what seems like incestuous desires, which all made the show even funnier. There was a little bit of romance thrown in, which was well developed. It made sense where it was coming from, and fit in nicely with the story. The only thing I hated about the story was the ending. I won't write any spoilers, but it just seemed rushed and made me a little disappointed. There was very little conclusion and made me think what was was the point of watching the series to begin with, other than the comedy of course. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] The sound and story were good, but the ending really made this hard for me to like. It's only 13 episodes, so if you are looking for a show with lots of comedy, and don't mind the story much, than this is a good one to watch at least once. XxXHolic Sun, 25 Mar 2007 12:04:23 +0000 <a href=""><img title="xxxholic.gif" border="0" src="" alt="xxxholic.gif" /></a><br /><br />by: RayMe<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student with the ability to see supernatural monsters (youkai) and they, the supernatural monsters, are attracted to him makes him feel irritated and extremely burdened by them. One day, he stumbles into a shop that grants wishes. From there on his life changes drastically when he meet the shop owner Yuko Ichihara who is a witch with many names. She then offers to grant Watanuki's wish to be rid of his burdened ability to see spirits. However, Watanuki must first pay a price equivalent to the power required to grant his wish. So since that day he starts to work for Yuko by performing housework and odd jobs until he has done enough to pay for his wish. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals are not bad. The animation is really nice. The audio is good too but I have never tried it with the English dub before. As for the sound, yeah it is good. [b]Syaoran and the Tsubasa Chronicle Gang[/b] Since the plot of the anime Tsubasa Chronicles and XxXHolic are intertwined, the characters like Sakura, Syaoran and the Tsubasa Chronicle gang will appear as well... heck even Mokona is considered a character from Tsubasa Chronicle. I like it how they made the plot intertwined like this. Fans of Tsubasa Chronicles are surely wont want to miss this anime ^^. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] The intertwined plots with another anime really make this anime interesting. It's like making both anime alive and in connection with each other. Other than that, remember the book that Chi from Chobits used to read? Yeah the blue book. That book is Maru and Moro's favourite book. So they even connected Chobits into this anime~! This anime has a really interesting plot and storyline so it's an anime you don't want to miss. It's hilarious too. Mokona, Watanuki and Yuko always brighten up XxXHolic. ^^ Tokko Sun, 25 Mar 2007 09:09:40 +0000 <a href=""><img title="tokko.gif" border="0" src="" alt="tokko.gif" /></a><br /><br />by: RayMe<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] After 5 years moving out from Machida, Ranmaru Shindou has been living with his little sister Saya Shindou. After Ranmaru graduates from his cadet class, he goes onto become the new investigator for &quot;The Special Mobile Investigation Troops First Division&quot; or &quot;TOKKI&quot;, with the purpose of avenging his parents death. Ranmaru then sees a girl who looks similar to a girl in his dreams, and now these dreams become more frequent. This girl seems to be a member of section 2, known officially as Special Public Safety Task Force, or Tokko for short. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The audio is not bad, but the graphics seems a little outdated. Maybe they want to make it look like classic. The visuals are also quite good. The way they make the gore and blood is really nice. I'd give a thumbs up for that. xD The English dubbed is good too but the Japanese version is better. Overall, an average for sound and graphics. :) [b]Story and Character Development[/b] At first, the story is quite slow. It focuses on Ranmaru's daily life, his friends, his work and his sister Saya. The first episode is funny, however from there the story takes on a more serious tone. It seems that everytime Saya is around, there would be a little comedy slipped into the anime. It's perhaps to balance the anime. When more characters emerge, the story becomes more intense, serious and action packed. As the episodes progress, the characters and their past is slowly revealed one by one. [b]What is Tokko?[/b] Officially known to the general public as Special Mobile Investigation Troops Second Division, Special Public Safety Task Force, or Section 2 under the supervision of the Public Security Investigation Agency after the Special Mobile Investigation Troops relinquished, with some of its member recruited from the police force. Tokko was established after the Machida massacre was secretly investigated to discover that the perpetrators were demons from the netherworld. Under the command of Superintendent Ryoko Ibuki, she had recruited promising members, who happened to be survived of the Machida massacre, such as Kureha Suzuka and had them trained to use melee weapons such as swords and daggers to dispatch the Phantoms, including Human Face larva zombies, that were coming out of giant holes caused by unnatural earthquakes in Japan's Kanto region since most firearms do not incapacitate or kill them. They operate similarly to the Men In Black movies or the Center in the Martin Mystery series, arriving moments after the demons are in the confirmed area or have left the said area. Section 2 also has a technical support staff, mostly researchers and forensic scientists that quietly dispose of bodies, either infected by the demons or were attacked by the former, or demon body organs including Human Face larvas that were killed by Section 2 members during their operations. The unit is backed by a small number of wheeled armored vehicles and have officers dressed in black suits, a reference to the Men in Black. Their actions have come under harsh criticism from certain officers, including Kaoru Kunikida, for conducting their operations in secretive manners and for covering up the deaths of either civilians or police officers, informing the public via news releases that deaths or injuries caused by demons were done by armed or insane criminals. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Not a bad anime ^^ hell I'd give it an A! The storyline is easy to understand but you need to watch carefully as the story of the past unfolds. Wolf's Rain (TV series) Sat, 24 Mar 2007 22:22:38 +0000 <a href=""><img title="wolfs-rain-anime.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="wolfs-rain-anime.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Wolf's Rain takes place in a worn down world of the future, where it is believed that wolves have been extinct for a couple hundred of years. However, it seems that wolves still exist, but have adapted by taking the form of humans to blend into society. The main character is Kiba, a lone wolf who is searching for the lunar flowers. It is a legend to the wolves, that those who follow the scent of the lunar flowers will find a way to paradise. The scent leads him to a girl named Cheza. From here, they meet up with a few other wolves, escape the city, and try to travel to paradise together. Along the way they meet heavy resistance and a man named Darcia. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The soundtrack to the series is beautiful. The ending theme song, &quot;Gravity,&quot; happens to be one of my favorite ending songs. It fits so well with the show and helps make a nice closing to each episode. The English voiceovers are well done as well. The Japanese was good, but I prefer the English on this one, which doesn't happen often in anime for me. The visuals were good in the series. The characters weren't really amazing in terms of visuals, and there were moments that looked below average. However, there were plenty of moments that made me impressed, which made up for the few flaws. [b]Story and Character Development[/b] The story was good, but was slow at some points. The one thing that made me uneasy was the four recap episodes they had halfway through the series. However, it was full of action and remained engaging. If you can get over the slow parts, then you will enjoy the majority of the story. I will warn you that the show can be confusing and the ending might do the same. It is left open for interpretation as to the meaning, which isn't something I like about anime endings most of the time. The mood of the series is pure drama and fantasy. There is no comedy relief, and very little romance to give you a break from the depressing and serious nature of the worn down world. So, it is for people who like a serious show with action. The wolf characters demonstrate less than human qualities in their behavior, which helps to show the fact that they are still wolves and can't adapt fully into human society. That is what made me like the character development in the series. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Well, despite the fact Wolf's Rain can get a little slow and the ending was a little confusing, I still say watch the series at least once to get your own opinion. The action and good story makes it worth a run through, but watching it more than once might help you to understand certain parts better. Inuyasha Sat, 24 Mar 2007 17:43:41 +0000 <a href=""><img title="inuyasha_1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="inuyasha_1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] The story starts out when a girl, named Kagome Higurashi, travels to a feudal era in Japan through her well. She finds out she is the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo, and she has a sacred jewel in her called the Shikon jewel. After the jewel breaks into tiny pieces, she and a half demon, named Inuyasha, set out to find all the pieces. Along the way they make new allies and enemies. The biggest threat being a demon named Naraku, who is searching for the shards as well. There is plenty more to the story, but I'll let you decide if you want to know more, rather than going on about every little detail. Visit the link at the bottom for more on plot. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The audio is quite well. There are plenty of different openings and endings to the series, which help to keep it interesting. The voiceovers were alright for the English cast, but I prefer the Japanese. They just seemed to fit the characters better. I found Inyuasha and Shippo's voice (English cast) to be a little annoying at times. The visuals were great in the show. The characters look amazing and the designs are unique. The sceneries are good with plenty of lush and bright colors. The battle scenes are well done and the variety of demons are a nice add on to the visuals. [b]Story and Character Development[/b] The story is a little dragged in the series. It is 167 episodes, and a lot of them were the same old principle of a new enemy showing up followed by fighting. They kept it interesting by adding new techniques for Inuyasha to learn, which helped make it seem like some progress was being accomplished. The series is full of love stories and comedy, which helps to give a little breather from all of the fighting with demons in the show. It helps the story flow nicer. The love triangle can get a little boring and might actually upset you in the long run. But, overall, it is better that they added it in my opinion. At least it takes your mind off all of the repetitive action/fights. The characters are developed well, and emotion plays a key part in the show. You get to see how they all feel and the effect certain events have on them. It's easy to get attached to them, which is one reason it has so many fans. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] I know this series is popular and hope I don't upset too many fanatics with my opinion. :) My thoughts are that the show looked great and had a good story, but it was dragged way too long. Also, the ending was a big let down. All those episodes and they still couldn't conclude it or have a way of showing it was going somewhere. So, I'm sure you'll like it for the fantasy, action, and romance, but don't expect a conclusion. At least for right now. Official site at Speed Grapher Sat, 24 Mar 2007 06:00:07 +0000 <a href=""><img title="speed_grapher_anime.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="speed_grapher_anime.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] The story takes place 10 years after the Bubble Wars have occurred and the rich and poor classes have been affected all over the world, including Japan. Tokyo has been corrupted as the rich seek to fulfill their desires and pleasures. Tatsumi Saiga, a photographer stumbles into one of the biggest underground clubs where rich members are allowed to fulfill their desires and be blessed by Kagura - a girl who has the ability to awaken their unknown desires and turn them into power. Saiga receives the power to make things explode whenever he takes a photo, after encountering the girl. From there, Saiga and the girl escape and he tries to grant her the freedom she wants from the organization. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] Speed Grapher is not that consistent when it comes to visuals. On the one hand, you have moments that will amaze you with the way the characters are drawn. On the other hand, you have some moments that look too average for the moments. But, those can easily be overlooked. The audio to this anime was pretty good. I enjoyed the music, but wasn't too amazed with anything. For the voiceovers, I've only seen the Japanese cast in action, and don't want to see the English anytime soon. The cast was really good and the voices flowed well with each character. [b]Story / Character[/b] The story seemed kind of repetitive with all of the similar fighting situations. To be honest, it got a little boring after awhile. The idea for the show was unique and somewhat entertaining, but they just didn't execute it well in my opinion. The love connections were kind of unnecessary and didn't really keep me entertained enough to ignore the boring storyline. The only good thing here is that the characters were developed well. They gave a little background at a time which helped to give a little suspense. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Well, I can't recommend this one. It was too average and the story was too boring for me. They didn't do a good job keeping the viewer interested. But, if you like the genre of mystery and drama, then it might be worth looking into. [b]Official Site:[/b][URL=&quot;;][/URL] Texhnolyze Thu, 22 Mar 2007 20:45:43 +0000 <a href=""><img title="texhnolyze_1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="texhnolyze_1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Texhnolyze takes place in a man-made underground city called Lux. Different factions fight for control of the crumbling city. The main story revolves around Ichise, who had lost his arm and leg and was given a mechanical arm and leg from a female doctor. After being welcomed into one of the warring factions, Ichise is dragged into the war as a prize fighter. He one days learns about his possible future from a girl named Ran, who is supposedly a prophet. As he fights for survival, he begins to uncover the truth about Lux and it's destiny. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals are really good in Texhnolyze. The characters are drawn well and the background is constantly eerie and depressing. The mood is definitely set by the way it was drawn and helps to make the show mysterious. The audio was also good. I loved the opening, &quot;Guardian Angel&quot;, which helped to draw me into wanting to watch the show. The endings were also nice. The English voice actors did a great job and fit the characters very well. Plenty of them gave a depressing sound, which helped set the feelings of the people in Lux. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] The story is definitely confusing at times and it can be hard for you to follow. A lot of times, objects used are symbols to represent something, which might not be apparent right away. It's for this reason that I gave it a high vote for watching it more than once. You'll need to if you want to understand everything. Despite that, the characters were developed well and the story was good too. I'm not too thrilled about the ending, but it did fit the series well, so I can't complain. Texhnolyze is definitely good if you like anime that make you think a little, instead of just pure action. Official website at Noein Sun, 18 Mar 2007 18:16:40 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Noein-anime.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Noein-anime.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Sazuka<br /><br />Description: [b]Summary[/b] [i](from ANN)[/i] Fifteen years in the future, by high-level scientific power, a violent battle takes place between Lacrima, that protects humanity, and Shangri-La, that plans the annihilation of all space-time. The key to stopping Shangri-La's invasion is a mysterious object known as &quot;the Dragon's Torque.&quot; A group known as the Dragon Cavalry is being sent through space and time to find it. In the present, twelve-year old Haruka and her friend Yuu are contemplating running away from home when they meet a member of the Dragon Cavalry named Karasu (Crow). He believes that Haruka has the Dragon's Torque and claims to be Yuu from fifteen years in the future. [b]Scenes[/b] In the terms of animation, I found this series to be beyond excellent. The battles are as sketchy and blurry as battles should be and at all the other parts of the story, where they're not fighting... it's smooth as butter on toast. [b]Characters[/b] The characters moved constantly, it wasn't like a Ghost in the Shell, where it looks really really nice but only the characters mouths moved. I also think the animation style was incredibly unique, I haven't really seen much of it before. There are times where they use 3D graphics, and it worked really well.. compared to other series I've seen where it just throws you off. [b]Sound[/b] The sound was awesome awesome awesome! The characters were played really well. Throughout the anime, there was a struggle that the story held for each one of the characters, and their voices showed that well. I'm speaking of the Japanese version, cause I haven't seen the English dub. [b]Plot[/b] The plot was very entertaining. There were a lot of things that I didn't understand though. There were things dealing with quantum physics that I found very confusing, but the director explained them really well and even if you didn't understand it all, you still got the jist of the story. The director's knew that quantum physicists weren't going to be watching the show much. [b]Final Verdict:[/b] 10/10 Girls Bravo Sun, 18 Mar 2007 02:26:14 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Girls_Bravo.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Girls_Bravo.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Girls Bravo revolves around a boy named Yukinari. He has been bullied by girls his entire life because of his short height. This has caused him to develop an allergy to girls. So, when any girls touch him, he develops hives all over his body. One day, he is pulled through a portal in his tub to another world. There he meets Miharu, who doesn't seem to affect him when she touches him. The rest of the series involves Miharu trying to live on earth with Yukinari, as well as more women coming into his life. During this time he develops a relationship with Miharu. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals are well done in this anime series. The characters look good and there are no real moments that are poorly done. I'm sure you guys will like the amount of work they put in for the fanservice moments. The audio is really good as well. The opening is cute and helps get you ready and keeps you interested in the series. The Japanese voices were better in my opinion to the English cast. It just seemed like they fit the characters better. [b]Story and Characters[/b] The characters are well developed in the show. The romances between the characters are well done. They took their time to show the different crushes the characters had throughout the show. The comedy is the biggest asset to the series. Without the comedy, the show wouldn't have been entertaining enough for me. Plenty of fanservice and mature jokes are thrown in, which helps keep mature audiences entertained. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] I liked the series. The graphics were well done and the comedy was superb. These helped me forget the fact that the story isn't really creative or anything new, but it is still worth watching. [b]Official Site:[/b] [URL=&quot;;][/URL] Reign: The Conqueror Sat, 17 Mar 2007 04:52:42 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Reign-alexander.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="Reign-alexander.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Reign: The Conqueror is based off the life of Alexander the Great. It starts off as Alexander fighting for the Macedonian Empire, under his father King Philip 2. He must fight off assassins and other threats as he tries to ascend to his rightful thrown. Once he is King, Alexander travels the world in an attempt to conquer it and reign as a great king. However, many believe he will only bring ruin to the world instead of peace. So, many assassins attempt to take his life throughout the series as he conquers different regions. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] I hated the visuals. The characters seemed poorly drawn, but it might just not be my kind of style. The battles were poor as well. You would think the blood shed would help it out, but the deaths were so anti-climatic and drawn bad. The audio is not much better. I didn't like the music, and the only times I found it a little entertaining was during a few battles. Nothing else was good in my opinion. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Ok, the story was well developed, thank god! It at least had a little bit of historical facts thrown in, but then the rest was pure fiction. The characters were developed well. You got into the mind of Alexander and could grow attached to him and a few others. Despite the decent story, the rest of the series was just plain bad. Not to mention the fact I was bored watching it. BORED... I can't watch partial series, so once I start, I'm forced to watch the rest. It wasn't very pleasing. The plot just wasn't entertaining and the dialogue at times threw me off. Unless you like history and stories of Alexander the Great (that are fictionalized), please pass on this. I'm doing you a favor. If it turns out you like this series, then good for you. You did what I couldn't. Please Twins (Onegai Twins) Sat, 17 Mar 2007 02:35:21 +0000 <a href=""><img title="PleaseTwins.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="PleaseTwins.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: Please Twins anime series is adapted from the Please Teacher series and is set in the same school and area as that one. [b]Plot[/b] The main character Maiku Kamishiro, has no clue about his past life with his parents, but the only thing he has is a photo of him and what seems to be his sister playing. He goes and lives in what he believes to be his old family's house. All of the sudden, two different girls show up claiming to be his sister. The story takes place as they try and live together and figure out who he is related to. In the meantime, the three begin to have feelings for each other, however they are unable to go anywhere with it. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals are just as beautiful as they were in Please Teacher. The characters look amazing once again and there were no disappointing moments. The audio is good here as well. The opening, &quot;Second Flight&quot; and closing theme songs are good and help keep you entertained with the episodes. Seeing as how there are only 12 episodes, I didn't mind that they didn't have different ones. [b]Story and Characters[/b] The only good thing here is they developed the relationships with the characters well. The story seems like a cheap knockoff from Please Teacher and left me a little disappointed. It just seemed unnecessary and kind of disgusting seeing as how one of them is his sister. I will give it an average on plot though because they did change it from the other series, but that's not enough to make it great. Not to mention they kept characters from Please Teacher to keep people interested. That just seemed pathetic. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Overall I still liked it, but only because I love Please Teacher. The story seemed a little average and it was much harder to maintain my interest. The comedy in the show is the only thing that seemed to save it for me. I couldn't care less about the drama between the romances of the three characters. Anyways, if you loved Please Teacher, you will like this and hate it for certain reasons. Unless you are just a fanatic of the story between both series, then you'll love it. Official website at Blue Gender Sat, 17 Mar 2007 01:08:53 +0000 <a href=""><img title="bluegender_marYuji.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="bluegender_marYuji.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Blue Gender revolves around a man named Yuji Kaido. He was diagnosed with an unknown disease and frozen for 20 years. When he wakes up, the world is nothing like he remembers. A race of giant bugs, known as the Blue, have ravaged the world and reduced the human population down to a fraction of what it once was. Yuji is discovered by a female soldier named Marlene, whose orders are to take him to the human base in space. They struggle through many attacks by the Blue, and Yuji finds out he is a &quot;sleeper,&quot; and will be used as an instrument to defeat the Blue. Along the way his relationship with Marlene grows as she tries to save his humanity. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The audio has those eerie background themes to help make the series seem more dark and creepy. And with the number of people dieing all the time, the audio fits it perfectly. I didn't really find any of the soundtracks to be amazing. The ending song was kind of plain and annoying. You might like that type of music, but it didn't really fit the series to me. The visuals were definitely average in the series. The characters weren't that good looking, and it had a few moments that threw me off. It wasn't terrible, but not noteworthy. The only nice thing about the visuals were the different types of Blue presented. That made the series a little more exciting in terms of visuals. [b]Story and Characters[/b] The characters are developed well in the show. They take the time to show the emotional feelings of the characters and how they have to adjust to the current world. So, you can get attached to the characters really easily, which help make the story flow better. The plot is well done, but it can get a little predictable at times. I often found myself knowing what was going to happen next, which made it harder to stay interested. But, it is a good story that holds up long enough for you to want to finish the series. The series is mostly dark and eerie, but romance is used to help ease the depressed feeling you'll get from watching it. They took the time to develop the romance, which made me very happy, rather than just throwing it in out of nowhere. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] The ending was a little let down. It felt like they rushed the ending. Well, I can't say I hated the show. The story and development were well done, so despite the average graphics and sound, it still is worth watching at least once. Official website at Chobits Fri, 16 Mar 2007 01:02:43 +0000 <a href=""><img title="chb_c_h017.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="chb_c_h017.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: _gwenibe_<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] The story of Chobits revolves around Hideki, and 18 year old farm boy, who moves to Tokyo to attend cram school after failing the university entrance exam. He comes into a world full of persocoms Ė android like personal computers. Them being expensive, and Hideki having no money can only dream of owning one, well that is until he finds one in the trash Ė with no basic programming, except being able to say &quot;Chi&quot;. [b]Comedy Saves It[/b] The story follows along the typical line of human falling in love, with a bit of comedy thrown in. If it wasn't for the comedy, it would have been a very uninteresting anime. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The music is beautiful and fits this anime just perfectly. The opening song &quot;Let me be with you&quot; is extremely catchy, which I guess at some times can be a good thing, or an annoying thing, depending on your mood I guess. The visuals I found to be quite appealing, beautiful pictures and scenery. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] This anime started out great. The comedy moments will stay with you forever and also the &quot;special&quot; moments, not only between Hideki and Chi, but also between a range of other characters as eventually their stories are revealed. The only thing I did not like about Chobits was the way it ended, I couldn't help but to feel that I was expecting something more. Tenjho Tenge: Ultimate Fight (OVA) Thu, 15 Mar 2007 22:44:05 +0000 <a href=""><img title="taka_chara.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="taka_chara.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] This OVA takes off from where the original series finished. Aya and Mayu begin to argue over the love triangle that Aya believes is going on. Bob continues his training to prepare for the tournament. Nagi apparently found a new form of his dragon spirit, and was challenged to a duel to the death by Mitsuomi, the leader of the Enforcers. Same old thing from the TV show I reviewed earlier. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] Just as the TV series, the OVA is quite good when it comes to visuals. The characters still look great, and the new fighting abilities of Nagi are awesome. His transformation is one of the best moments in the two episodes. The soundtrack is still the same old thing. There is nothing amazing that they added compared to the original series. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Well, I'm going to jump right into the final thoughts because it would be a waste of time for me to put up a section about the pitiful ending they tried to make. First, some new techniques are added here as Nagi gets even stronger. So you would think the tournament was going to happen or somebody would get killed off beforehand, but no. You get nothing. Nothing changes as it ends with them still training for the dang tournament. The love story is just as pitiful. It goes nowhere with Aya saying she won't give up on him and she will become stronger... jeez. Tenjho Tenge keeps disappointing me, and I'm not even sure if I want to review the movie, which also gives nothing to add to the story. The only thing that I liked about this OVA was the introduction to Nagi's new power. Also, the fact that they threw his mom into the story made it good, but that alone can't save this anime. Sorry, but Iím going to have to say pass on the whole series. Official website at Tenjho Tenge (TV series) Thu, 15 Mar 2007 22:03:19 +0000 <a href=""><img title="tenjho_tenge_1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="tenjho_tenge_1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: Firstly, let me warn you - Tenjho Tenge disappointed me a lot. [b]Plot[/b] The story revolves around two students Souchirou Nagi and Bob Makihara. These two go to new schools looking for good fights, but Toudou Academy is much more than an average school. It is full of a bunch of unique fighters with skills the boys have never seen before. They eventually get caught up in a fight between two groups in the school, the Enforcers and the Juuken group. Nagi and Makihara join up with the talented fighters in the Juuken group led by Maya Natsume. Their skills grow and new opponents await them, as they learn the horrible past of the school and Maya's deceased brother. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals in this anime were amazing. The characters looked great and the fighting scenes were just as good. I'm sure you'll like the bits of fanservice that were also thrown in too. :) The audio was good. The opening was somewhat different to the norm. It kind of reminded me of a pop-rap mixture, which isn't really my thing when it comes to anime. However, I didn't really mind it as everything else was fine. The audio is the only thing keeping me from giving an &quot;excellent&quot; when it comes to rank. [b]Story and Characters[/b] It sure took plenty of time to develop the characters. Their was a lot of focus on past events of the major characters and this did help with the overall story. You will be disappointed with a few things though. One, they took so many episodes to go over what happened in the past. Sure 2~3 would be fine for a flashback, but it was overdone with like 6~7 episodes - just ridiculous. Spending so much time in the past took away from developing the main story, which I may add they didn't even finish. The final scene shows the students supposedly training for the competitions. It was left totally unanswered and indeed a very disappointing ending. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] I looked forward to this one, but I was heavily disappointed. The lack of story development and the fact it didn't have a conclusion overpowered the fact that it was a good looking series. I'm going to review the OVA, which adds two more episodes to finish the series. You'll have to wait to see how that turned out till later tonight. But, I will tell you not to get hyped over it. Official website at Azumanga Daioh Thu, 15 Mar 2007 06:26:33 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Azumanga_daioh.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="Azumanga_daioh.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: OdysseanPromise<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] A handful of high school girls? Check. A super smart kid who ruins the curve for her older counter-parts? Check. A lecherous teacher? Check. All of these elements make Azumanga Daioh, but the way they are brought together proves that this show is worth more than the sum of its parts. Upon first glance, you might assume that Azumanga Daioh was your standard issue, &quot;getting through high school drama&quot;, when in fact, it is a riotously funny adventure through the trials of high school. The show is one, all-too-short, season that encapsulates all four years of high school, including festivals, school trips, ambitions and college hunting; oh, and there are lots of cats. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] Boasting a solid soundtrack (or rather, collection of them), the show manages to stay fresh and cheeky, while also having depth enough to explore more candid moments when characters take a moment from their school lives to peer deeply into their personal lives and ambitions. The voice actors and the seiyuu sound fairly similar, which is a nice surprise. Both sets easily convey the full spectrum of emotion that the varieties of characters require. It is a refreshing change of pace to not have to completely swear off a version of the show because the voice acting is bad, or even just &quot;different&quot;. The only thing worth noting here is that ADV falls back on making Ayamu &quot;Osaka&quot; Kasuga sound like she is from the south, but it isn't a strong enough difference that it should really bother anyone. The animation is crisp and clear. Colorfully and cleanly rendered enough that the style will maintain its illusion of being new, without having the &quot;future is shiny&quot; approach to animation that is so popular these days. [b]Overall Thoughts[/b] Part of the brilliance of this show is how they turned the original manga, which were essentially comic strips, into cohesive shows. The other particularly striking part of it is that you never feel like high school will be forever. Every so often in the show, more or less spaced evenly, the show will reference a new year starting, either punctuated with a summer trip, or a consideration on growing up. They steadily, but wearily grow to take their positions as seniors, while you grow with them, seeing what will turn into memories along the way as these young adults work their way to the next steps of their lives. [b]Flaws[/b] The major flaw with Azumanga Daioh, (in the version released by ADV), is how much local humor is seeded within the script. ADV does its best to include several references in the books that come with the DVDs, but it is not nearly as convenient as it was when I first watched the fansubbed version. It may help to keep the booklets nearby when you watch them. Also, it is interesting to note that a few of the more lewd jokes fail to make it into the dub, mostly because there was no real English equivalent. However, the show tends to be gracefully innocent, especially when you consider the main characters are all high school girls. [b]Final Verdict: 9.0/10[/b] Official website at Fruits Basket (series) Wed, 14 Mar 2007 05:15:56 +0000 <a href=""><img title="fruits_basket.gif" border="0" src="" alt="fruits_basket.gif" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Fruits Basket revolves around a cursed family and a girl who enters their lives. Tohru Honda is a 16 year old girl whose mother just passed away recently. It begins with Tohru living in the woods, until the Sohma family finds her and offers her a place to live. The Sohma family suffers a curse that transforms them into a certain animal from the Chinese zodiac when they are hugged by members of the opposite sex, or are put under a lot of stress. She lives with Shigure (turns into dog), Yuki (turns into rat), and Kyo (turns into the cat). As the series unfolds, Tohru gets to know all of the cursed family members as well as keep her friends from finding out. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] When it comes to visuals, it is a pretty average series. The characters look good and the scenes are well done, but there is nothing really amazing in it. The audio tracks are great here. I liked the opening, which had a soft and sweet melody to it. It wasn't anything fancy, though it did give a sense of hope for the series. I also loved the old fashion feeling in the ending theme song. Kind of creepy, but it was definitely unique. As for voiceovers, I can really only review the English cast. It was done well and the voices weren't annoying at all. Sorry, I can't compare to the original Japanese voices. [b]Story / Characters[/b] The story is definitely unique and interesting. They did a great job mixing comedy with the drama of the characters. The romance was a little eh, but it wasn't bad. The characters are well developed as you see the mental and physical abuse the members who are cursed went through as children. You also get to see the selfless qualities of Tohru as she tries to console and comfort all of those who have suffered. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] I liked the series, but I wasn't in love with it as with other anime I have watched. The story was definitely great, but the anime ending was left unfinished. You have to read the manga if you want conclusion from the series, and I'm not a huge manga fan unless I absolutely love the story. I recommend this to everyone who likes comedy and drama, but make sure you are willing to read the manga if you want a conclusion. Official website at Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna Wed, 14 Mar 2007 02:26:16 +0000 <a href=""><img title="spiral.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="spiral.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna revolves around a student named Ayumu Narumi. His older brother was better than him at everything. One day, his brother left saying he wouldn't return until he solved the mystery of the blade children. All of the sudden, Ayumu is encountered by other kids that are blade children. He is constantly in danger as he tries to figure out the mystery behind the blade children as well as his own destiny. All of the sudden, people that hunt the blade children come and throw in some more obstacles for the kid to solve. They call themselves the hunters. From here, Ayumu and his friend, Hiyono Yuizaki, solve mysteries in order to come closer to figuring out the grand question. &quot;Just who are the blade children, and what is their destiny?&quot; [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The visuals in the show are pretty good. Whilst the characters' faces only show few details, they still look amazing. Unfortunately, the rest of the show seems pretty average in this field. The English voiceovers are well done. I especially liked the voice of Hiyono. The opening theme is really annoying though. I just didn't like it and it didn't quite set the mood for the anime. Not much else worth mentioning during the series when it comes to audio. [b]Character Development / Story[/b] The characters are developed really well. They took the time to show Ayumu's insecurity and flaws in his character. They also showed the desperation and the emotions of the blade children really well, considering they were still kids. The story went nowhere though. It was constantly being brought up as to the mystery behind the blade children and destiny, but it never really answered or concluded these topics. The ending confused me a little and didn't really answer all the questions I had from the anime. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Well, I can't say I liked the series. The story was a little confusing and had a bad ending. It was kind of lackluster and was too much of a mystery with little else. There were a few moments of comedy, but it didn't really impress me enough to like the show. Sorry, no recommendations here. Official website at Black Cat (series) Wed, 14 Mar 2007 00:22:54 +0000 <a href=""><img title="blackcat-anime.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="blackcat-anime.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Black Cat is the story about Train Heartnet and the people that come into his life. It starts out that he is an assassin working for an organization named Chronos. He is cold and merciless, that is until he meets a sweeper named Saya. Saya helps to open Train up and makes him wonder if he truly wants to continue killing. Train decides to leave the organization and become a sweeper. He begins to travel with two partners, Sven and Eve. They travel for awhile until he must prepare to fight familiar faces from his past life, along with a couple of new foes. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The soundtracks aren't really amazing in the series. I didn't even like the beginning song to each episode, but the ending was ok. The fight scenes had plenty of great background tracks to help make them more exciting, so that's a plus. The voiceovers were great in the Japanese version. The voiceovers fit each character well. I just recently began watching the show in English, and so far it also looks promising. Train's voice was almost as good as it was in the Japanese version. Almost, lol. So, if you don't like subtitles, you should be fine with the English cast. The visuals are beautiful. The characters look amazing and the fight scenes were perfect. I would have to say Eve is my favorite to watch when it comes to visuals. She seems to look amazing during the fights, especially when she transforms. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] The characters were a little rushed when it comes to development. The show skipped around, and sometimes emotions just seemed to appear from nowhere. It wasn't too bad though. The ending, well, it wasn't great at all. The final fight seemed like a let down. I was expecting so much more, and I couldn't believe it was over with the way it ended. That would be the only real flaw of the story. Despite the few flaws, I liked Black Cat. If you like action, you'll like this one. It's full of good fighting scenes to say the least. Official website at Popotan Wed, 14 Mar 2007 00:01:55 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Popotan_group.jpeg" border="0" src="" alt="Popotan_group.jpeg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [b]Plot[/b] Popotan revolves around three sisters Ai, Mai, Mii and their maid Mea. They all seem to live in a huge mansion that acts as a Christmas store. The house and girls travel through time as the sisters seek a certain person that can answer their questions. Each time they go through time, 5 years passes in the present. During their travels, they speak to dandelions, known as popotans, for clues as to what they are supposed to be looking for. The sad part is they have to leave all the friends they meet behind. A twist to this is they won't age if they leave the house, so they have no choice but to time travel. [b]Audio and Visuals[/b] The opening to Popotan is quite cute. It has catchy lines that I'm sure you will like. The ending theme song was ok as well. The voices are well done, but I still prefer the Japanese voiceovers over the English. I don't hate the English, but it just doesn't set the right mood to me. It is a beautiful series, and the characters are drawn well. Nothing that I can complain about here. I was impressed from the very beginning. [b]Story / Character Development[/b] The story is ok. It is pretty interesting to see certain events unfold. The suspense to find out what is going on is what really got me to continue watching the show. The comedy was ok, but it wasn't that funny. There were some moments that made me laugh, but not enough for me to consider it a serious comedy. The characters were well developed in the show. They took the time to show how they each felt about the situations at hand, and it was nice and easy to follow from the beginning. [b]Final Thoughts[/b] Overall, I liked Popotan. It wasn't great, but the characters and story were developed well enough for me to recommend it. A bit of a warning though, there is a little bit of fanservice and nudity thrown in at moments, so if you don't like that sort of stuff stay clear of it. It's not like it overpowered the show though. Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Tue, 13 Mar 2007 01:34:17 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Bokusatsu_Tenshi_Dokuro-chan.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Bokusatsu_Tenshi_Dokuro-chan.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [B]Plot[/B] The story revolves around a boy named Sakura and an angel from the future named Dokuro-chan. In the future, Sakura supposedly creates a technology for eternal life that makes all women in the world to stop aging around 12. God refuses to accept this future, so he sends angels in the past to kill Sakura before this future can come about. However, Dokuro-chan decides to go back into the past and protect Sakura. She wants to prevent the future from happening, while at the same time keeping him alive. The thing about Dokuro-chan is that she has a short temper and is constantly killing Sakura with her club and reviving him. And the story goes on from there. [B]Audio and Visuals[/B] This anime series is pretty when it comes to visuals. The characters look great and the blood scenes, which there are many, are breathtaking. I was amazed everytime I saw the poor kid's head get smashed with the club. The audio is okay. There is nothing amazing, but the opening is kind of catchy, and will entertain you a little. Nothing amazing here. Also, I only watched it in Japanese, which was great. [B]My Thoughts[/B] Be prepared for plenty of fanservice and lots of blood. The show is a comedy, and does a great job with the comedy aspect. I laughed at every episode and never got tired of seeing Sakura die. One of my favorite moments was when you find out the angel's get diarrhea when you remove their halos, lol. Don't expect a great story or good character development here. There is no real point when it comes to the story, but the main purpose focuses on comedy. So if you want to watch some fanservice and comedy, then this is great show. Plus it's short, so you won't be sucked into it enough to be disappointed by the story. It's only like 13 minutes per episode, so there are like 4 main parts about 25 minutes each. Hanaukyo Maid Team Thu, 08 Mar 2007 21:56:31 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Hanaukyo_Maid_Team.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Hanaukyo_Maid_Team.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: [B]Plot[/B] The story starts off with a 12 year old boy named Taro Hanaukyo. He goes to live with his grandfather after his mother dies. After climbing what seemed like a never ending mountain, he arrives at a huge mansion. The next thing he knows, he is surrounded by hundreds of maids that greet him as master. It turns out that his grandfather left Taro his fortune and estate, along with all the beautiful maids. The only problem is that Taro seems to be allergic to women. The rest of the series is about Taro and his new life with the maids and what seems to be a love relationship with one of the maids, Mariel. [B]Audio and Visuals[/B] Hanaukyo Maid Team is definitely not the best drawn anime out there. It has an old school vibe to it when it comes to the visuals. The characters are average, and there were only a few moments in the show that were noteworthy. The audio in the show isn't that great either. I didn't really like the opening or ending. Not to mention there weren't any moments in the show that had great music backgrounds. So, I would rate it as average at best. [B]Story[/B] Hanaukyo Maid Team didn't have a good story in my opinion. The kid is rushed into this new life, and the rest are just events revolving around his new life with the maids. It was very funny at moments, but there was nothing to really keep me interested in the rest of the anime. There was way too much fanservice for my taste. A lot of nudity and adult moments are in the show, which is kind of disturbing considering the fact that the boy is only 12. Finally, there is no ending to this anime. In the 12 episodes, it leads to no conclusion. It's just a show with different stories for each episode, but it never leads to anything. So, I will say I was quite disappointed with the ending. [B]Final Thoughts[/B] I didn't like the show. The comedy wasn't enough to save it from the average graphics and horrible storyline. I'll only recommend it to people who like anime with maids and lots of fanservice, other than that it is a skip in my book. I'll review the OVA later as well, which includes 3 more episodes to the series. Ai Yori Aoshi Thu, 08 Mar 2007 21:28:14 +0000 <a href=""><img title="Ai-Yori-Aoshi.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Ai-Yori-Aoshi.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: deodaclan18<br /><br />Description: The manga review for Ai Yori Aoshi can be found at [B]Plot[/B] Ai Yori Aoshi revolves around a college student named Kaoru Hanabishi. He used to be the head of the Hanabishi family, but decided to leave the family to live his own life. In the process, this made the arranged marriage he had with a girl void. It starts off when that girl, Aoi Sakuraba, finds him and tells him she still wants to marry him because she was in love with him since she was younger. The story then progresses with him living with Aoi as they fall in love with each other. Also, Kaoru's friends get in the mix and add comedy to the story. [B]Story / Mood[/B] This series is mostly romance. It also incorporates comedy, which is done really well. The mood mostly revolves around the love between Kaoru and Aoi, and shows how their love grows through the whole show. It is a cute show. There are a few moments of fanservice, but nothing that pushes it too far. [B]Audio and Visuals[/B] The visuals in Ai Yori Aoshi are quite beautiful. The characters were drawn well, and there were lush visuals, a nicely sharp image, and no real downfalls to note. The audio was average. Nothing really amazing, but I did enjoy the openings and endings in the anime. [B]Final Thoughts[/B] Well, I loved this series. It is a great romance, and the characters are really well developed in my opinion. The story wasn't rushed at all, and the romance between the characters was perfect. I also like how they added comedy in it to ease off on the romance at times. I found it to be funny how Kaoru and Aoi had to hide their relationship from the rest of the public. So if you like romance stories, then I recommend this anime. Official website at