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War has ravaged the land in the past, but the world, as it stands now, is mostly back to "normal", however, despite this relative normalcy, there is a powerful wind of change blowing as the Gestahl Empire is looking to broaden its claims on the world.

How… eccentric

The thing I love about this game is how it balances on the knife's edge between the cliché of a "divine mission" to destroy the Empire, and the opposite of just "falling into" a plot to overthrow the Empire (I'm looking at you Suikoden).

What I love, particularly, is how well crafted the story is. All of the characters (except for the two bonus characters) have a wonderfully crafted and intricate story, and often there are little Easter eggs in major conversations, depending on who you have in the party.

Audio / Visual

The most major changes in the port of the game are how they revamped the entire soundtrack. It sounds a lot better than it did on the Super Nintendo, or the PS1. Similarly, they reworked the script so that several scenes make more sense, or just sound more natural. The Opera scene is a good example of this. Not only does the music sound more… well, musical, but also the lyrics to the Opera have been changed to fit the music better. Also, the rhymes don’t sound as elementary.

Final Fantasy VI sets a new standard of what story telling should be like. Despite the limits of sprites, the emotional score and colorful script bring the characters to life in a way that extols the virtues of the human heart, while declaring the tragedy of war in a way that is so much more global, but yet so personal and moving.

Final Thoughts

If you listen to one thing I ever say, or read any of my reviews and take heed, listen to this: BUY THIS GAME!

I have lived in an era where this was a largely forgotten game. Constantly in the shadow of FFVII, FFVI is a marvelous game that has always been both rare, and expensive because of it, but this is another version, and probably the best opportunity to buy it. It is portable, for goodness sake!

I have NEVER met someone that loved FFVII and who did not love FFVI MORE after I recommended it to them.

If that isn't enough for you, then consider this: there is all new content (a new dungeon) for even veteran player to test their mettle against. It is all around fantastic!

The only downside to the same is that the magic system is a little simple, especially when you are used to playing games with tons of in-depth customization like in FFVII, but even still, it is a well built game.

This was one of many of the largely forgotten RPGs that built the foundation, and stand better, than many current games of the same genre. The story sets a new standard for life, war, and tragedy.

Final Verdict: 9.7/10
Keywords: RPG world war empire
Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Excellent
Approx. Retail Price $34.99
Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) RPG, Drama, War


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